What is forgiveness ? Prolouge what is forgiveness ?, who shall i forgive ?, what is unforgivable ?

Who will answer all of these questions for me , nobody is here for me , i am all alone in this world . So i must choose the path which i am destined now to follow. Chapter 1 – history repeats itself. My name is Bella Ryan wan and i am 16 years old. I live with my mother, Leah Swan , my father Charlie Swan and my sister Rebekah Swan. I am the outcast of the family because i am not actually related to my father , i was from my mothers previous marrige , not that she grieved my father much because just 2 months after he died , she had new husband and a baby on the way . So i am treated like an outcast , nobody loves me , well my father did but that is just ancient history. It was just another typical morning in my house meaning , my mother would make my sister breakfast , and say that if i wanted anything then i could make it myself then she would drive my sister to school. And leave me to either walk or catch the bus. I arrived at school in the same mood as always , sad and lonely , this would just be the same as any other day . I kept telling myself , but i knew that it was no use . No day was ever the same because ever day my sister and her group of friends would come up with new jibes to make me feel worse than i already felt. I walked in to the classroom and was greeted by a chorus of either 'waz up, wierdo' or 'why don't you go back to the sewers , you slimy rat'. It nearly brought tears to my eyes , but i had to be strong because if i started crying , they would just find a way to tease me about that aswell. I was searching for my only friend Emielle , at

the back of the classroom were we would usually sit together but was surprised when i saw her sitting on the table next to my sister have a good old laugh , about me no doubt . So that was how it was going to be , i could have no friends in this life , well that was just great . Now i was truly alone. I couldn't help it any more and a few stray tears escaped my eyes . I ran to the back of the clasroom and hid under my desk praying that the teacher would get here soon. It was only then that i realised them staring at me, 5 pairs of ocher/amber eyes , filled with concern. Edward's P.O.V We walked into the classroom ,me and my family and went to sit patiently at the back to wait for homeroom to start. The she entered the classroom , the most beautiful girl had ever seen. She had long brown hair , and deep chocolate eyes , i expected her to go and join the group of popular girls in the center of the room, but instead she looked to the back of the room seemingly searching for somebody. She was greeted by a chorus of 'waz up, wierdo' and 'why don't you go back to the sewers, you slimy rat'. I was shocked beyond belief and the girl looked like she was going to cry . Then her head whipped up and stared at a girl whose name was Emielle Johnson , according to her thoughts . And she looked so hurt. A few stary tears escaped her eyes as she ran to the back of the classroom. And proceeded to hide under her desk. Then she noticed us staring at her and looked up. Her eyes were full of fear as she took in our appearance, instead of the awe that filled the eyes of all of the others. Also i could not read her mind, which was strange. Isabella's P.O.V

They continued to stare at me, it was beginning to get a little bit scary. There eyes were not at all what anybody would expect or call normal, They were a shallow shade of gold , they were entrancing , because although i wanted to look away i couldn't , it felt like the minute that our eyes met all of my will power was gone . Because i felt that it would now call me physical pain to be away from them. I must have looked like an idiot. Staring at them from under the table. So i slowly rose to my feet and then sat down in my seat . Then i raised one eyebrow at them silently asking them why they were staring at me . And the big one , the muscular one burst into fits of laughter , and started rolling around on the floor . Every one turned to stare at him. Then the blonde one poked him in the ribs, and he immediately got up and dusted himself down. . Then the teacher arrived and we all sat down for homeroom. Emmett's P.O.V She raised an eyebrow at us and i couldn't hold it in anymore , i burst out in laughter, i fell off of the desk and started to roll around on the floor. I only stopped when Rosalie poked me in the ribs . I stood up and dusted myself down , then i sat back up on the table. Just then our homeroom teacher walked in and we all settled down. Edward's P.O.V We Sat through homeroom patiently listening to the teacher ramble on about stuff that we already know. But secretly i was watching Isabella Ryan , through the whole thing. I had found out that this was her name, and that she had a sister in this same class, who did not like her that much at all. And Emielle had been her best friend until today. When she was taken over by izzy's sister. She seemed unhappy with her life the way it was and i saw some short scenes of her home life from

