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Nasa's Curiosity Rover Captures 'Cigar-Shaped' UFO Orbiting

By Mary-Ann Russon | IB Times Tue, May 13, 2014
Nasa's Curiosity Rover Captured 'Cigar-Shaped' UFO Orbiting Mars
UFO enthusiasts have spotted a "cigar-shaped" UFO orbiting the planet Mars
earlier in May.

Curiosity has been exploring the Gale Crater on Mars since 2012, tasked with
investigating the Martian climate and geology to assess whether a selected field
site inside Gale Crater can offer environmental conditions suitable for microbial

Raw images are taken by the Mars Rover during its explorations based on
commands issued by the mission team. There are a total of 147,901 images
uploaded onto Nasa's Mars Science Laboratory website, and these images can
only be relayed back to Earth when orbiters pass over the Rover.

On 4 May, the Rover's right-hand side navigation camera picked up a long, thin
white object hovering in the air for about 16 minutes. According to UFO Sightings
Daily blogger Scott Waring, the UFO is the same one that was captured on camera
by Curiosity on 28 April.

A YouTube user also spotted the UFO captured by Mars, and created a video
putting Nasa's images together, that shows the unidentified object landing in the
Gale Crater and flying through the air.
The video also points out UFOs behind the cigar-shaped object moving through
the atmosphere as well.

Could the objects in the Nasa photos be the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite
that orbits Mars to pick up data from the Curiosity Rover, or a UFO?

Large Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Korosten, Ukraine

By Jenalyn Villamarin | March 18, 2014 5:42 PM EST

A large cigar-shaped UFO was spotted over the city of Korosten in Ukraine. The
captured video on March 6 has surfaced on the Internet. The video was published
on March 7, on the YouTube channel O7TV showing the UFO sighting of a large,
elongated object gliding in the sky.

Several people noted the Ukranian UFO video seems to be realistic. But Hansen,
formerly an FBI Special Agent and now lead investigator of the Syfy Channel
series "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,", warned against believing everything you
see on YouTube. He went on to say, "These 'viral campaigners' are growing like
weeds in cyberspace. Some may actually be genuinely interested in UFOs, but
they implement parts of contemporary UFO theory into their hoax to increase its
effectiveness," he explained.




Published on 6 May 2014
On 6 May 2014, exclusive new images captured at Mars appeared to depict
massive miles long alien craft that are currently around the red planet. Thanks to
an amateur astronomer who contacted us with his amazing footage.