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1.ATTENTION .......................................................................................... 1
2.MAIN COMPONENT INTRODUCTION................................................. 2
3.SPECIFICATION ................................................................................... 3
4.ACCESSORY AND ASSEMBLY SKETCH MAP ................................... 4
5.MACHINE OPERATION ........................................................................ 5
6.LCD AND CONTROL PANEL ................................................................ 5
7.BLADE................................................................................................... 6
8.FEEDING THE MATERIAL.................................................................... 7
9.TESTING ............................................................................................... 7
10.TRANSFERRING THE PATTERN ....................................................... 7
11.TROUBLE SHOOTING........................................................................ 8
ATTACHMENT 1 USB DRIVER INSTALLATION .................................. 10
ATTACHMENT 2 ARTCUT SOFTWARE SETTING .............................. 11
ATTACHMENT 3 Corel DRAW SOFTWARE OPERATION .................. 12
ATTACHMENT 4 Flexi 11 SOFTWARE OPERATION ........................... 14

12. may cause malfunction. Remove all the protected material before using the machine. make sure the power supply is matching the machine rated voltage. do not responsibly to the loss cause by product failure. Prevent metal matter and liquid drop into the machine. Without our approval. Don't touch the power cable with the wet finger to avoid electric shock. Manufacturer have the right to modify the product specification without informing. Plug the power off and turn the switch off under thunderstorm weather. 2. Don't replace the component personally. Connect power plug to the socket when the machine is switched "OFF " 4. 6. . Manufacturer only undertake the legal obligation to product itself. Please use the power cable and the data line approval by manufacturer. 3.7) Attention 1. 8. 11. Wait 15 seconds to restart the computer after power brake out to protect the machine. Check the label on the back or side of the machine. 9. any people can’t copy or spread this manual. 10. 5.

power supply 15. carriage 9.reset switch 4. cover 6.serial port . Right cover 3. Left cover Right side XE Type 11. Left cover 11.power supply 15. Pinch roller 7. LCD Left side Right side 10.power cable 12. blade holder 4. Left cover Right side XL Type 5. fuse 14. carriage 9.USB port 11. carriage 9.blade holder 5.control panel 2. cover 6.8) Main Component Introduction PE Type 1.serial port 1. Reset switch 10. power supply 13. Control panel 4. fuse 14.power cable Left side 12. Pinch roller 7.serial port 1. Right cover 3. Power cable Left side 12. Right cover 3. Metal roller 8. Pinch roller 7. Metal roller 8. LCD 2. Metal roller 8.blade holder 5.USB port 13.USB port 13. LCD 10.control panel 2. cover 6.

Right cover 3. LCD 9. cutting width 275mm 630mm 780mm 1010mm 1260mm specification Cutting thickness ≤1mm speed 800mm/s 800mm/s 800mm/s 800mm/s 800mm/s force buffer LCD 500/g 1-4M yes 500/g 1-4M yes 500/g 1-4M yes 500/g 1-4M yes 500/g 1-4M yes Real-time control support support support support support interface Serial + USB Serial + USB Serial + USB Serial + USB Serial + USB Repeat function support support support support support Repeatability 0.HE Type 1. Blade holder 4.Control panel 10.127mm Mechanical resolution 0. Left cover 5. Power port 11.serial port Right side Left side 9)Specification type 365 720 870 1100 1350 Max.USB port 12. feeding width 365mm 720mm 870mm 1100mm 1350mm Max.power supply 14. fuse 13.Metal roller 7. carriage 2.Pinch roller 8.0245mm/step Command set DMPL/HPGL Power input AC 85V-AC 264V Working environment temperature:+5 ℃± : (30%-50%)no 35℃ humidity condensation . cover 6.

10) Accessory and Assembly Sketch Map Accessory Iron stand sketch map Name Quantity 1 Power cable 1 2 Blade 1 3 Blade holder 1 4 Pen holder 1 5 pen 1 6 Serial cable 1 7 USB cable 1 8 Allen wrench 1 9 USB driver 1 Manual include 10 Support screw 1 option 11 Dust cover 1 option Aluminum stand sketch map Note XL stand sketch map .

.Press “test” key,machine will cut “◇”pattern on the vinyl. Turn the screen to this interface 1.Adjust cutting force and speed,press“◀” or“▶”key to adjust the cutting force,press“▼”or“▲”to adjust the cutting speed. blade bracket will drop down. It show the carriage work well. carriage move to the right,metal roller move forward and backward,it show machine reset complete. 3、Blade bracket will lift up after turn on the power. 2、Turn on the power . Machine can connect with the computer under this interface. 3. check it to measure whether the force and the tip length is proper.11) Machine Operation 1、Place the machine in a flat surface and connect with a grounded cable. 6. Now press the “origin” key. press“◀”or“▶”to move the carriage,press“▼”or“▲”to move the metal roller;if press “▼”and “▲”at the same time,it will active the self inspection program. LCD and Control Panel 1. it lift again. LCD light up. Make sure that is enough room near the machine. 4、Press “offline” key,yellow indicator light up. Release that key. 2.