her sisters memory, as her mind would still give me no insight to her life what so ever . Then the bell rang and she was out of her seat before anybody else. I jumped out of my seat to follow but by the time i was out of the door , she was no were to be seen. The rest of the morning passed much the same, to my distaste , she was in most of my classes and in all of them she was pretty much invisible , she never volunteered anything , and the teachers never picked on her for an answer. When it got to lunch time me and my siblings were on our way to the cafeteria when a vision came to Alice, It was of Bella she was in the hall already and she was planning something, she was going to 'accidentally' trip over her own feet right next to where her sister and her 'gang' were sitting , consequentially spilling her lunch all over her. I had to stifle a giggle , because in my head Alice was telling me that she didn't want to do anything about it, and i totally agreed. We walked to the hall and took our places at a table in the corner of the room, and got ready to watch. Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett all looked totally confused because they didn't totally know what was going on. Isabella's P.O.V I was in the cafeteria, in the lunch cue when an idea came to me, i was going to 'accidentally' trip over my own feet when i was standing directly in front of my sister and her 'gang'' . Then i would pretend to have hurt my ankle or something along those lines. Then i would get up and run away. I wouldn't go home that night i would run away , i wouldn't comeback to this school, it would be too risky. I would miss the gold eyed strangers though, it caused me emotional pain just to think of the long seperation, and i couldn't figure out why, at the end of the day i didn't even know there names but i felt drawn to them in a strange way, not a good way but they tweaked my curiosity. They

were different , although i couldn't describe in what sense. It was too difficult . There was a dangerous air about them and it made me feel instantly weary, it made me want to give them a wide berth. As soon as i had pulled my little stunt i got up and ran for the door, i didn't stop once , not even to savor Rebekah's expression which i would have much liked to. I ran straight out of the door and down the hall, i left through the gates even though it was still lunchtime and i still had afternoon classes to attend . All i could think about was getting away before anybody in my family caught up with me. I ran until my feet hurt and the sun went down. I lay down on the ground and tried to sleep. I must have been out in minutes as i woke to the sun beating down on me giving me a massive headache.. I stumbled to my feet and began once again to venture forward, it seemed a good few hours later that i stumbled upon a small stream but it was probably just minutes later. I was so relieved , i had needed something to quench my thirst, i knelt down and plunged my hands into the water, it felt so good against my skin like i had been in a desert for hours and this was the first water i had seen since i had been there. I continued on my course which was not exactly decided, stumbling over tree roots and falling many times on my journey. Once again i tripped , but this time i didn't feel that i could get up. A sharp pain shot from my neck to the ends of my toes. Then my legs went numb and i couldn't feel anything in the lower half of my body, i was dying . Well i hadn't been planning this as a part of my journey. I heard that you were meant to see your life flash before your eyes , this wasn't the case for me though and for this i was thankful, after alll who would want to see a play by play of what i had to go through, i felt all of my senses fading into nothingness , and the last thing i saw in the corner of my vision was a blonde male, this must be an angel.

Carlisle's P.O.V I was just leaving for my hunt , i had not hunted in so long and although i didn't want to i had to. The kids had gone back to school today, i hope that they had settled into there new school because they had been really settled in the last place that we lived in and they had put on a brave face for me and Esme. I was chasing an elk through the forest when i heard a girl quietly muttering to herself what sounded like words of reassurance, but it was to quiet for me to here , i wandered closer to the voice and was shocked to see a young teenage girl, about 16 by the looks of it. She seemed to be in pain and eyes were only slightly open and she seemed to be dying, i walked over to her slowly so not to scare her , her eyes seemed to focus on me for a second and then they closed and her body went limp on the ground. I wanted to check for injuries before i moved her, so i knelt down beside her and checked her pulse i squeezed her wrist and she seemed to jerk ever so slightly, then go limp again, she seemed to have no sensation in her lower body so she must have broken her spine . I lifted her off the ground , trying not to jerk her and carried her back to our house. When i arrived home the children were still at school and Esme was waiting by the door anxious for my return, she gasped when she took in the dying girl in my arms and ran to get my bag. I carried her inside and lay her on the dining room table as a began to work on her, there was no human way to help her so i had to change her. I really didn't want to but it as the only way to save this girls life. So i sunk my teeth into her neck and waited for the transformation to begin. Esme, who had waited so patiently through the whole operation that i had almost forgotten her presence, until she held out her arms for the girl and offered to carry her to my office were she

