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Front, at the beginning of the Earth, all was Chaos.

The cruel and pagan people entretuaient themselves

without never seeking to raise the human race beyond the animal. Centuries to see
millenia proceeded thus in the obscurantism and the superstition. With the wire of the conflicts, people
took the top and started to pose the bases of a civilization worthy of this name. Empires
splendid and declining reigned by terror on the other people, and followed one
another like fires of straw.
It appeared one day an Empire which was largest and most powerful of then, and
which dominated without shade all the remainder of Gaa, Empire of Solomon.
Some say that they had made a pact with the forces demonic to acquire all this
capacity, others say that it was then the golden age of the world of Gaa, a state
of civilization and knowledge ever equalized.
At all events, the mysteries of their civilization died out when God intervened
definitively to destroy this corrupted and declining company which controlled
humanity thanks to its impious talents. Solomon missing then and other
civilization transfer the day.
Wars of the Cross
One day appeared Christ, the Messiah of an unknown single god until then. He
said that all were equal in front of God, that each one had a place in its House. He
taught piety and
mercy. Paganism and the superstition did not have their place in his precepts, not
more than those which handled them. Twelve apostles carried his word around
Christ was close succeeding in unifying the grounds of the men under her dogma
but it was betrayed by Iscariote against 30 pieces of metal black which one says
that they contained knowledge necessary to destroy Gaa. Park with that which
had one of them, because they contain the sins of the Man. Christ was crucified
and expired after thirteen hours of torment passed on a cross attached to the
walls of the city of Solomon, only testimony still upright of the existence of the
Empire of the same name. To its death, nothing was passed from unusual.
Solomon was destroyed by the eleven apostles, and the Vatican city of Archangel
was founded around the tomb of Christ. Its Empire was shared in eleven Holy
Kingdoms whose apostles became the governors spiritual then holy kings. The
pagan practices were repressed hard and the special body of the Inquisition was
created for this purpose. The apostles, equipped with an exceptional longevity,
died however one after the others and from the tensions were born between the
Holy Kingdoms, from now on with the hands of their successors.
The War of God
However, the descendant of Iscariote, Rah, had founded a powerful nation of which the center
found being its capital, Judas, located on the island of Tol Rauko. Rah unified all the people who had
refused the dogmas of the Church or had been persecuted by it, as of the dmoniaques creatures which

it had with its service and launched out to the attack of the rest of the world in year 223, starting the
War then of God. Rah not only wished to conquer Gaa but also to destroy all the religions and force
God to release the men of their chains.
Zhorne Giovanni, going down from the apostle Pietro Giovanni, carried out a fight despaired against
Rah. With close long and painful war, Rah was constrained to be folded up on Judas, where Zhorne
Giovanni it continued, whereas several million combatants clashed on the battle field of Terminus. At
this time, Rah called upon all the power which had been granted to him by its pacts irreligious people
in order to destroy Gaa. Only a divine intervention allowed the eradication of Rah and its cursed
armies. More than one hundred million beings had died during this war and civilizations were with
edge of the extinction. Hatred between the men reaches nodes and the survivors massacred those which
were not theirs.
The Sacro-saint Empire of Abel
During this time, Zhorne Giovanni returned to Archangel, destroying all the plunderers to make safe
the territory. It gave to its 4 larger generals the title of Lords of the War and created the office of
Supreme Archbishop to direct the Church. He separated the grounds in principalities to ensure their
stability and indicated noble and ecclesiastical ones as governors.
On September 16, 233, 27 years old, Zhorne Giovanni founded the Sacro-saint Empire of Abel of
which he proclaimed Emperor and Sovereign pontiff.