1. Blade Attention Do not touch the blade tip with you finger.2. 7. 1. Adjusting Loosen the adjusting screw ⇨ rotate the screw to adjust the protruding length ⇨ length depend on the thickness of the material 3.During processing period,emergency occur and need to pause,press “offline” key will stop the work,yellow indicator bright.Locate the origin manually,press“◀”or “▶”key to run the carriage.Turn the screen to offline interface meanwhile the yellow indicator light “origin” key will active the redraw process. Press “offline” means undo all the previous movement. Press “offline” again to exit the current status. it is easy to cause injury. Press the blade rod when replace the blade. Insert the blade into the blade holder 2. Turn the surface to meanwhile the green and yellow indicator both light up. 5. press“▼”or“▲”key to move the metal roller,and stop at the ideal position,press “origin” key to conform the origin. Pause function repeat function,under this redraw interface .setup band rate,press“◀” or“▶”key to set the band rate“9600”。 4. 1. Turn the interface to band rate screen meanwhile green indicator light up. 1. 4. 3. Place the blade holder into the carriage bracket (1) Loosen the fasten screw (2) Place the blade holder in it. (3) Fasten the screw .

. Push the material a little back and then press handle down again.the perfect extended length of tip is 2/3 of material thickness to avoid cutting off the backing layer. Press “offline” key(yellow indicator light up),meanwhile press“▼” and “▲”key,pen/blade will draw/cut a pattern “◇” on the vinyl. it may cause pattern deformation or incompletion. Adjust the material for several times until it is in position. then press handle down. If too low the pressure is. observe the edge of the material on the scaleplate. from the middle of the pinch roller wheel and the metal roller (3) Place the material to position. we should do a “testing” to check the pressure of blade/pen. high value means high pressure. 5、Redo the testing process after starting up or change the material to achieve best cutting force. 4、Adopt much lower pressure when using the pen holder. 2、Feeding material (1) Lift up the handle. If during the movement material have right-hand deviation. (4) Press offline to move the material forward and backward. 2、Adjusting the pressure On the LCD. 3、Ensure blade bottom always touch with the vinyl surface . Adjust the value according to the thickness and soft or hard. Lift up the handle and move the back of the pinch roller to the proper place. then lift the right pinch roller. vinyl will not be cut out. 9. (1) Pinch roller must be place in the area with knurling and sand layer (2) Pinch roller must has 10 to 50mm away from material edge. (2) Feed vinyl. Testing 1、Testing the machine Before processing. If too high the pressure is. Low value means low pressure.8. Feeding Material 1、Locating the pinch roller depend on the material Machine has two or four pinch roller and can be move along the rail.

3、Pinch roller pressure is a little low,vinyl is easy to deviate by external force. cutting force too high,too dirty the plate(left sticker residue). Why the letter is deform or incomplete? 1、Blade tip too long . MAX232CPE. stick to the right place and peel “transfer film” again. 4、Uneven pressure among the left and right pinch roller.6mm,every 5 meter it will has a 5mm deviation.;turn off the power,unplug the power cord;cover the machine with dustproof cover.(For example,tool compensation function is open and the value is too high). unload the material;carefully wipe the blade holder clean. (For easy peeling . 4、Wireless station or other power tool nearby will cause interference. add a rectangle around the pattern. ATF16V8B).(parallel transmission is sensitive to this interference. . 2、File been interrupted while signal transmitting. Why machine run out of position? 1、Vinyl do not place in position:if 60cm width vinyl deviate 0. 4、Letter is only incomplete. 11. 2、Use tweezers to peel off the unwanted part.or sticker too soft. 3、Metal roller screw or motor gear loose;metal roller or carriage can't move along the motor and cause deformation. it finally result in deviation. 4、Peel of the "transfer film" with pattern on it . bring error to communication data. 2、Software setting is incorrect. 3. 2.) 3、Use “transfer film” stick onto the whole pattern. 2、Too dirty the plate and left vinyl residue,the friction is uneven on each side of the plotter. usually is the close compensation value too low. Transferring The Pattern Cutting process complete: 1、Use knife to cut down the pattern. we recommend using serial port to transmit). STC90C52RC. smooth it (reduce wrinkle and bubble). Troubleshooting 1.10. 6、Chips on the motherboard are damage (WS628128LLPG. 3、Plotter software is damage or virus in the computer. like household breaker type regulated power supply,it will generate severs interference in relay on-off moment. Why machine draw abnormally? 1、Software setting improperly;select correct command set in plotter type(select DMPL / HPGL command set); If the file format is a little large,and need to open tool compensation ,you need to tick the delay output selection for 10 milliseconds. 5、After work. 5、Adopt unsuitable voltage-stabilized source.

