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Setting :

Sekolah Kebangsaan Chegar Galak, Kuala Kangsar,Perak.

Primary 3 Teratai
Title of Lesson:
Story: Little red riding hood
The pupils are able to listen and enjoy simple story. At the same time, they are able
to read and understand phrases and able to read and understand simple sentences
in linear text and spell common sight words correctly.


Pupils are from pre-intermediate group. They are able to listen to simple instruction
General Characteristics:
The lesson is designed for Primary 3 Teratai pupils. This class comprised of 11 male
and 14 female students. Academic ability and learning styles are vary. The pupils are
9 years old. In general, students become easily distracted and lose focus quickly.
However, they can benefit from extra support activities that will help then to spell
those sight words and strengthen their creative thinking skills. There are three races
mixed in the class which is Indians, Malays and Chinese.

Entry Competencies:
The pupils have basic knowledge of reading and speaking, and able to recognize
simple form of text. They need to review more on accurate used of sight words in
phrases and sentences. They should be trained to spell those sight words accurately.
Learning Styles:
There are 35% of the pupils are visual, 30% of them are auditory and 35% of the
kinaesthetic are tactile learners.


By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to demonstrate their understanding
by listening to the story entitled Little Red Riding Hood and completing the tasks
given. Target groups is pupils of class 3 Teratai. Pupils need to pay attention to the
skills taught in class, be ready with basic reading and writing skills. Pupils also must
always up to date with their homeworks that assign to. Pupils also work individually
and listen to the story before they can proceed with the task provided. Pupils should
be given short briefing/introduction prior to their lesson. 78%-90% of the pupils need
to be able to spell 5 out of 6 common sight words correctly and 78%-90% of the
pupils need to be able to answer at least 60% of the WH- questions based on the
text given. The 3 Teratai pupils will be able to acquire good reading habits and
understand the story through respond orally in the classroom. The pupils should be
able to enjoy and extract information from a simple text. At the same time, pupils will
be able to express ideas in simple language. The pupils also should be able to
answer simple Wh-Question given through PowerPoint exercise.


The concept of media in this lesson is projecting on the copy of Power Point slides
received by the pupils as guidance for both teacher and pupils. The materials that

used in this lesson specifically more to viewing and imaging format to make pupils
focused and follow the instruction. Exercises and quiz given in form of PowerPoint
lets the pupils to have more student-centered kind of learning.
List of Media and Materials to be used in the lesson:
Power Point instructional project, Computer or laptop with internet connection
and LCD projector.
Learning through exploration about the characters from the story, pupils are
encouraged to describe about the characters in the story. The learning also focused
on letting the pupils to choose one character that they like and explain again. This is
to make sure the pupils really understand and focused on the character and the
Tasks are as being fixed through Power Point instructional project and its regarding
to the topic to give a better view about the topic of the day. Short Quizzes to ensure
the understanding of the pupil and to get to know about the level of their listening
and reading skills.


I will show then the picture of the Little red riding hood and the fox. I will ask pupils to
see and explain what they can see, the image and the use of colour. This session
will build their knowledge on discover something new and to stimulate pupils interest.
I am going to introduce the lesson of the day to the pupil.
I will give some clues about the story that the pupils will go to watch. I will ask them
to focus, understand and fully utilized the video played. Using an activity called
Remember me, the pupils will need to remember the characters shown in the story
and what is their role which will then help them to answer the WH-question during
the practice and development stage.

In this session, I will play the video of the Little Red Riding Hood. To discuss
further beside the character seen in the story,I will choose a pupil randomly and ask
pupil to explain what they know about the story. After they explain in words about the
characters from the story that they watch, I require them to list it in a piece of paper. I
select a few students to read it out, their information about the characters. I will do
the correction and ask pupil to read it loud. I also check their pronunciation .This
session actually building their thinking and speaking skills.
In this session, I am going to give a few Wh- questions based on the story to the
pupils and ask them to answer it correctly. After the pupils finish, I will check their
answer. For the final, pupil will do self-checking while answering the questions
provided in the PowerPoint slide. This session will give the pupils self-confidence in
answering the questions. For the development of the lesson that I thought, I will give
a short quiz which is in form of word search according to the topic to evaluate the
pupils final output. This will give them enjoyment and fun in learning a lesson.
For closure, I will recap the lesson. Im going to review again about the story and the
characters by asking question. Example, who are the main character in the story and
its role in the story? What happen at the end of the story?


Starting of the lesson, I will introduce the topic by showing the pictures of fox and
Little red riding hood. After that I will preview pupil the story in a video format. To let
the pupil understand more, I will require pupil to explain about the image of the
character based from the story. As an exercise I prepare comprehension question to
answer by the pupil. For the development, the role play session take part. This
activity will give pupil an overall view about the story.
Teacher uses this method to acquire pupils attention. Teacher displays the pictures
of fox and little red riding hood to the story to arouse the pupils interest towards the
story. Teacher asks pupils to explain what they see in the pictures and a brief about

the characters and teacher introduces the topic of the day. Teacher asks the pupils to
watch the video and understand about the characters and the story line. Teacher
explains the lesson of the day. Teacher prepares pictures for each character from the
story. Teacher chooses pupils randomly and asks them to explain about the
characters. Pupils are required to list it in a piece of paper as a class exercise.
Teacher selects a few pupils to read out the text were prepared about the characters
in the story. Teacher does the corrections and pupil read it loudly. Teacher corrects
the pupils pronunciation. Teacher gives some gap filling questions to the pupils
based from the story. Pupils complete the exercise with teacher guidance.
Teacher gives feedback based on the grades of the pupils. Teacher gives short
writing quizzes according to the topic in the class to evaluate pupils final output as a
recap of the lesson.
Evaluate and Revise:
To evaluate the pupils understanding and level in writing I am planning to give a title
and ask pupil to get ready with short text composition. This technique will give pupils
confident in using word and explain it correctly.
Evaluate student performance:
I am going to give short writing quizzes according to the topic in the class to evaluate
pupils final output. Pupils required submitting more short composition to the teacher
because practice make perfect. This will train pupils to do well in their writing and
improve their writing skills on composition.
Evaluate media components:
Active pupils will give positive feedback in the class. This means, the media used are
correctly connected to the pupil and let them understand about the topic clearly.

Evaluate instructor performance:

Teacher reviews on pupils understanding, if they understand clearly and fully focused
it is mean teacher as an instructor reach the target. Learning Objective was