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CT Protocol Reference Guide







For the ConforMIS Family of
Knee Resurfacing Implants

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MA 01730-9998 Tel: 781/345-9170 Email: ConforMIS Imaging Support is available: Monday-Friday 8.  .00 am – 6.0 CT ARTHROGRAM PAGE 7 4.0 PATIENT POSITION PAGE 3 2.0 IMAGE DATA TRANSFER PAGE 8 All questions regarding this protocol reference guide should be addressed to: ConforMIS Imaging Support 28 Crosby Drive Bedford.TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Inc. ConforMIS. Inc.0 IMAGE AQUISITION PAGE 3 —Protocol Chart PAGE 4 3.0 IMAGE ARCHIVING PAGE 8 5.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  2  © Copyright 2013.00 pm (Eastern Time) ConforMIS.

Do Not select “Add a group”. 2. Field Of View (FOV) on all series should be limited to only the affected side. The axial reconstruction parameters are to be followed as closely as possible as permitted by your specific CT system’s capabilities. Do not place a sponge or pillow beneath the knee or ankle. Inc. 5. We recommend building a ConforMIS protocol in your CT scanner(s) with all of the appropriate ranges. 4. Each series should have a distinct series number. if you do not have a pre-defined protocol built: Between scan ranges select “Repeat series” to scan the next range. Protocol Build. KV/MaS Settings should be set at your standard setting for each of the anatomic ranges to be scanned. ConforMIS. please make every effort to position that knee flexed and out of the FOV to reduce the artifacts in the affected knee joint. Approximate FOV ranges for the hip are 25-30cm. and ankle 15-20cm. GE users tip. Inc. limited images of the hip and ankle are required to ensure appropriate alignment of the leg with the personalized implant. 6.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  3  © Copyright 2013  ConforMIS. *** When an implant or other device is present in the opposite knee. To ensure our ability to correct for malalignment of the knee it is critical that the foot be perpendicular to the table with toes pointing straight up and secured to prevent motion.1. knee 20-25cm. Full leg scout from the hip through the ankle Hip Knee Ankle Coronal MPR Knee Sagittal MPR Knee Although the knee is of primary interest. (Three short spiral series and coronal and sagittal reconstructions of the knee) 1. Toshiba users tip: Between scan ranges select “Quit series” and use original scout to scan the next range.0 Image Acquisition: The patient first and last name data in the DICOM header MUST reflect the patient’s legal name The scan protocol consists of 6 series.  .0 Patient Position: The patient should be at isocenter in the gantry and must be supine with extremity of interest fully extended. Please use a metal artifact reduction technique. 3.*** 2.

5mm Axial Coronal 5 Multi Planar Reformat– knee only Bone 1mm X 1mm 6 Multi Planar Reformat– knee only Bone 1mm X 1mm ConforMIS.25mm X .625mm Axial Bone 2mm X 2mm or 2. Inc.  . Inc.5mm Bone 1mm X .5mm or 1.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  4  Projection Axial Sagittal © Copyright 2013  ConforMIS.5mm X 2. Hip through Ankle Kernel / Algorithm Axial Reconstruction Thickness X Increment Bone 2mm X 2mm or 2.5mm X 2.ConforMIS CT Scan Protocol Series 1 Scout 2 Hip – Femoral head only (acetabulum only) 3 Knee – distal 1/3 of the femur through proximal 1/3 of tibia (should include the entire patella through the fibula head) 4 Ankle – center at tibiotalar joint space scan 2cm above the joint to 2cm below FULL LEG.

  .  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  5  © Copyright 2013. ConforMIS. The responsible radiologist should decide whether additional scans from your routine diagnostic protocol should be added to the exam to provide any additional information. Scout   Hip Range  Knee Range    Ankle Range    ConforMIS. Inc. It might differ from knee imaging protocols routinely used by your institution for diagnostic purposes and might not provide the same information.Note: The imaging protocol described in this manual is only for the purpose of providing information needed by ConforMIS to generate the personalized implant design. Inc.

 Inc.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  6  © Copyright 2013.  . It is preferred for Coronal MPR to be parallel to femoral condyles. ConforMIS. and Sagittal MPR to be perpendicular to femoral condyles. Inc.           ConforMIS.Knee MPR: Sagittal and Coronal reformats should be limited to the side of interest and cover bone to bone only.

The dilution is important for the visualization of the bone and soft tissue structures in the joint space. 3.0 and 2.    3. Example 1: If Omnipaque 300 is used.2 Post Arthrogram CT Imaging: As prescribed in sections 1.   ConforMIS.  .0 of the ConforMIS CT Protocol and preferably within 60 minutes of contrast injection. dilute with 50% saline. 3. (DO NOT USE FULL STRENGTH 300) Example 2: If Omnipaque 180 is used. no dilution is necessary.1 Routine Arthrography: A routine knee arthrogram should be performed using a contrast agent concentration of approximately 150 mg of iodine per milliliter. Inc.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554 AC 0313  7  © Copyright 2013 ConforMIS. Inc. It can also be used for evaluating menisci and cruciate ligaments.0 CT Arthrography Protocol: OPTIONAL and is NOT required for a ConforMIS protocol scan This CT imaging option is most often used to assist in the diagnostic evaluation of the patellofemoral cartilage and the cartilage in the other tibiofemoral compartment.

We provide pre-paid envelopes. or a web enabled PACS to our secure website. 5. Go to http://www. If you are currently using one of these types of applications or are intersted in direct DICOM push capabilities please contact ConforMIS Image Support to discuss establishing a connection.1 Image Transmission . DVD.  (Phone: 781/345‐9170)   MK‐02554  AC 0313  8  0086 © Copyright or visit http://www.  .ConforMIS.Secure Web Upload: ConforMIS exams can be uploaded from a Imaging-Professionals/Request-CD-Mailers Medical Device Safety Service. 5. Germany  Tel: +49(511)6262‐8630  Fax: +49(511)6262‐8633  ConforMIS.*** There are several methods of image transfer available for ConforMIS protocol exams. ConforMIS.4. Inc. 5. To obtain a supply please email imaging-support@ConforMIS.0 Image Data Transfer: ***It is critical that ConforMIS protocol scans are sent immediately upon completion of the exam via electronic upload whenever possible to ensure the best possible care for the patient.0 Image Archive Important: Your site must keep a permanent archive (PACS) copy of the knee CT exams. We are also able to establish direct PACS to PACS connection in some instances.3 Priority Shipping: ConforMIS exams that have been saved in uncompressed or loss–less compression DICOM format on a disk (CD or DVD) can be shipped to ConforMIS.ftp site. GMBH  Schiffgraben 41  30175 Hannover. to upload a scan through our secure .2 Secure DICOM transfer: ConforMIS is able to retrieve images from cloud based image sharing sites. 5.