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1. Being with me is the best possible choice for any woman.

2. Women love men and especially love me.
3. I love life!
4. I am God. I am Perfect. This is my universe!
6. I read incredibly fast!
7. Women love sex and want sex from me.
8. My intelligence, creativity and potential is infinite!
9. Women love to be hit on even if they pretend otherwise.
10. I am completely focused, organised and use my time with the utmost
11. Women are nurtures and pleaser’s who want to nurture and please me.
12. I am a self-assured, confident, sexual and dominant male.
13. Everyday in every way I am better and better!!!
14. I have complete control over my life, mind and psychological state of being.
15. I am the greatest genius this world has ever seen.
16. I heal instantly!
17. I am successful, confident and achieve my goals. I exude confidence, sex,
power and self-esteem.
18. I can be, do and have anything I want to in this world, my possibilities are
19. I love myself! I am complete, fulfilled and completely happy!!!
20. I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day.
21. People love me! I make friends easily.
23. I read and meditate every day. I access all the knowledge in the universe.
25. I am completely irresistible to women!
26. Regardless of how she is reacting to me she is getting aroused.
27. I see the underlying truth in all things.
28. I am an adventurer! I travel the world!
29. Regardless of how she is reacting to me I am the prize she is trying to win
30. I am a multi-millionaire and master seducer!
31. I love what I do and am richly rewarded, creatively and financially.
32. I have a perfect photographic memory! I recall everything easily.
33. Since she wants to sleep with me, the power is in my court to decide whether
she lives up to my standards and expectations. I get to decide if we get to sleep
34. I create my own reality!
35. Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully.
37. Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.
38. Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and
through me.
39. I have sex with super hot, confident, loving, caring and intelligent women
with genius IQ’s all the time!
40. I think positively every day, all the time.
41. I attract amazing people.

the love of God enfolds me. and all is well! 79. powerful.42. I have the infinite creative power of God within me. power and finesse. Let these commands be fulfilled!!! 46. I am aggressive. I am a strong. God is. I have lucid dreams and recall all my dreams with complete clarity! 65. I am now enjoying everything I do and feel happy just being alive. I am filled with the light of love. self-control and charm that women find irresistibly attractive. leader and conqueror!!! 55. The light of God surrounds me. I radiate a natural. I am super hot and sexy. All things are now working together for good in my life. 77. 71. attitudes. 48. My mind is focused on what I desire and I go for it congruently and powerfully. 53. I am now attuned to my higher purpose in life. My imagination and power affirmations are now creating the reality I desire. peace. The light within me creates miracles in my life here and now. 49. easy self-acceptance that women find irresistibly attractive. 76. I have a six pack of abdominal muscles. dominant. Money comes to me easily and continuously from multiple sources! 61. I am charming. 73. My body is now trained to burn fat and build muscle day by day. happiness. I am now approaching women that I am attracted to. Abundance is my natural state of being! 59. 78. I succeed in everything I do! 69. 57. I have a perfectly sculptured muscle ripped body. I radiate a confidence. 54. I take immediate advantage of my opportunities with women. all the time. I am mastering the responses. I swiftly establish incredible rapport. 66. 72. I am now attuned to my higher purpose in life. behaviours. 51. 45. 44. aggressive. I am able to pick up and attract any women I desire. 67. 52. direct and powerful with the women I desire. I have sex with one thousand super hot women! 70. I have clear beautiful skin! 63. gather the information I need. Sex with super hot women comes to me easily and effortlessly. Wherever I am. I ascend spiritually rapidly everyday all the time! . 75. interesting and fascinating!!! 56. All things are now working together for good in my life. the power of God flows through me. My IQ and intelligence increases daily rapidly!!! 62. My higher self is guiding me in everything that I do. insights and timing that bring me irresistible power with the women I desire. 50. success and joy every day. God lives within me and manifests in the world through me. all women want me! 58. power. 47. 43. 74. then close with aggression. alpha male. I rule the world! I am brilliant and perfect in every possible way! 68.

I am a catch and out of her league. luving. 86. All things are possible unto me 5. Supermodels have an incredible desire to fuck me wherever I go! 78. I have aquired a positively charged magnetic mindset 2. I am God’s gift to women. I am a Sexy Beast! Everywhere I go women want to fuck me! 76. exciting and addictive. Beautiful women are extremely persistent with me for sex. I find myself realising things that are like puzzle pieces being put together to make a canopy that blends well with the canopies of super-hot. 84. 81. All subconscious blocks are gone 3. I am free to be who I am. when I am.75. they feel me deep inside. I attract whatever I desire. Women are perverted creatures who are always trying to fuck me. I am the cleansing of the doors of perception(the senses)seeing things as they truely are infinite 9. I have sex with supermodels daily. 1. I give them reasons to. and passionate women I come into contact with like their the best 8. Women experience me as extremely intoxicating. 79. Every morning I wake up in bed with twenty supermodels. I am the most desirable man in the world. I let my play-mates shine in all their brilliance. 85. 83. buried inside their love . 80. I am free from all negativity 4. Beautiful women are extremely attracted to me on a deeply subconscious level. radiantly attractive women 6. persistently and aggressively seek me out to fuck me. I am deeply embedding in my subconscious mind all the sentiments of all the things I need for optimal success with the best women on the planet 7. how I am because I am the best and treat every super-hot. 82. 77. What I believe is reality. any woman that’s with me is very fortunate to have my attention. Supermodels and incredibly hot women proactively.