would stay for the duration of her transformation. Edward's P.O.V We had just arrived at school and for the second day running isabella wasn't in, she had skipped lessons on the afternoon that she had pulled the stunt on her sister which was understandable but 2 days off .. I had asked around to try and find out if she was away often , but it turns out nobody knew, nobody payed enough attention to her existence to know. I drove home in a particularly bad mood because i had been hoping that i would see her today, i pulled up outside my house and put my pokerface on although i knew it would be no use with Jasper around. He would feel my disappointment I stepped into the house, i was the first one home. Carlisle's thoughts were closely guarded and the faint smell of human lingered in the air, was it possible that Carlisle had broken his oath? After all these years of practice , could he have finally snapped? No, i would not let myself believe what my mind was telling me , Carlisle , the vampire that i had admired for all of these years would not just cave and give in to temptation but i had to be sure , and the only way to do this would be to ask him flat out. I was disgusted by even the thought of making such an assumption, but i couldn't trust him until i knew for sure. I walked into the living room were he was sitting with his head in his hands and suddenly i felt like i couldn't ask him as he was already so ashamed of himself by the looks of it. I had to know though so i walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder , his head snapped up and hiss expression became guarded, “ Carlisle, have you killed somebody?” i asked him very quietly, the words seeming like nonsense the minute they left my mouth. The look on his face went from surprise to confusion then finally settling on disgust, “what would make you think that son?”, he asked sounding very confused yet still managing to sound guarded, “ well ...... you see............ um ..

well.... there is the smell of human in the air from not to long ago, you are keeping your thoughts from me and you have this constantly guarded look on your face”, i said still not understanding what all of the clues meant. “ no son , i have killed nobody, i am just a little nervous right now” he said trying to sound distracted , i was about to press the subject when the others arrived home. I walked up to my bedroom , grabbed my Ipod and listened to some depressing music while i thought about Isabella. Where could she be? Why was she taking so many days off? Maybe she was sick and she couldn't come to school, But honestly from the visions i saw yesterday in her sisters head, i didn't believe that her parents were nice enough to let her have a day off even if she was life threateningly ill. I was so lost in thought that i didn't even realise the sun go down nor did i see it rise again and all to soon it was time to go to school again. When i arrived at school the police were there , along with what looked like Isabella and Rebekah's parents and the principal.I could jut barely hear there conversation from the distance , it went something like this; the police officer said, “hello, Mrs. Swan would you please describe to me what your daughter looks like” Mrs. Swan was just staring into space not really listening to the constable, he waved his hand in front of her face and she finally appeared to snap back into the real world “um..... she has long brown hair about so long” she said, putting her hand about half way down her back. “she has brown eyes and is about 5foot 1” she finished . The constable nodded and scribbled notes down about what he had just heard on a legal looking pad. “what is your daughters name?” he asked her, “ Isabella marie emille ryan” the mother said, and realisation dawned on me , they were talking about Bella being missing, she had not been ill these past few days in fact she had not even been home she had run away. Carlisle's P.O.V

