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Angels are spiritual energies that were Created by the Divine to provide you with an
atmosphere of Pure Love and focus on the Source. I feel there is an Angelic Guardian
for everything & everyone on the Planet. In directing these energies to help provide
new dimensions of joy in our lives, there is a tried and true formula which has worked
for many folks. Below are some Angels, their offices, and sample Invocation for your
12 ANGELIC INVOCATIONS to Use for the ANGELOGUE Prayer Circle:
1. Michael - Angel of Unity & Defender of Light, Guardian of Humans on Earth.
Angel of South, Summer, Fire.
I call forth the Mighty Power and the Presence of the Archangel Michael. I give to
you my body, heart, and Soul upon your altar of Light. With your sword of Truth, cut
the cords of attachments hampering me from forfillling my true potential and grant
me courage and victory in all my endeavors. So Be It.
2. Archangel Gabriel - Jibril to the Moslems - Angel of the Mercy, Annunciation,
Death & Resurrection. Angel of the West, Moon, Fall, Water
I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Archangel Gabriel. I give you my body,
heart, and soul. I pray for Mercy and Grace to cease the suffering on earth. May you
swiftly clear the blocks which open our eyes and hearts to transform and resurrect us
to our Divine identity.
3. Rafael (or Labbiel) - Healing Archangel who cures illnesses of humankind and
provides healing for the earth. He has a sense of humor. Angel of the Sun, East,
Springtime, Air.
I call forth the power and the presence of the Archangel Rafael. I give you my body,
heart, and Soul. I request you completely dispel all illnesses of myself and others.
Surround and enfold me with your protective light nourishing me so my inner essence
is reflected in the physical.
4. Ariel Or Uriel-Archangel of Vengeance, who guards one's direction on the spiritual
path. Assists in salvation and reveals sacred mysteries. Angel of North, Winter, Earth,
and Guardian of Elemental or Nature Kingdom.
I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Archangel Ariel. I give you my body,
heart, and soul. Grant me the eyes of an Angel to reveal in vision, dreams and
prophecy the divine wisdom which enlightens my soul. Spread your wings around the
earth protecting the Nature beings.
5. Angel of the Christ Presence Angelic Being who holds the energy of sacred
spaces and is found in places of worship and prayer. Intense Prayer Power can be
released to others with the help of this Angel.


I give to you my body. In the name of the Christ. Love and Light in my life now.Within each of us is the I AM Presence which holds the perfect blueprint of Who We are & Connects us to the Source without separation. Angel of Open heart . I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel of Dreams Come True. space and mind. 6. and soul. or when you are in the process of creating an idea. Let Love flow freely into my life now creating sacred relationships. Align me with my true Purpose so I AM thinking.These Angelic Beings monitor the grid of the Earth. 10. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel of the Open Heart. Angel of Divine Mother of Creation . Blessed Be. I give you my body. May this energy flow into the Core of the earth to achieve purification and alignment. I am open. So Be It. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angels in the Core of the Earth. stabilizing it. 2 .and Soul.Angel who helps you make your inner dreams come true in a physical reality. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel of the I Am Presence. willing and ready now to receive the Divine Gifts of the Universe tangibly in my life. Being. heart. Angel of the I Am Presence . and wishes). and soul. 9. heart. May your presence be felt now in the lives of all who are prayed for. and soul upon your altar of Light. 8. Angels in Core of the Earth . I give to you my body. Angel of Dreams Come True .Angel of the Open Heart brings forth the essence of Divine Love which can heal all wounds and open us to loving ourselves and others.You may feel the presence and support of this Angelic Being when a birth is occurring (to both Mother and child). heart and soul upon your golden altar of Light. Acting with purity and integrity. Fill me with the Divine essence and radiate it into the earth to balance and harmonize.I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel of the Christ Presence. I petition you increase my Prayer power to enhance its effectiveness for the Highest Good of all. Bring inspiration and awareness into my being for my Creation and hold in your consciousness its Conception in the Divine Plan and my role into the Golden Age. heart. I give you my body. Bless and help manifest my heart's true desires (Name your hopes. I give to you my Body. Touch my heart center with your healing salve of Light filling the core of my heart and dissolving all hurts from my relationships throughout time. and the light within guide them on their path. dreams. 7. Amen. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel of the Divine Mother of Creation. So Be it. This Angelic Being guards this frequency which you can attune to gaining true insight. heart and soul upon your altar of light. Heart. I give you my body.

11. I give to you my body. Plant the seed and its nourishment within me for my Divine Mission upon the planet. and Soul. Webangelgt@aol. Let me manifest and serve as a vessel for this light to activate the inner fire of others. heart.Radiate the cosmic energies from the Sun into an individual's twelve centers(chakras) which connect the physical and spiritual bodies to the Divine Source. hands to direct and open energies for healing or artistic endeavors. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Angel Rasiel. activating my pituitary and pineal glands increasing my spiritual powers to overflowing. 12. (There are different thoughts as to the number of chakras you may adjust this prayer to your particular belief). I give to you my body. mind to discern and know inner wisdom). Permeate every atom of my being expanding my chakras (energy centers). Copyright Angelight 1999. Assist me in co-creating with the Holy Angels for the benefit of all beings. you may also offer your eyes (to see with inner sight. speech to speak Divine 3 . Draw into my life the right people and perfect conditions to accomplish my Divine Destiny now. heart. feel free to personally adapt invocations to your individual requests. ears to hear the music from the spheres. For example.Guardian Angel of the Secret Assignment given him by Archangel Gabriel to Plant the Soul Seed for Jesus Christ. NOTE: After getting the basic formula down. and soul to receive your Divine Light. I call forth the Power and the Presence of the Twelve Solar Angels. Rasiel . Twelve Solar Angels .