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Oracle WebLogic Server Patch Set Update

This README provides information about how to apply Oracle WebLogic Server
Patch Set Update It also provides information about reverting to
the original version.
Released: July, 2015
Smart Update Details of Oracle WebLogic Server Patch Set Update
-------------------------------------------------------------------------PATCH_ID - EJUW
Patch number - 20780171
Preparing to Install Oracle WebLogic Server Patch Set Update
----------------------------------------------------------------------- WebLogic Server Patch Set Update (PSU) can be applied on a per-domain basis
(or on a more fine-grained basis), Oracle recommends that PSU be applied on an
installation-wide basis.
PSU applied to a WebLogic Server installation using this recommended practice
affect all domains and servers sharing that installation.
- Login as same "user" with which the component being patched is installed.
- Stop all WebLogic servers.
- Remove any previously applied WebLogic Server Patch Set Update and associated
overlay patches
Installing Oracle WebLogic Server Patch Set Update
------------------------------------------------------------- unzip to {MW_HOME}/utils/bsu/cache_dir or any loca
l directory
Note: You must make sure that the target directory for unzip has required wri
te and executable permissions
for "user" with which the component being patched is installed.
- Navigate to the {MW_HOME}/utils/bsu directory.
- Execute -install -patch_download_dir={MW_HOME}/utils/bsu/cache_dir -pa
tchlist={PATCH_ID} -prod_dir={MW_HOME}/{WL_HOME}
Where, WL_HOME is the path of the WebLogic home
Reference: BSU Command line interface
Post-Installation Instructions
-----------------------------a) Restart all WebLogic servers.
b) The following command is a simple way to determine the application of WebLogi
c Server PSU.
$ . $WL_HOME/server/bin/

$ java weblogic.version
In the following example output, is the installed WebLogic Server PS
WebLogic Server PSU Patch for BUG20780171
Uninstalling Oracle WebLogic Server Patch Set Update
--------------------------------------------------------------- Stop all WebLogic Servers
- Navigate to the {MW_HOME}/utils/bsu directory.
- Execute -remove -patchlist={PATCH_ID} -prod_dir={MW_HOME}/{WL_HOME}
Post-Uninstallation Instructions
-------------------------------a) Restart all WebLogic Servers.
Oracle recommends that you see following key notes
-------------------------------------------------- My Oracle Support NOTE: 1306505.1 Announcing Oracle WebLogic Server PSUs (Patc
h Set Updates)
- My Oracle Support NOTE: 1470197.1 Master Note on WebLogic Server Patch Set Upd
ates (PSUs)
- My Oracle Support NOTE: 1471192.1 - Replacement Patches for WebLogic Server PS
U Conflict Resolution
- SSL Authentication Problem Using WebLogic 10.3.6 and 12.1.1 With JDK1.7.0_40 o
r Higher
- Smart Update Applying Patches to Oracle WebLogic Server
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