I had just been watching the news , and disaster , the girl that was upstairs writhing in pain in my study , surprisingly not making a sound , was a topic of discussion. She was 'missing' and apparently her parents were livid with worry. I didn't quite know what to do, and to make matters worse Edward seemed to know the girl and like her too, a lot. I ran up the stairs to check on Bella, she was being extremely quiet, i walked into the office and she was still lying there as still as a statue. I wonder if i was too late and she was already dead, the only thing that made me certain that she was alive was her shallow breathing and the steady beating of her heart. I left the study as i heard the rest of my family get in and went downstairs to greet them, as i passed Esme i whispered in her ear “ it is almost time , the girl will be awakening soon” she nodded in acknowledgment but said nothing and then went to greet the kids Jasper's P.O.V There was a feeling of immense pain coming from upstairs in Carlisle's study, i would have explored were the feeling was coming from, but Carlisle had given us strict instructions never to enter . And any way if there was anybody in the house then Edward would here there thoughts and he doesn't seem to bothered about it so there is probably nobody there. Alice ran up behind me , grabbed my hand and told me she had something very important to tell me while dragging me upstairs . When we were in our bedroom, she sat down on the bed and began to explain....... Alice's P.O.V I was just helping Esme with the gardening when a vision came to me, It

was of the girl from school, the one who was currently missing, Isabella Ryan. She was laying on a bed somewhere seemingly in pain, then the scene extended outward and it was Carlisle's study, the girl stood up and wandered over to the mirror , were she gasped in shock, at the colour of her eyes no doubt, then she turned and came downstairs, nobody was in, we had all gone hunting. She walked around seeming very curious , but not in the least bit scared, if any thing she was angry. She punched Esme's mirror then looked at her fist expecting it to be bleeding, and looked surprised when it was not. After the little show she sat down at the computer and typed in on the Google search engine 'super fast , super strong , bloodthirsty and red eyes' the first thing that came up was 'vampire'. She threw herself into research about our kind, and then we got home. Thats were the vision ended , i was totally shocked, and ran to find Jasper, when i grabbed hold of his hand and started pulling him toward the stairs he looked startled but not unwilling. When we were in our room i told him about the vision, every last detail and we both agreed that we should keep this from Edward but that we should speak with Carlisle about it. As we passed his study on the way back down stairs we cracked the door open just an inch and saw Carlisle leaning over the girl 'Bella' looking at her with concerned eyes. “Carlisle what's wrong with Isabella?” i asked , because the atmosphere was tense , i didn't need Jaspers power to know that. “her condition seems to be moving faster than i have ever seen before she will wake in 2-3 hours . And she has only been out for just over 2 days. This news shocked me,the newborn would be awake in a matter of hours and we were not at all prepared. “Edward is not to know about this until he absolutely has to” Carlisle said , in a voice that was deadly serious. “Ok” me and Jasper said simultaneously and then the three of us went down stairs to carry on with our lives as nothing was happening. Rosalie's P.O.V

(standing in front of a mirror , thinking to herself- ) I wonder why everyone is acting so strange, i mean sure that girl from school , what was her name again?.. um... oh yeah ! Isabella Ryan, has gone missing, but she is nothing special, if anything, a little bit of a weirdo , but Edward seems to have some sick infatuation over her and has become really depressed since she has gone missing. Alice and Jasper have started acting really uptight , the same as Carlisle has for the last 2 days, almost like there is some big secret that we are not aloud to know about. I suspect that is it , but personally i can't be bothered to find out , i have much more important things to do , like do my make up and my hair again so that i still look like the most beautiful vampire on earth. Isabella P.O.V The pain, it was like nothing else i had ever felt in my entire life, and trust me i had felt some pretty bad pain in my life. But this was getting worse by the second and it took all of my energy not to scream out loud. I didn't know were i was , nor why i was there only that i wished that somebody would kill me and stop this pain. The pain got impossibly worse and i let out a blood curdling scream of pain. Then as if it had never happened, the pain ceased . I rose to my feet unsure whether the pain was going to come back or not. When it didn't , i went down the stairs, the pictures on the walls did not give away the identities of the family living in the house at the current time. The speed at which i moved scared me. I wondered over to a mirror to see if i needed to fix my hair or something, i wondered if i should look different , because i sure felt different, more confident and definitely taller. I peeked at the mirror, suddenly terrified of what

