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7] Look at the cues and the useful expressions

® Using the cues and the expressions below
compare and contrast the two animals in the
pictures in terms of having them as pets.

below, then compare and contrast these two

friendly, faithful,
protective, noisy,
needs walking,
lovable, fierce at
times, needs


Industrial Maintenance

heavy physical labour, dirty,
tiring, skilled, high risk, special
equipment, bad working
conditions, rather bad pay, no
university qualifications, night
shifts, split shifts, etc

office work, high salary,
perks, more demanding,
creative, stressful, more
secure career, persua­
sive, responsibility,
management skills,
need for good social
skills, university
qualifications, long
hours, no personal life,

Useful expressions: also, in contrast, compared to,
however, moreover, not only ... but also, although, on the
other hand, whereas, while, as well as, etc
eg. An industrial maintenance worker's job involves heavy
physical labour whereas an executive's job involves
office work.
An industrial maintenance worker's job is tiring whereas
an executive's is more demanding. An executive not
only has a high salary but he also has perks such as
a company car. An industrial maintenance worker
does not need university qualifications. An executive,
however, needs university qualifications. An industrial
maintenance worker does a high-risk job. Moreover,
he may have to do either night shifts or split shifts.
An executive needs to have management skills as well
as good social skills. etc

lively, exciting,
needs special
food, messy, needs
space, expensive to
keep, sometimes
aggressive, not easily

Useful expressions: both ... and, although, not only ... but also,
on the other hand, etc
eg. A dog is both loyal and faithful.

It's nice to have a dog as a pet. It's a friendly animal,
which not only shows obedience to its owner but it is
also faithful. A monkey, on the other hand, is expensive
to keep and is a rather messy animal. It needs lots of
space. It's very intelligent, though, and can be taught
simple tasks. A dog can be taught simple tasks as well.
Dogs often become very protective of their owners. A
dog needs walking every morning and evening which
might be inconvenient for someone who works, espe­
cially the morning walk. I'd prefer a dog because dogs
are man's best friends.

make you unsociable . The women in the second picture are probably on holiday so they are having a reaily nice time. Despite the fact that you gain work skills. in addition. etc ' being . . They look ex­ tremely happy in contrast to the girl in the first picture who looks depressed. However. being fired heartbroken.. Alternatively. . MODEL Although you can learn a lot from computers. tnelf te sts tc e Useful expressions: they are probably .. and they make life easier.access to offensive information • expensive to buy/maintain . She could also have broken off with her fiance and that is making her feel awful. it looks like/as if .... they can be bad for your eyes.. both etc eg. they seem to .'u ® Look at the following pictures.. Not only can your work be done faster and more accurately. The woman in the first picture looks ve. you can also learn a lot. on the other hand . etc. It looks as if she is having problems.. You can do fast... they can make you unsociable. In the second picture there are two women. then using the notes and the useful expressions below compare and contrast the pictures. etc on pas� ition. despite.. Computers give us access to a lot of information.. also.. maybe they are . \. but also. not only .invasion of privacy • games keep you from schoolwork Useful expressions: although. alternatively.. d"''':/ winnin g no1 "' ' . accurate work • helps keep accounts • access to a lot of information Disadvantages . ce le bra ing. t e a c�rnp t .. Maybe she has lost her job. however. financial problems failing exams. they can help you keep accounts. on the other hand. on the other hand you can gain access to harmful/ offensive information. comput­ ers can make you unsociable.bad for your eyes . they could have won a competition and are now celebrating. in addition.y depressed. then talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a computer.. accurate work on computers.. loss of a relative.. whereas . • @ Look at the notes and the useful expressions below. she could be . MODEL In the first picture there's a woman on her own. Computers make your life easier... Computers give us access to a lot of information.. The woman in the first picture may be facing financial problems and be feeling des­ perate. Advantages • make life easier • learn a lot • gain work skills • fast. You can use your own ideas as well. She may be crying. .

