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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 64 - No. 2 | May 2016

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The New US Provincial Council: photo by Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Papal Message for Mission and Consecrated Life

Serving God’s People

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Xaverian Mission Newsletter

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Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX


ight years as provincial superior of the Xaverian Missionaries in the United
States are about to come to a close. Prior to this, I completed seven years as
Delegate Superior in the Philippines. Fifteen years in the ministry of leadership
of religious missionaries in our changing world has been a source of great change in
me, an expansion of heart, opportunities to pay attention to the men I served whose
faith and zeal have been sources of great inspiration to me.

Soon after I returned from the Philippines in 2007, I was asked to serve in the role of
leadership at a time when the Xaverian Missionaries were at a crossroads. We began
a period of re-structuring and revitalization that helped us focus our efforts more
clearly on our vision: to invite the local church to engage in
the interfaith and intercultural dialogue of the Church, to
strengthen our ties with the poorest, to share the legacy of
our founder and recently canonized saint, St. Guido Conforti,
and to share the stories of our missionaries and the people
they serve.

faith is not
...certitude is
not the real
substance of

As we continue the journey I am deeply aware of how
profoundly the “finger of God” has prodded us forward. I
learned that faith is not about certainty, that certitude is not
the real substance of faith. Certainty is a luxury we seldom
carry. Faith is about a way of learning how to see everything.
It is changing my eyesight, to take the reality of all that
happens in life ― everyday work, prayer, relationships, family, love, hurt, longing,
fidelity, failure, sin, suffering, even death — and set these against the horizon of the
eternal and infinite. Pray that I continue to open my eyes to the transcendent, cosmic
power of the Lord in the ordinary.

Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Communications Board

Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Fr. Alejandro Rodríguez Gómez SX
Fr. Tony Lalli SX
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX

Mary Aktay
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ
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Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016

the Xaverian Missionaries “make humanity one family.”
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Xaverian Missionaries in the World

The whirlwind of modernity, globalization and the Social Media in no
way eliminates the profound characteristic that is typical of this
Continent: the ability to relate to God even in the ideological, moral
and ethical frenzy of the huge cities in which we Xaverians have our
Centers of formation. Our communities continue to welcome candidates to the Xaverian life; it seems almost a miracle and we want to
be always worthy of it! The Xaverians have been working uninterruptedly on this Continent since the Founder sent Fr. Caio Rastelli and
Deacon Manini to China, and we want to continue working with the Lord in these
chaotic cities to form new laborers for his Vineyard.

St. Guido Conforti with the first Xaverian

This Continent has seen the birth of great religious traditions of many peoples and they continue to flourish today. The languages, cultural traditions, ethical and moral customs and social stratifications, oblige the missionary to acquire a special sensitivity and study. In a particular way they
call for a refined human, spiritual and cultural sensitivity. We cannot
afford to surrender to mediocrity and a general approach to reality. We
must not look upon the demands made of us by Asia as a burden, but as a
providential opportunity because it compels us to be well-prepared formators. Let us take advantage of this opportunity, both as individuals and
communities, since Formation is not just the task of the Formator, but of
the entire Circumscription.
Let us willingly embrace the demands that Asia places before us and let
us form Xaverians who are ready for every kind of necessity and missionary challenge.

Offering sacrifice in Taiwan

The statistics do not scare us, nor do they undermine our hope. We know
that the percentage of Christians in Asia is minimal. We know even more,
however, of the astonishing strength of the Asian martyrs and we know
from experience that Christ is needed, Christ is awaited and Christ is followed in Asia. Asia is a land of Proclamation of the Gospel and the
Formation of missionaries and, consequently, it is a fundamental and outstanding missionary work. The Formation of new Asian Xaverians is a necessary and honorable task for us!


Good Friday in Indonesia

An undivided and well-oriented heart, that is sensitive to the life of its Family,
gives security and promotes communion. How precious in Asia are the
Formators who show by their example, and teach by their words, that the
Consecrated family is a true family, just as, and even more than, the natural
family, and that it is light for the world, centered not on a short-lived treasure, but on a treasure that endures forever.
Our Xaverian Family has received from the Founder the mission to make of
the world a single family in the name of Christ. This is a great and wonderful

From the homily of Fr. Luigi Menegazzo during the closing Mass of the Xaverian
Asian Formators Meeting

Asian Formators Meeting

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016


Xaverian Missionaries in the World



his year I spent the Holy Week and Easter in Yiffin, a beautiful
Kuranko village in the Northern part of Sierra Leone, 85 km of bad
road from Kabala, deep in the bush where it takes a whole day to
repair a flat tire!

