Lesson Plan

Teacher: Time: 17:30 – 19:30 Date: 14/09/09 Room: Level: Intermediate Age: 18 - 35

Topic/Theme: Travel Arrangements Reading lesson on Phillip Island. Communicative aim: Students will be able to make travel arrangements based on what they want to see or do. Linguistic/Grammar aim: Making preferences and future arrangements Stages Activities and notes Resources Pre-reading Previewing Student receive article which also has pictures 30 Articles with 3 mins which help determine Phillip Island e.g. a map, pictures.

penguins and the beach. Then I would ask students questions and form a class discussion. 1. Have you heard of Phillip Island? 2. What have you heard? 3. Have you been to Phillip Island? 4. If so what did you do there? 5. Did you like it there?
Pre teach vocab Matching words with meanings 5 mins Using vocabulary from the article students will be in pairs and match the words with the definitions Demonstrate: person A and person B matching up cards with meanings. CCQ’s What material will you need? Facilitate: Make sure students know what is required of them and they are working together. Take up: Ask a couple of students the correct matchings.

15 sets of 8 words and 8 meanings.

Predicting 5 mins

In groups of 3 or 4 students will answer questions regarding the article without reading it. 1.What do you think this article is about? 2. What state in Australia is Phillip Island located? 3. Is Phillip Island a tourist attraction? 4. What do you think Phillip Island is famous for? Demonstrate: Show worksheet. Demonstrate a group trying to answer a question. CCQ’s: What is needed for this activity? Is it in groups? Take up: Ask class as a whole for answers to the questions.

10 worksheets with questions.


Article 10 mins

Have the students read the article and answer questions. 1.Putting the text in order 2.. Answering questions on the article Demonstrate: The first answer will be given to students for the text in order. CCQ’s: What is needed? What are you answering questions on? Is it an individual activity?

30 Worksheets

Post Reading Planning an Itinerary 30 mins

Students will be in groups of 3 or 4. They will have information on accommodation and attractions in Phillip Island the information will be from the deals section of the Phillip Island website. Students will need to plan a 5 day Itinerary on where they would like to stay each day and what activities they would want to do. Demonstrate: A draw up of the itinerary on the board. Show students what I would like to do on day 1. Put students in group and get them to go. CCQ’s What will you need for this activity? Is it in groups? Take up: As a class make up an itinerary for the day.

10 Itineraries 10 Information sheets

Homework 1 minute

Ask if they want homework. If they say yes tell them to go to a travel agent and find a brochure on somewhere they would like to go and to have a look through it.

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