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Will Misenheimer

Deby Jizi
UWRT 1102-028
28 March 2016

Double Entry Journal

Gun Control Debate Explodes on The Five. The Five: FOX News. 28 August 2015.

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59 sec--Husband of Gardner: If he didnt

have a gun, hed have had a knife, a
machete; he was bound and determined.

I agree with this. I tend to believe that the bad

guys will find ways to be bad, regardless of
whether or not it is breaking the law

59 sec--Gardner: I dont blame the gun, I

blame the guy holding the gun.

I also agree with this notion. Weve all heard

the saying, guns dont kill people, people kill
people. There was some evil human force
driving his determination to inflict pain. This
was the root of the problem.

1:30 secFather of Parker (victim that was

killed): Were not trying to take peoples
guns away, we just want to keep crazy
people from getting them [guns]

I agree with this so much. In fact, I believe

that this is the stalemate and argument of
resolution between the two sides in the gun
rights vs. gun control debate. I believe that
most people would agree that individuals who
are not capable of owning firearms should not
own firearms.

1:52 secDebate: Virginia is one of those

places where an individual who has been
placed in a mental health system, or whose
information has been placed in the FBI
background check, is ineligible to buy a

I believe that this notion would be effective in

neutralizing the amount of damage that is
done by those who have a mental problem. I
totally agree with this notion.

2:47 secDebate: The National Shooting

Sports Foundation has encouraged states to
put mental health diagnostics in the FBI
background check, so that these kinds of
people dont get their hands on guns.

I also agree with this. It is very important that

weapons of destruction stay out of the hands
of individuals that would wreak destruction
with them.

3:39 secDebate: The second amendment

is the stupidest amendment. There have
been 85,000 gun-related deaths in this
country since Sandy Hook. This is three
times the gun-death rate of any civilized
nation on earth.

This is a true fact that cannot be argued. This

poses an argument for those who wish to
tighten gun control, or even abolish the
second amendment.

4:24 secDebate: Why is it so easy to get

a gun in this country. Why isnt there
mandatory training, drug test?

To purchase a handgun from a federally

licensed firearms dealer, the customer must
acquire a permit. To carry a concealed
weapon, the individual must pass a class and
test to receive his or her concealed carry
permit. To some degree, training is required.
However, he makes a solid argument about
drug testing. I believe that drug testing could
be a good way to insure that those who
should not get guns do not get guns.

4:57 secDavid Clarke: Heres my

challenge to the President of the United
States. Forego your Secret Services
Protection and see what it is like to fend for
yourself. See what we have to do on ground
level every day in terms of self-defense.

Sheriff Clarke brings a solid point. If the

President were to be without guns, he would
simply be a sitting duck. Clarkes point is that
guns are a necessity for protection.

5:50 secDebate: When the Washington

Post says that there is 1 mass shooting per
day, what they are doing is incorporating
gang shootings into their statistics.

This is another valid point. Does this suggest

that many gun-related statistics are inflated
and altered by gang activity?

6:07 secDebate: There is no increase in

mass shootings when you take into account
gang shootings.

I can agree with this. It is important to identify

that factors that may change and affect a

7:20 secDebate: If someone could show

me a policy that says these specific changes
on gun laws would prevent more mentally ill
people from getting guns, I could be

I think that this goes to show that the pro-gunrights side is not necessarily against a policy
that ensures that mentally ill and other people
who are incapable of properly handling a gun
do not get guns. As long as my gun rights
arent tampered with, I could certainly be
persuaded by a policy that ensures that guns
arent in the improper hands.

7:48 secDebate: They think that dealing

with the gun problem is easier than dealing
with the mental health problem. They are so
busy fighting, that nothing gets done.

I certainly see the truth in this. Both sides are

so busy fighting, that it is nearly impossible to
get any work done. Both sides have valid
points, but I think that a resolution may be
met without jeopardizing The Peoples right
to bear arms.