All smiles in Sierra Leone

I am a Xaverian seminarian and the experience was really fruitful for me.
The celebrations were alternated with meetings and activities so that
everybody could enjoy and participate fully. On Holy Thursday, for example, we were told that, as we eat rice and the rice becomes part of our
body and gives us strength, in the same way, when we take communion,
we are assimilated to the body of Christ. One prominent person in the
church immediately drew the conclusion
We see Love not as a senthat with the Eucharist we become Jesus
timent or just a good feeland all our actions become his. We rememing, but action, going
bered St. Teresa’s prayer: “Jesus has no
out of oneself to encounhands, only our hands, no feet, only our
ter the different, even
feet...” Sometimes people can say that our
suffering, without
Mass is short, but considering that when we
it is in losing
leave the church we continue to act as
Jesus, I think that our celebration lasts all
that we find.
Being in Yiffin, where the Fathers can be present only some Sundays in
the year, and considering the centrality of the Eucharist, I also felt how
important is the role of the priest for the community.

Good Friday in Sierra Leone

Transportation in Sierra Leone

Good Friday is the day when Jesus died for us. But this time I understood
better how it is all about God loving this world to the extent of giving his
Son. It is a love born in the heart of the Trinity, with God going out of
himself in the work of creation, and then with Jesus leaving his condition
as God to become Human, a humble man, and then accepting to die on a
cross, he went back to God renewing everything and giving us the opportunity of a new life. In this way the negative was transformed into a passage to life: the paschal mystery! We see Love not as a sentiment or just
a good feeling, but action, going out of oneself to encounter the different, even the suffering, without fear because it is in losing that we find.
This triumph of life over death is what we celebrated in the Easter Vigil
and on Easter Sunday Mass.
We left Yiffin happy for these days spent with wonderful people and wonderful youth with whom we shared so many joyful moments, including a
volleyball match and swimming in the river. The only thing that made us
hold our breath was the bad road and the worry about flat tires. But all
went well, and we are grateful to God.

Br. Mark Bangura SX

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Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016

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Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

Raphael, St. Paul Preaching in Athens

The Power of the Resurrection in a Diverse World


he joy and hope of the Easter Season is with us in a very different world than the first disciples experienced,
and yet there are some interesting similarities as well. The world of the first disciples and the initial growth of
Christianity was in a very culturally diverse, and religiously pluralistic world, much like today. In fact, the United
States, like others, is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world.

The Christian movement initially began not from a single center but from many different centers where different groups
of disciples of Jesus gathered and tried to make sense of what they had experienced with him and what had happened
to him at the end of his public ministry.

Early Christianity, by moving into different realms of the different universes of thought and of religion in the GrecoRoman world, adopted many concepts from other religions, lots of them faiths of different varieties which enriched the
early Christian movement tremendously.
This probably should encourage us to say that our discourse, not only within Christian circles, but also our dialogue with
other religions, with Jews, with Muslims, with Buddhists, and others is indeed very fruitful. In fact, our Catholic identity
is strengthened when we engage meaningfully with those of other faiths or those who do not espouse any religious

At the time of Vatican II, it was Pope Paul VI who was the first to help us understand what it means to be Catholic in a
diverse world that is changing rapidly before our very eyes. He says that the Church must be in dialogue with the world,
if for no other reason than because God is in dialogue with us through Christ.
In 1984, St. Pope John Paul II reflected that interfaith dialogue is fundamental for the Church, based on the very life of
the triune God, as well as on respect and love for every human person.
“As far as the local churches are concerned, they must commit themselves in this direction, helping all the faithful to
respect and esteem the values, traditions, and convictions of other believers.”

Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Check out Fr. Carl’s blog:
and also his blog on Patheos,

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016


US Xaverian Missionaries
Provincial Chapter XV


a v e r i a n Missionaries from New Jersey, Massachusetts, and
Wisconsin gathered at a retreat house in Duxbury MA during a
spring snow storm for their Provincial Chapter which is held every
four years. Modeled after the old chapter rooms in ancient monasteries,
the Provincial Chapter is an opportunity for all to gather in order to look
back at the last four years in gratitude and in the lessons learned, and
look ahead to what we must do in changing times with hope and courage.

Fr. Joe Connelly, a Divine Word missionary, shared a first morning of
recollection with us. He spoke of the enormous changes in mission and
religious life today and our need to “be watchful.” The many changes in our
men and the work we undertake captured our attention at this particular
chapter. New directives for how we live our life together were fashioned, new
ways at development work and fund-raising explored, and how we collaborate
with Xaverian Missionaries in other parts of the world were reviewed.
The biggest shift is how we are focusing, with ever greater urgency,
on how we help the Church connect meaningfully to a world that is
increasingly non-Catholic, non-Christian, and non-religious. Interfaith
and intercultural dialogue demand a certain expertise from us, one we
attempt to equip ourselves for in many ways. Pray that we may allow
ourselves to be led with a more profound trust in the power of the Trinity
as we are urged forward to proclaim Christ in these challenging times.

Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Pray that we may allow ourselves to be led with a more
profound trust in the power of the Trinity as we are urged
forward to proclaim Christ in these challenging times.

Above: The New Provincial Council: (from left to right: Fr. Alex Rodriguez,
Councilor, Fr. Joe Matteucig, Vice Provincial, Fr. Tony Lalli, Councilor, Fr.
Mark Marangone, Provincial Superior, Fr. Rocco Puopolo, Councilor

Chapter photos: Planning, Celebrating and Sharing together

Xaverian Missionaries

Xaverian Missionaries Online:


ommunication, wherever and however it takes place,
has opened up broader horizons for many people. This
is a gift of God which involves a great responsibility. I
like to refer to this power of communication as ‘closeness.’”
(Pope Francis, Message for the 50th World Communications
Day, 24 January 2016).

The Xaverian Missionaries are “lowering their nets” into new
waters: that of the new world of Social Media. From January
18th to the 30th at their Spirituality Center in Tavernerio (CO)
Italy, twenty nine Xaverian missionaries and Xaverian Missionaries
of Mary representing all 20 regions of the men’s and women’s
communities worldwide are investing quality time to study this
new world of Social Media and how it can become “the place” for
evangelization and witness of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh,
the One who is the medium of God’s love and mercy to our world.
The representative of the USA communities was Fr. Rocco
Puopolo, the director of theGYM, an initiative of the US Xaverian
Missionaries for youth and young adults located at the Fatima
Shrine, Holliston Massachusetts.
The objectives of this meeting were:
1. to take stock of the general situation of the various
regions in the media field,

2. to provide a reflection that will lead us to a better
knowledge of the new “periphery” (those on the outside) in the
world of mass media and social media communications,

3. to promote the use of the social media in the field of
missionary-vocational education, and

4. as missionaries, to guarantee the competent use of
social media for evangelization, in harmony with the priorities of
our Xaverian charism.


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016

Forging New Paths

“Nets” cast in New Waters
The first week was devoted to learning background
information from a number of specialists in field of social
media such as the philosophy and anthropology of social
media, the development and structure of the language
of social media, the various ways that the networks
and platforms work and how the missionaries could be
engaged in them. They also shared short reports from
each of the regions which gave the assembly a global
picture of how the various communities are engaged in
this world of social media.
The second week focused on a better understanding
of the past, present and future involvements of the
community in social media, beginning with some of the
historical aspects of the founder Bishop Conforti and
his interest in the use of the media of his time. He
was one of the first to invest time, talent and money
in film and print media production beginning in the
1920’s and gave a firm foundation to the importance
of communicating and evangelizing the world through
modern means of media. The participants became aware
of various platforms of media that exists now as well as
the rich tradition of persons and archives which forms
our history in this field. By reviewing what they learned
from the experts as well as from the various reports, the
assembly then began to propose ways to move into the
present and future world of social media proposing ways
for the community to be effective in evangelizing this
new world. “The sower went out and part of its seed
fell on the World Wide Web”

Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
What’s in a
name? Well
search engines
were confused
by so
we changed our
website domain
name to www.
But don’t worry
even if you type
in the former
name you will
be redirected to
the new site.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016


World Mission News Digest

World Mission News Digest

Pope Francis prays at a cross on the border with El Paso, Texas, before celebrating Mass at the fairgrounds in Ciudad
Juarez, Mexico, Feb. 17. (CNS/Paul Haring)

“Dioceses without borders”, initiative
for the reception of migrants

Nogales (Agenzia Fides) - An unprecedented religious
celebration took place on Sunday, February 21,
at the border between Agua Prieta (Mexico) and
Douglas (United States), and will be repeated at the
border between Naco (United States) and Nogales
Bishop José Leopoldo González of Nogales (Sonora,
Mexico) described the initiative as “Diocese without
borders,” which consists in celebrating one Mass on
both sides of the border. On the Mexican side the
Bishop Gerald Frederick Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona,
celebrated Mass, while on the US side it was
celebrated by Bishop González. About 400 people
from both sides of the border attended.
“We asked for all the necessary permits,” said
Bishop González. “The only thing that separated us
was this wall, but the altars were attached to each
other. The first part of the liturgy of the word was
in Spanish, and one of the readings on the Mexican
side was read in English. The Eucharistic bread was
distributed to the faithful on both sides.”
Bishop Nogales emphasized in his homily that the
border corridor is crossed by many migrants, who
must be seen not as a threat or problem, but as
an opportunity, “because everyone, as a child of
God, has a personal story,” he said. In the United
States, he concluded, the Church is sustained by
the faith of Hispanics, not only Mexicans but of the
Latin American people, who have built history with
the cultural background they bring.