only bottom fan work? Reason:5V power do not input,wire maybe damage. Right way:adjust the tip length to 2/3 of vinyl thickness. Why 3 indicator light on the control panel bright persistently? 1、Chips on motherboard WS628128LLPG、STC90C52RC、ATF16V8B broken. 12) When turn on the power. 2、Guide rail parallelism is in difference. 3、Knurling is dirty or left grease film on the surface which cause small friction coefficient between material and metal roller finally result in miss-step. Want to recut the pattern one more time. vinyl move forward a letter length? Reason: Cancel automatic feed function. the LCD is light up but no letters shows? Reason:ATF16V8B,SN74LS245N,STC90C52RC. 12. 7. 2、Control driver IC chip is abnormal and cause motor miss-step. 9. 6、Chip A4975SBT over heat results in miss-step. Why machine cut irregularly. but somewhere is still not cut? 1、Strip has been carved to a groove,or new strip is uneven and form a slope. 4. 3 light on the control panel do not flash. Press “offline” again(yellow indicator go out),vinyl and carriage will back to the position and go on cutting. make sure not cut the backing layer with big pressure,then lower the pressure to ensure all area will be cut well. 2、There is impurity in the blade holder,blade can't rotate flexible in the holder. 2、CQ24. 3、Tool compensation too high in Artcut software. Why some letter cut indistinct and the corner is messy? 1、Blade tip extend too long. 6. 14.5、Motor miss step cause deviation. it can start at the previous place. 3、The protruding length of the blade tip is incorrect. . When turn on the power.TIP127 audion. Why the carriage bracket do not lift up when turn on the power? 1、TIP122 audion .LM324N/TL084CN audion broken. Step: press “offline” key(yellow indicator bright),cutting process pause,press “▼” key to observe the Pattern by move the metal roller. somewhere is off the backing layer. CQ24. When start the machine.000 crystal oscillator broken.000 or wire between LCD and motherboard maybe broken. 8. 5. 10. 11. Why motor run miss-step? 1、Material is thick and high strength,the plotter motor power is not strong enough to drive it. How to check the pattern quality during the cutting process. but when startup the repeat function. 3、A4975SBT drive chip broken. bottom fan do not work and machine do not act? Reason:check fuse first ,if it is ok. 3、Carriage wire damage. that maybe result of power supply failure. messy corner will appear. 1、A4975SBT or SN74HC374N chip 2、X axis or Y axis motor breakdown. carriage do not reset,or carriage/metal roller move with unusual noise. 2、Circuit between carriage and motherboard do not work. When turn on the power.

2、Click INSTALL ⇨ Click OK ⇨ Exit the installation program. 3、Open Device Manager ⇨ Choose the ports bar USB-SERIAL CH340(COM*) ⇨ right click USB-SERIAL CH340(COM*) ⇨ properties ⇨ port Settings ⇨ advanced ⇨ change the COM Port Number To (COM2) ⇨ OK In device manager you can find USB-SERIAL CH340 COM port number will change to COM2 .Attachment 1 USB driver installation 1、 Open the My disc ⇨ Open USB Windows Driver folder ⇨ double click CH341SER.EXE file.

Attachment 2 Artcut Software Setting 13)Connect the machine with computer via USB cable 2、Install Artcut software ,type a word ⇨ Cut Out 14)Install cutting plotter:Manufacturers choose Jinka ⇨ Device:according to the actual model ⇨ Click Add ⇨ Close 4、Link to:select COM2 5、Setup:port setting ⇨ Parameters ⇨ band rate:9600 dat bit:8 check:None stop bit 1 Sequential control:RTS/CTS ⇨ OK ⇨ Change 6、Click:Cut/Plot ⇨ Start;machine will output the data. .

16)Open Devices and Printers dialog box. select:Add a printer ⇨ Add a local printer ⇨ Use an existing port ⇨ COM2 ⇨ Next ⇨ have disk.. CoreDRAW is not a professional plotter software so the performance is not as good as other professional software. ⇨ Browse ⇨ In the Drive My Disc ⇨ select Printer Windows Dirver folder ⇨ select GOLDCUT JK Series ⇨ Open ⇨ OK ⇨ Next ⇨ Next ⇨ in the pop up dialog box select Install this software anyway ⇨ Next ⇨ Finish 17)Right click the printer "GOLDCUT JK Series" ⇨ select:printer properties ⇨ General ⇨ Preference ⇨Layout ⇨ Advance ⇨ paper sizes(select the maximum length) ⇨ OK ⇨ OK ⇨ Ports ⇨ select COM2 ⇨ configure port ⇨ bits per second 9600 dat bits:8 ⇨ OK ⇨OK check:None stop bits 1 ⇨ Sequential control:hardware . It has nothing to do with this device. 15)Connect machine and computer though USB cable..Attachment 3 CORELDRAW Software Operation It need to install a device printer before use CoreDRAW to output.

