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Altered Book Assignment

My first page is of course about religion. I do identify myself as a Christian, but
although I do identify as a Christian, I believe no religion is better than the other,
and all religions are equal. I believe that people should coexist, which is what is
written on my first page with different religious symbols. And if a person does not
have a religion I believe that everyone has to believe in someone or something or
have some type of faith. I didn’t do much with this page because I feel like that is
what is morally right. Everyone should respect one another’s faith/beliefs. Within
the coexist symbol I have multiple religious’ symbols such as Christianity, and
Judaism, and although I did not put up all of the symbols that recognize all religions
or even those who are not religious I do want to make it very clear that I do believe
that everyone has the right to believe or put faith into whomever or whatever they
like. Growing up my mother went to Baptist church and my father went to Methodist
church so I got views from both viewpoints of Christianity. But when coming to my
religion I do wish to explore both a little more and decide for myself which church I
would like to join.
My next page is about politics. For my politics I focused a lot on this upcoming
elections. I really like Bernie Sanders. He has been standing for the same thing for
most of his life and I feel like consistency is very important. He is also very active in
the African American Black Lives Matter movements, and he is constantly standing
up to Wall Street. I admire him because I share a lot of the same beliefs that he
does, and I love how he emphasizes how much he wants to help students. On the
other hand, I also really like Hillary Clinton. She is one of the most admirable women
in politics. She is strong, outspoken, and very determinant. I love her confidence,
and I love how she supports women and women’s rights. She and Bernie also share
a lot of the same views when coming to students in school, and being in poverty as
a minority. So the reason for my question marks is because I am not exactly sure
which candidate I would like to vote for. I have also I have put pictures of corruption
due to the fact that I feel like politics are very corrupt. I feel like many politicians do
things for the money and selfish reasons rather than for the people.
For my media page there are many things that I tried to portray. I have a picture of
Victoria secret models due to the fact that I feel like that is what the media shows
what they feel women should look like. I also showed the way news stations such
as fox constantly have a negative portrayal of minorities, and how people of color, I
specifically showed the black lives matter movement and showed how cops are
getting away with killing unarmed black men. In addition, I also showed how the
media always portrays a white male or female when committing a crime as so
called mentally ill but then turns around and bashes someone who is not white, and
the religion I feel like is target the most and stereotyped would be Muslims. I have
all of the negative portrayals with a black background with the pictures surrounded
in red ink so really emphasize how the media displays minorities or people that they
don’t feel fit their standards. Then in white I have what the media portrays as
positive with gold surrounding the pictures to show that is what the news shows as

I have many ways I tried to portray the community. I did 3 people of different
patterns holding hands because I believe that regardless of your skin color or
economic/socio status a community should help one another. All of my pictures
show people coming together to help one another, and that’s what I feel like a
community should be like. I also have the words help and love because I feel like
those are key points in a community. You should want to help one another and want
to uplift each other. I also believe you should love and respect one another. Those
are traits that I truly feel make us human. I believe that we lose sight of that very
often, and I feel like in today’s society is encouraged to do things on your own and
be selfish because everyone is competition and it shouldn’t have to be like that at
all. Like why do we have to pay for education? That should be free, you should want
to make sure that everyone is educated, because when people are educated, that
only uplifts our country and can boost our economy.
My earth and environment page I decided to draw that on my own. I drew a forest
on one side that has pretty clear water, trees, a deer, and animals. The sun is
shining and the background is clear. On the other half the sky is black, the water
has trash in it, it is polluted and there is one tree and one sad bunny. I feel like that
is what is happening to our forest over time, and I think it is so said that we do not
pay more attention to climate change, and try to preserve the Earth that we live on
instead of tearing it down for our own selfish needs.
When coming to my gender issues page I have a huge equality sign, because I feel
like man and women deserve equal opportunities. I have a picture promoting
positive body image. This can go back to my media page with the picture of the
Victoria secret models. Too often young girls are introduced at a young age that,
that is the what every woman should look like and if you don’t look like them then
you are not good enough. And coming from someone that has personally had the
experience I think that is one of the worst feelings in the world. So promoting
positive body image and loving yourself is very important. I also have a picture of a
transgender woman. The LGBTQ community is something that I feel should always
be included in gender equality. They are constantly under fire, whether that be
through religious people or the homophobic community. I feel right now they need
more support from feminist and the feminist movement then ever due to the fact
that there have been so many killings of people in the transgender community.
Something I am also passionate about shedding light on in my gender equality page
is rape. Rape victims are constantly told its their fault or that they shouldn’t have
worn something, or that if they don’t have evidence then it didn’t happen. That is
something I am very passionate about trying to put a stop to because rape is not
the victims fault and it is never okay.
For citizenship I did a page of men and women from various backgrounds. I feel like
people in America forget that all of us came from places around the world, and
regardless of where we come from, whether that be fleeing from war or coming here
to start a new life we are all citizens. I also feel that many people think that
Hispanics are the race that are called immigrants dominantly, when in fact more
immigrants come from Europe. So for this page I just wanted to represent that
citizens here come from different places all over the world, and just because they

look different, meaning anything other than white, that doesn’t automatically make
them an immigrant, and definitely doesn’t make them any less of a citizen. Then to
go off of that, the united states was occupied by native Americans, and immigrants
who came seeking a better life, like many who come today, took their land, and
“founded” the U.S.A. The U.S is a melting pot, we are a country built off of
immigrants and people who fought for equality. I feel like people today forget that,
and forget where their ancestors came from as well. So I really just wanted to
recognize the fact that the U.S is a melting pot, and everyone is a citizen.
For my last page I did symbolized my love and passion for boxing, helping others,
my love for education, and being cultured. I showed my love for music, my friends
and family, and I also showed my passion for being an activist, and a feminist. I also
signified my dream for wanting to work with children who have cancer, helping
others, and my love for the beach. I also wanted to point out that majority of my
pictures are black and white. Not only on this page but throughout the entire book. I
have it this way because what I believe in is what I believe in. And although I am
open-minded, I will always stand up for what I believe is right, and I will always fight
for others who cannot speak up for themselves. I want to stand for equality, and I
want to help others achieve greatness and be comfortable with themselves, and be
able to achieve their inner greatness without things like the media, or people in
general who think that they are better than others constantly telling them that they
are not capable of doing something. So hopefully will be able to travel around the
world and not only educate myself but others as well and over all do what I feel I
was destined to do which is to make a positive difference.