Archbishop Blase J. Cupich of Chicago

Xaverians in Indonesia



Birth of the “Catholic-Muslim National

Young people of different religions
together invoke harmony and peace


Washington (Agenzia Fides) - Archbishop Blase J.
Cupich of Chicago will be the first co-president of
a new Catholic interfaith forum of meetings called
“Catholic-Muslim National Dialogue,” organized by the
Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of
the US episcopal Conference (USCCB).
The Commission has been sponsoring Catholic-Muslim
dialogue sessions at a regional level for over two
decades. Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of Springfield, Massachusetts, president of the Commission, said that “now
is the right moment to start dialogue at a national
“While the fear of Islam in society increases, the
Catholic Church must help to guide dialogue and
goodwill,” said Bishop Rozanski. “Our dialogues have
had the objective of a greater understanding, mutual
respect and cooperation between Muslims and Catholics.
The members have established lasting ties of friendship
and a deep sense of confidence. I am grateful to Archbishop Cupich for representing our conference,” he said.
The current Catholic-Muslim dialogue sessions are held
at a regional level in areas such as the Mid-Atlantic
(in collaboration with the Islamic Circle of North America), Midwest (in collaboration with the Islamic Society
of North America) and the West Coast (collaboration
with the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California
and the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County).
Each meeting is co-chaired by a bishop and a Muslim
leader. These dialogues will continue in coordination
with the new national dialogue.

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016

Semarang (Agenza Fides) – Get to know each other,
share experiences, pray together and invoke harmony and peace in Indonesia: with this spirit young
people of all religious communities came together in
recent days at High School in Kopeng, Salatiga, near
Semarang, in central Java, according to a program
called “Pondok Damai” (“House of peace”) which
brings together students from all backgrounds, culture and faiths to share and compare their personal
religious experiences.
The meeting was attended by young Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, excited to
learn about the traditions of other religions. Pondok
Damai is a program which started in Semarang
in 2007 by Protestant Pastor Rev. Rony Chandra
Kristantoro who collaborates with the Institute of
Social and Religious Studies to create inter-religious
activities followed by young people of various religions. So far “Pondok Damai” has been organized in
various cities and towns in the Central Java region.
Lukas Awi Tristanto, member of the Commission for
Inter-religious dialogue and Ecumenical Affairs of the
Archdiocese of Semarang, appreciating the initiative
remarked: “Dialogue is a way of coexistence and
a style of relationship between people of different
religions. Therefore I hope that young people not
only continue to meet in such initiatives, but also
make a further step forward, through dialogue and
joining their energies for peace, justice and freedom.”

News from our USA Communities

News from our USA Communities



Monthly gatherings in celebration of the Jubilee of
Mercy continue:

Conversations Among Humanists, Atheists and
Religious Believers is a joint program of the Xaverian Missionaries of the USA and United Kingdom
which seeks dialogue among atheists and religious
believers. Our meetings are wonderfully rich, with
a diverse group of atheists and theists. Our conversation is on doing good, with or without God.
How can religious people, atheists and humanists
find ways to bring good into the world together?


MAY 1: Trappists on Prayer (Clean of Heart
JUNE 12: Pax Christi Massachusetts (Blessed are
the Peacemakers)
Photos of the 2015 Mission Festival


On Saturday and Sunday June 25, 26, 2016 get
set for lots of family fun with the Xaverians at
Franklin Knoll. Enjoy games, prizes, food, a giant
rummage sale all weekend, as well as the Outdoor
Mass at 10:30 on Sunday morning. Mark your

JOIN US on JUNE 4, 2016 for a celebration at St.
Charles Borromeo Parish in Milwaukee WI at 1 PM.

Future gatherings will take place in September,
October and November. They will be covered in
the next XMN.
MAY 13: “God’s forgiveness of sinful humanity” led
by Fr. Adolph
JUNE 13: “Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s
Mercy” led by Fr. Tonino
JULY 13: “Mary and Mercy in tumultuous times”
led by Fr. Rocco


Meet-Ups take place on the last Sunday of the
month. Our next one will be May 29, 2016 at
3 PM at the Provincial House, 12 Helene Court,
Wayne, NJ
If you are interested in joining us, register at

AUGUST 13: “Mary and Mercy in the teachings of
St. Guido M. Conforti” led by Fr. Tony
September and October will be covered in the
next XMN
JOIN US on MAY 21, 2016 at the Shrine for a
Mass of Thanksgiving at 4:00 PM followed by a

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the Xaverian Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in
abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2016

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