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Grassiva Self Defense System

requirements laid out by the GSDO & founder Enrico Will
Yellow Belt
-how to form a fist
-keeping distance to an attacker without force
-fighting stance
-straight fist punch (nose, rib, triangle, throat)
-side inside punch (ears, temple, outer ribs)
-uppercut (chin, throat, triangle)
-sidekick (knee, shin)
-stomp kick (knee, feet, shin)
-roundkick (shin, knee, inside leg)
-upkick (groin)
-face sweep block
-outside block
-inside block
-up block
-down block
Blue Belt
-low fighting stance
-hammer fist (all directions)
-backhand strike
-thumb knuckel (temple) & thumb fist
-chops (throat, neck, collarbone)
-snake fist punch (triangle, throat, eyes)
-palm strike (chin, triangle)
-push away strike
Green Belt
-foot sweep
-step over throw
-hip throw

-rolls (all directions)

-breakfalls (all directions)
-arm locks
-finger locks
-chokes (2)
Brown Belt
-knife defense & disarm
-firearm defense & disarm
-club/ bat defense & disarm
-inside block + backfist punch combination
-down block + palm strike combination
-ellbow strike + backfist punch combination
Black Belt 1st dan
-defending from and on the ground
-counter attack from holding
-counter attack from punch
-counter attack from kick
-counter attack from knife
-knife defense with kick
Black Belt 2nd dan
-short distance knife throwing
-basic knowledge of pressure point locations (15)
-alternative weapon
-ko throw
-hard neck (withstand front strangle)
Black Belt 3rd dan
-basic handling of the kubotan ( part 1) key slab
-basic handling of the kubotan (part 2) hit pressure points
-close distance fighting (ellbow strikes each direction)
-close distnace fighting (knee strikes)
-finger dart (eyes, pressure points, throat)
-ear slap

Black Belt 4th dan (instructor)

This is an honourable rank, awarded if confident in all the previous
techniques & shows the characteristic qualities, reponsibility & ability.
-knowledge of self defense law (different in every country)
-body language (showing self confidence)
-understand self defense no fight if not necessary, no bullying
-respect everyone but fear noone
-avoidance & awareness
-ability to adopt, learn, lead and teach
a 4th dan black belt instructor is not a follower, but a leader
Black Belt 5th dan
5th dan black belt is the level of a master instructor in our system.
There are no further requirements to it and will be awarded by the honour
system. The holder of this degree have to hold the 4th dan degree for a minimum of 6 month and have proofen his teaching skills to the GSDO.
Following ranks higher than this can be archieved only by the honour
system and will be archieved through commitment and dedication.