i would look like, and i was write to feel that way for when i looked i saw somebody who couldn't be me , she had long straight raven black hair that reached down to her knees and bright vivid ruby eyes. That scared the hell out of me, i punched the mirror in a fit of rage and brought my fist up to my face, to check the damage that it had done but when i looked at it , it was unscathed, not a scratch on it. I walked over to the computer to try and find out what the hell i was and why i here, i logged onto the search engine and typed in 'super strong, super fast, bloodthirsty and on this kind. Edward's P.O.V We had just left to go out hunting, the rest of them had gone to California because they were getting bored of hunting close to home. I was just draining an elk when i heard it, a scream of pain. It lasted all of a fraction of a second then there was an Erie silence . The scream had come from our home but how could that be and the voice , it sounded familiar like i had heard it somewhere before. I ran in the direction of home and all the while i was running i could smell a strange scent in the air , it smelt like a newborn vampire. I broke down the locked door , in way to much of a hurry to stop and unlock it. And boy was i surprised at the sight that i saw , it was the girl from school, Isabella Marie Emilee Ryan, she was sitting at our family computer. I zoomed in closer to see what she was looking at and was completely shocked. She was researching vampires, but how did she know about us? And what we were. She looked up at me , a look of pure rage on her face. She rose from her seat slowly for a vampire , wait ...a ..a...a..a....a....vampire , why was she a vampire, i had just seen her at school a little over 2 days ago and a vampire took at least Google red eyes'.

The first thing that came up was 'Vampire' so i carried on searching up

3 days to change, so it wasn't possible, was it?. She walked over to me , a perfect poker face on, she was impossibly more beautiful than when she was human, When she was standing directly in front of me, she glared at me , and i cowered backwards like she towered over me. In the second that i was cowering backwards she was out of the door , for when i looked up the room was vacant, empty and she was long gone. Isabella's P.O.V How dare he interrupt me, i mean he didn't even live here , did he? Well what ever i was pissed so i walked over to him glaring all the way and he cowered backwards, i took this as my chance to escape, so i ran out of the door faster than i had once thought possible and in to the forest so far that they had no chance of catching up with me, but just when i thought i was far enough away, i saw them, a pair of golden eyes, argggg... why are they always getting in the way.... Esme's P.O.V We had just separated, and i was chasing a mountain lion through the forest, i had just clasped my teeth around its neck when i felt somebody's presence in the clearing with me , so i looked up and saw a young girl, 16 maybe staring at me with a look of disgust on her face, she had raven black hair that hung down to her knees, bright crimson eyes and was about 5 foot 7 . The look of disgust did not leave her face as her lips pulled back over her teeth and a vicious snarl left her mouth, she crouched to spring then leapt half a metre in the air the forest. Isabella's P.O.V , and knocked me off of my kill, taking it between her teeth and fleeing into

She stared at me, the female with no name , and it was starting to get a little bit annoying and i wanted to get away so , i let out a vicious growl then slunk into a crouch,jumped, grabbed her kill then ran into the forest as fast as i could hoping for dear life that she didn't decide to follow me. Edward's P.O.V I stood there to stunned to move for a second, then i kicked into action, i ran out of the door in search of Isabella Ryan, she couldn't have gone far could she? Well there was no saying, newborn vampires were fast and this one was not in a good emotional climate to be wondering the forest alone, she couldn't do a lot of unintentional damage and then regret it later. I ran into the forest and it wasn't to long until i ran into Esme, she was sitting on the ground silently, not moving. I walked over to her, knelt in front of her and shook her shoulder, her head turned a fraction of an inch and she gave me a nod of acknowledgment, “Esme what happened here ?” i asked her, she just shook her head but the only thing she said was “ she took my dinner” over and over again, i tried again “ who Esme, who took your dinner?”, she just turned and looked at me, as if she was just acknowledging my being here for the first time. Her expression looked slightly bewildered and very childlike, like she had, had the memory of her whole life erased. Esme's P.O.V ..................... Um..... where am i ?............... and more importantly .................who am i?. Eleazor's P.O.V

