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ERP for Drug Store

Date: October 15, 2015




Drug store related notes

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Financial and Analytic Accounting.

1) All sales captured through
Sales management and
POS are automatically
recorded in Accounting
and Finance module
2) All purchases captured
through Purchase

a) Elegant
and complete,
b) our
accounting software is
for businesses of any

2) Through . Supplier Invoices. a) Helps you organize your management are automatically recorded in Accounting and Finance module 3) A user may record expenses in Accounting and Finance module. 3 Warehou se manage Inventory. e) Activate features on demand. assets and multiple companies consolidation. Receipts. f) check suppliers' invoices. d) Automate basic day-by-day tasks and sync your bank statements within the app. c) track purchase orders. a) Automate procurement propositions. track expenses. c) Record transactions in a few clicks and easily manage all financial activities in one place. control expenditures Keep track of purchases 1) Monitor and manage stock levels. 4) Manage your assets. Logistic. f) The user interface is designed with productivity in mind.size. from integrated analytic accounting to budget. Storage. e) control products reception. b) launch request for quotations. d) manage suppliers' information. 2 Purchase manage ment Purchase Orders.

according to your own logistic rules: push rules. make-to-order. a) The Point of Sale app is based on a smart interface that everyone can use without difficulty. inventory valuation on manufacturing counter-parts locations) and a very simple user interface. minimum stock rules. b) The POS is fully integrated with the inventory app and accounting app. pull rules. advanced reporting (e. It means that any transaction that you make with the POS will warehouse management you can monitor the amount of stock of drugs available. d) Warehous e management prepares all operations for you. etc.ment 4 Point of Sale warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system b) It allows full traceability (from customer to supplier. Touchscreen Interface for Shops.g. c) Keep track of deliveries from your suppliers to your clients. 3) You can get information about how much of a drug is available in stock. all within a single application. . not limited to your warehouse).

000/= 2 Configure Purchases management module and training on the use of the module 5 200. Task Duration (days) Cost 1 Install and configure base software 5 1.automatically be input into your inventory management and accounting.000/= .000/= 4 Configure warehouse management module and training on the use of the 5 200. Invoicing 6 Users and Groups Users authorized to perform operations in the ERP 7 Address Book Contacts. People and Companies 1) Keep track of sales 2) Print invoices Costs No.000/= 3 Configure Point of Sale module and training on the use of the module 5 200. c) The POS includes extra features such as customer service and creation of invoices.750. Sales Orders. 5 Sales manage ment Quotations.

application maintenance. backups.000/= per month Negotiable .000/= Total 3.module 5 Configure accounting and Finance module and training on the use of the module 20 500.000/= Maintenance and support No. security) 3 Maintenance fees Client will be charged per request Cost 200. computing time. Task Notes 1 Configure optional modules and training on the use of module Duration of configuration and training is approximately 5 days 2 Monthly maintenance fee (cloud) Hosting fees (data storage.050.000/= Starting at 200.000/= 6 Configure Sales management module and training on the use of the module 5 200.