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spreading monotheism would require much sacrifice on the part of believers, and

transformational leaders must be willing to make sacrifices on behalf of an organization.[20]

The evolution of transformational leadership in the digital age is tied to the development of
organizational leadership in an academic setting.[21] As organizations move from position-based
responsibilities to task-based responsibilities, transformational leadership is redefined to continue
to develop individual commitment to organizational goals by aligning these goals with the
interests of their leadership community. The academic community is a front-runner in this sense
of redefining transformational leadership to suit these changes in job definition.
The future of transformational leadership is also related to political globalization and a more
homogenous spectrum of economic systems under which organizations find themselves
operating. Cultural and geographical dimensions of transformational leadership become blurred
as globalization renders ethnically specific collectivist and individualistic effects of
organizational behavior obsolete in a more diversified workplace.
The concept of transformational leadership further needs clarification, especially when a leader
is declared as a transformational or transactional leader. While discussing Jinnah's leadership
style, Yousaf (2015)argued that it is not a number of followers, but the nature of the change that
indicates whether a leaders is transformational or transactional.

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