18)Open CorelDRAW and type some simple letters. From left tool bar:Outline ⇨ Hairline ⇨ Fill tool ⇨ None ⇨ Print ⇨ select printer GOLDCUT JK Series ⇨ Layout ⇨ Print tiled page ⇨ Apply ⇨ Print .

Input activation code which can be found on Password of Flexi11 package(note English letters should be capitalized),then click Activate. 5). Fill in the blank with * mark on the top left corner.Please use (Google Chrome)browser to visit https://www. choose:I am new to the SAi Cloud.First find a computer that can search the internet to register Flexi11.Then finish registration. . 19).saicloud.Enter the mailbox used to register just now,after receiving email from SAi Cloud.Select:Activate Now 8).com 3). input an email address that you often use.Create an account .Attachment 4 FLEXI 11 Software Operation 1. 2). 6). click Create Account. 4).Choose:I Accept the Terms and Conditions. click the interlinkage in the email. Press Create Account. Login 1).

click ok login the account management interface ⇨ choose:“License manager” can not link?⇨ Create license⇨ input recorded ID and recorded full computer name ⇨ Create License Now ⇨ Download License ⇨ back to the installation interface:Import A License File ⇨ choose download license-xxxxx. 2).Frist insert software CD into computer CD-ROM,begin installation In some computer may appear this dialog box.Software installation 1).saicloud. If computer can visit the internet Input activation code which can be found on Password of Flexi11 package(note English letters should be capitalized)⇨ Next ⇨ Next ⇨ Finish 3).lsn file ⇨ Open ⇨ Finish .If computer can not visit the internet Input activation code which can be found on Password of Flexi11 package(note English letters should be capitalized)⇨ Next ⇨ Record computer ID ⇨ Record Full computer name ⇨ find a computer that can use (Google Chrome)browser and visit https://www.

Set compensation value:Double click the plotter device ⇨ Cut ⇨ tick knife offset ⇨ input the value.3.saicloud.Open Production Manager 11 setting ⇨ select machine type ⇨ Next ⇨ Communication Port :COM2(Refer to device manager)Bits per second:9600 Bat Bit:8 Check:None Stop bit:1 Sequential control: Hardware ⇨ Finish Set compensation value 3). Unload software Start ⇨ Flexi11 folder ⇨ License Manager ⇨ Remove License From This Computer ⇨ record the remove code ⇨ Finish (1)If computer can visit the internet Use(Google Chrome)browser to visit https://www. that signify the software is remove from your computer successfully.Flexi11 contour cutting operation instruction 20). turn on the power 2). .saicloud. (2)If computer can not visit the internet Find a computer that can use(Google Chrome)browser to visit ⇨ login to you account management ⇨ Remove License?⇨ Input removal code ⇨ Remove ⇨ login to you account management ⇨ You can find the status is inactivated.Connect machine with computer via USB cable .

4). .000cm or more)⇨ Apply ⇨ Print ⇨ place the paper and locate the origin ⇨ OK ⇨ send ⇨ locate the registration mark ⇨ OK ⇨ OK Click key to move red dot to the center of the cross on the paper Laser move to the registration mark center one after another.Cutting: Open FlexiSTARTER JinKa Cloud Edition 11 and make a pattern ⇨ Cut/Plot ⇨ Send 5). Flexi11 Contour Cutting: open Flexi and make a pattern ⇨ Effects ⇨ Contour cut ⇨ Apply ⇨ Effects ⇨ Contour Cut Mark ⇨ 4 point ⇨ adjust the distance value(1.

you will find the contour line is not coincide with the printed square.b Offset X = 0 .b Or every time you revise the value change Offset Y = Offset X = 0 Offset Y = 0 . Input Offset X and Offset Y value in Flexi Cut Contour dialog box.Attention 1).After the contour cut process. Cut Contour ⇨ Options ⇨ Edit ⇨ tick Offset X and Offset Y ⇨ input the value ⇨ OK .a Offset Y = 0 + a Offset X = 0 + b Offset X = 0 + b 3). Please use ruler to check the distance between the two square. Offset Y = 0 .a Offset Y = 0 +a Offset X = 0 . Calculate the actual offset value according to the below formula.