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Somatic Cell Count in cow’s raw

milk by reference method
Cristina Aleixo, Manuela Vida
Lisboa, 3 de Novembro 2015


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Sole Fiscal Guidanc e Board Board of Directors DEPARTMENTS Finance Logistics Human Resources Finance and Patrimonial Resources Quality and Safety Client Informatio n Advice and Monitoring Unit Parity Commissio n STRATEGIC UNITS STRATEGIC UNITS OF OF RESEARCH RESEARCH AND AND Agricultural Production Technology and Forestry SERVICES SERVICES Biotechnolo gy and Genetic Resources Logistics and Information System TECHNICAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT SUPPORT CABINETS CABINETS Support to Projects Scientific Board Communicat ion and Image Systems and Plant Health and Animal Health and Food Safety DECENTRALIZED SERVICES: •Vila do Conde •Elvas ACTIVITY AREAS •Dois Portos •Santarém •Alcobaça •Braga .Banco Português de Germoplasma Vegetal (BPGV) .

WHERE WE ARE… Headquarters 1 Quinta do Marquês Oeiras Decentralized Centers Pólo de Merelim (BPGV) 2 Braga Pólo de Vairão Vila do Conde 4Pólo de Alcobaça 3 5 2 Pólo de Santarém Quinta da Fonte Boa . Manoel de Castello S.Vale de Santarém 3 6 7 8 Experimental Farms 9 10 11 Pólo de Dois Portos Quinta da Almoínha .Dois Portos Pólo de Elvas Pólos de Lisboa • Benfica • Tapada da Ajuda • Lumiar Centro Operativo e Tecnológico do Arroz Salvaterra de Magos 12 Posto de Culturas Regadas Herdade Monte dos Alhos D. Domingos da Serra Branco 13 Herdade Alvalade do daSado Fataca Estação Experimental António Teixeira Odemira Coruche 1 4 6 8 5 9 10 11 12 13 7 .

INIAV’S MISSION Applied Research Scientific and Technical Support Laboratorial Services State Functions: •National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) •Gene Resources: •Portuguese Plant Gene (BPGV) •Portuguese Animal Gene Bank (BPGA) •National Collections of Reference .

OUR NUMBERS Human resources: 620 Financial resources : Experimental Farms: Education: staff members 27 M€ 1105 ha 600 students On going Research Projects: 92 Scientific and Technical Publications: 1144 .

MAIN RESEARCH AREAS • Food Science and Technology • Food and Feed Safety • Forestry • Plant and Animal Health • Animal Microbiology and Pathology • Animal Production • Plant and Animal Breeding and Genetics • Agrarian Systems: Production and Sustainability • Viticulture and Oenology • Soil fertility and Plant mineral nutrition .

RESEARCH PROJECTS: 92 PROJECTS with outside funding (2014 data) Global budget: 36.8 M€ INIAV cost: 8.1 M€ 7 22 32 2 2 6 42 Number of projects / financial source FCT PRODER 7PQ FEDER PRRN QREN COST Outros 13% 2% 1% 4% 0% 2% 32% 45% INIAV cost/ financial source .

LABORATORIAL SERVICES Animal Health Food Safety Plant Health Molecular genetics Support to manufacturing industry Land Analysis Water Analysis Leaf Analysis Feed Analysis .


-Lisboa Residues & Txicological Analysis Lab .OUR Research Unit DTIA exINETI DTPA e EVN ex-INIA Food Microb.Oeiras Oenology and Viticulture Food Microbiology AgroIndustrial Labs Microbiology Lab Lumiar Lisboa Food Microbiology Lab Vairão Oenology Lab Dois Portos .Vairão Residues of Pesticides Lab. Lab & Residues Analysis ex-LNIV UEI&S Food Safety & Food Technology Food Science and Technology Secretariat Food Technolog y Labs & Pilot Plant Lumiar. Oeiras Feed Feed Control Lab Lisboa Residues Analysis Residues Analysis Lab.

to the definition of traditional products and new products development .food quality and safety . experimentation. . innovation and demonstration. .for the characterization. MISSION: to perform research. conservation and processing of agricultural food products.OUR Lab AGRO INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY LAB. Unit Research of Food Science and Technology.

OUR Lab AGRO INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY LAB. fusion of the Food Microbiology with the Industrial Microbiology Laboratories Matrixes: Milk and milk products Meat and meat products Vegetable products Chocolates and ice-creams Sugar and honey Baby food Feedstuffs Waters Pharmaceutical products Gas oils and Biodiesel .

Activities: Research and Development contracts projects Training training courses academic internships projects Technical assistance Laboratorial services NATIONAL REFERENCE LABORATORY .OUR Lab AGRO INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY LAB.