I was just running through the forest in California, on the way to visit my dear friends the Cullen's , when i felt a strange power emanating from the west , about 15 minutes away, it was like nothing i had ever felt before, so i felt a strange need to follow it, after 15 minutes of searching i found her. A newborn vampire sitting behind a bush draining the blood of a young boy, about 4 by the looks of it. She looked thirsty, really thirsty so i suppose she was only a few hours old, she looked up at me with a look of pure rage and leapt to her feet , probably preparing to defend her kill, but i was not interested in the carcass of the already dead human on the ground, for i was a vegetarian. She bared her teeth at me , and sprang at me before i had a chance to even explain my ulterior motives, and a natural instinct of self defense kicked in, so i also sprang and met her halfway in the air. We hit each other with a sickening thud. But she landed easily against the ground once again subconsciously sliding into a hunting crouch. While i was flung a few miles into the forest east of her. Damn it !!, i forgot newborns were so strong, i shouldn't really have picked a fight with one. I walked back to the clearing with my hands above my head , showing the newborn that i meant her no harm, She saw my gesture of peace and stepped forward away from the carcass, her hand extended to meet mine, in a friendly welcome. I mirrored her stance and met her hand in the middle. “Who are you?, what are you?, and most importantly , what am i?” she asked in confusion, Ah so she didn't know what she was yet then ? “ Um.. well i do sought of know what i am but i am a bit confused by my hypothesis, you see i have been led to believe that i am a vampire, but surely they don't exist, sadly this is what all of the signs are pointing to and you seem to be the same as me. Also i know that there are others, i have met some of them you see.” she said, oh so she did know what she was , but she was just confused as to how, i wonder who the vampires are that she knew then,, i

decided that i would ask her. “What are the names of the vampires that you know then?” i asked calmly “um..well they are , Edward Cullen,Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Cullen and Jasper Cullen” she shuddered delicately at the sound of the last name, i wonder why. “ why did you shudder when you said Jasper's name?” i asked her, another shudder ran down her spine when i said the name aloud. “ I saw him in a photograph of when my great grandfather was at war, and it always troubled me that he had not aged a day since the photo,i wanted to tell somebody of my concerns, but they would probably just throw me into a mental hospital saying that i'm mad, but the information that i have found out today has helped me to get that out of my mind, now knowing that he is a vampire means that there was some anomaly going on and i was not going mad. “Now would you mind if i traveled with you wherever your destination, i don't mind as long as i don't have to travel alone” she asked sounding so innocent, I had almost forgotten what had compelled me to come here in the first place, i thought that i would bring it up now. “Have you got any special abilities or powers and by the way what i your name?” i asked. “ um.. well first my name is Isabella Marie Emilee Ryan and no i do not have an other extra abilities as far as i am aware of “ she replied, i was surprised , this was the missing school girl from Forks high school, she had been missing while she was changing but this couldn't be right, a vampire took at least 3 days to turn and this girl had only been missing for a little over 2 days. She definitely had a power a well maybe even more than one, she was definitely a mental and physical shield but there was something more powerful manifesting beneath the surface, i just couldn't pinpoint what it was because of the shield, and she didn't even know about it. But give the poor girl a break she had just found out that vampires exist, and that she was one all in a matter of hours.

Carlisle's P.OV This is bad, Esme has lost her memory, and it was all the fault of the newborn which i created, although nobody but me, Alice and Jasper knew this. “Esme dear, do you know who i am?” I asked my wife hoping by some miracle that she did this time, “ of course i do silly” she replied giggling at my question, a small spark of hope ignited inside me at this response, “who am i ?” i asked patiently , “why have you forgotten and need me to remind you?” she asked, “just answer the question” i snapped at her, instantly regretting it.” um ... well . Your doctor Cullen of course, the one who works at the hospital” i almost slapped my head, because this was so silly, i wish i had some way to reverse the stupid memory loss thing. Esme's P.O.V So... why was Dr Carlisle Cullen at my house and more imporantly why were his kids here?