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Comple, Jun Aldrin C.

Doctolero, Patrick C.
Martinez, Hazel D.
BSIT 3204 (Major in MIS)

Client: Christian Bible Baptist Church



Nowadays technology arrives in all aspect of human lives even in transportation,
medicine, education and businesses. Computer based systems are more applicable than
traditional processes because it is more efficient and consistent. Keeping of records are
important in all variety of organization.
Having this kind of system is a big help for every organization in handling their
important documents and certificates that is a must to be kept. Churches has its traditional
way of keeping all their documents and information which makes everything ancient like
certificates that can be damage by stain, misplaced important document and many more.
Church management information system and website will help the said
organization in terms of more efficient handling of records and information via computer
based system. Efficient record keeping will be able to handle all the important certificates

and documents to be able to lessen paper works and hard time finding all that stuff.
Online system is a website that contains history, services, and schedule of gathering,
meetings and other activities held inside church.
Statement of the Problem
Christian Bible Baptist Church handled their record keeping is by manual method.
Pastors Assistant is responsible in handling the above process. Some of the other
problems are stated below:
1. The information about the words of this religion is disseminated slowly for
other members and non-members of the church.
2. Lost productivity from manual records.
3. Lack of access to the record.
4. The paper does not last permanently and can be damage due to long time stack.
Normal use of the record may result in torn or stained documents.
5. Data is not always reliable as it is hand written and some human errors might
have occurred.
Solution of the Problem
Researchers are going to develop a system for Christian Bible Baptist Church that
will resolve the problems mentioned in the Problem Statement. Researchers proposed a
system that will properly list the data below:

1. Add and modify/update record of children for baptism;

2. Add and modify/update records of married couple.
3. Add, modify, delete schedule of Sunday services by pastor in the Church.
4. Provide faster developing of Certificates, Documents, and Contacts
5. A website for the Baptist Church that will help them to be updated in Sunday
service , Activities, future plans and other announcement that needs to inform all the
member of the church.