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Explanation of Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is in line between the Earth and the Sun (see Figure 1).
The Moon cast a shadow on the Earth's surface and obscurs some parts on the Sun. The
porportion of the Sun being blocked depends on the position of the observer on the Earth.
When only the Moon's penumbral shadow strikes the Earth, a partial eclipse of the Sun is
observed. However, if the Moon's dark umbral shadow sweeps across Earth's surface, a
total eclipse of the Sun is seen.

Figure 1

Relative positions of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth during a total solar

Sometimes the Moon is farther away from the Earth and its umbral shadow is not long
enough to reach the Earth. The Moon appears smaller than the Sun and cannot completely
cover it (see Figure 2). Instead, the 'antumbral' or negative shadow reaches the Earth. If
you are within this shadow, you will see an eclipse where a ring or 'annulus' of bright
sunlight surrounds the Moon at the maximum phase. Those within the penumbra would
observe a partial eclipse.

Lunar eclipse is a natural event that is common to many people. Lunar eclipse can be observed with the naked eye
and is not dangerous. And it can occur not in long time, it is about 5 until 6 hours. Events lunar eclipse can be
explained scientifically base on science. It occurs when part or all parts of moon surface are covered by shadow of
the earth. Lunar eclipse can only occur during a full moon. What causes eclipses and why?

Simply explanation lunar eclipse occurs when the position earth is in the middle between the sun and moon on the same straight line. or brown. That is why at the time of a lunar eclipse. then not every month opposition with the Sun will result in the occurrence of a lunar eclipse.penumbra and umbra. the lunar eclipse events.53 days to move from one point to point other opposition. is the point at which the moon cut the ecliptic plane. With another explanation. a lunar eclipse when the moon is in opposition appears with the sun. The intersection of the fields of the moon’s orbit to the ecliptic plane will bring 2 pieces of cut points called nodes. will be followed by a solar eclipse because both nodes are located on the line connect between the Sun to the Earth. . But because of the slope of the field of the moon’s orbit to the ecliptic plane at 5 °. And most of the deflected beam has a red light spectrum. Umbra shadow is total dark shadow and Penumbra shadow is a dim shadow. often months can still be seen. Actually.Lunar eclipse occurs when part or all part of moon surface covered by the shadow of the earth. Moon needs 29. orange. It is still due to sun rays are deflected in the direction of the moon by the earth’s atmosphere. This lunar eclipse will occur when the moon is in opposition to the node. so that sunlight cannot reach the moon because it is blocked by the Earth. the moon will appear dark. There are two types of shadow. if there is a lunar eclipse. can red copper. So it should be.