whereas in the second place you'd find frost and snowdrifts.... in the former Soviet Union. on the other hand. snowflake. sunshine. warm. cyclone. 8. frost. . hurricane. boiling. flood. Italy 80 AD stone blocks circular amphitheatre arena for gladiators. however. although. heatwave. In the first place you would probably feel a gentle breeze most days. However. monsoon @ Using the notes from Ex. but hurri­ canes are possible. drizzle. The Colos­ seum is obviously much older than the Kremlin . Although the weather in the first picture is sunny. on the other hand. The two constructions are also very different in terms of shape. in the second place it's more likely that there would be a blizzard. sleet. gust. smog. blizzard.. gale. . torrential rain. 6. whereas the Kremlin houses Russia's cen­ tral government offices. etc MODEL The Colosseum is in Rome.. etc eg. MODEL In the place in the first picture you'd be likely to find sunshine and boiling temperatures. freezing. dry. Useful expressions: whereas. Russia 12th century AD red bricks minaret-shaped towers. The Colosseum was used as an arena for gladiators. 'fl Complete the table using the words from the list below. fog. Location Built Building Material Shape Purpose The Kremlin The Colosseum Moscow. rain.O. breeze. downpour. 7 compare and contrast the two pictures in terms of weather.. high walls houses central government offices Rome. while the Kremlin has many minaret-shaped towers and is surrounded by high walls. the Colosseum is a circular amphitheatre made up of rows of arches. on the contrary. while the Kremlin was built far more recently. while. chilly. is likely to be low/high in . storm. There might be torrential rain in the first place. in the second place you'd feel freezing gusts of wind carrying sleet or snowflakes. Use the expressions below.Using the cues below compare and contrast the pictures. Italy whereas the Kremlin is in Moscow. You may add more words if you like. it's probably .it was built in 80 A. you might get . it is really freezing in the second picture. of course. ice. and the Colosseum using large stone blocks. In terms of building materi­ als.. hail. snowdrift. draught.. the Kremlin was built using red-coloured bricks. drought.

7] Using the notes below and the useful expressions compare and contrast the two types of shops in the pictures. as they normally have very long opening hours . also. Department stores. Department stores can provide their customers with a great variety of products. competitive prices. on the other hand. Department store pros: cheap. noisy. whereas corner shops have a very limited range of goods. such as basic food products and some household items like washing long hours. as well. corner shops offer friendlier service than impersonal department stores. crowded. too. As depart­ ment stores can buy stock cheaply in bulk. etc I I cons: impersonal. etc '� cons: expensive. limited range of goods. they can offer more competitive prices than corner shops which are forced to charge higher prices. Department stores therefore have to be large. etc eg. centrally located. also. on the other hand. friendly atmosphere. but. and. access to them sometimes difficult because of road congestion Useful expressions: whereas. pay by cheque or credit card. Sunday opening. stocking a very limited range of goods.even trading on Sundays. In my opinion. aim to serve the local community. can normally provide their customers with everything they need from clothes to electrical items and food. they can also help you in emergencies when you run out of something. limited choice of brands. often owned and run by the same person. Another difference between the two types of shop is the prices they charge for similar goods. however. better service. whereas corner shops. wide choice of products. � Comer shop MODEL pros: convenient. in addition. A department store employs many people to serve their vast range of customers. more staff. Because of this. . close to your house. often covering 6 or 7 floors and centrally located to attract as many customers as possible. etc t" . corner shops are generally small.

special equipment. in addition. also. expensive. as well. compared to. shared toilets and showers). but. and. though since you get to know other campers and make new friends. Staying at a campsite is not as expensive as staying in a hotel. basic facilities (eg. another (dis)advantage of. . 5. etc eg. in a hotel there is very little chance of meeting the other guests unless you make an effort to do so. one needs to have special equipment to go camping. on the other hand. on (the) one hand. MODEL A campsite is for people who like the outdoor life and don't mind putting up with a bit of discomfort.. comforts. cheap. not only . discomfort. but. most facilities provided.. variety of activities. Staying in a hotel can be relaxing because everything is done for you while if you stay at a campsite you have to do everything yourself. However. etc. friendly atmosphere. on the other hand. Hotels. offer lots of luxuries. This has a positive aspect.® Look at the notes and the useful expressions below and compare and contrast the two types of holiday. On the contrary. relaxing. Another disadvantage of staying in a campsite is that you have to make do with basic facilities such as shared toilets and showers. close to nature etc Useful expressions: while. etc campsite outdoor life. however. wide range of entertainment. harder to meet people. hotel luxurious.

A castle would probably also have picturesque grounds. the lifestyle would be relaxed. near public transport. eg. etc. crime­ ridden area. expensive to maintain. one (dis)advantage. so. etc. therefore. historical. high rent. cold. while the second picture is of some high-rise blocks of flats in a city. and there would be a lack of privacy. A castle is rather cold.. However. etc Useful expressions: however. relaxed lifestyle etc close contact with others. while. damp. near public transport. traditional. It could also be haunted! . and expensive to maintain.@ Look at the pictures and the notes. all modern conveniences. damp. then compare and contrast the two types of dwellings. iso­ lated.. and the air would be much fresher than in the city. than. small. impressive. noisy. One advantage of living in a city flat is that it is close to the city centre. However. A flat would have the advantages of being close to the city centre. stressful lifestyle. It might also be very noisy and stressful. close to city centre. you would not have a garden. picturesque grounds. MODEL difficult to socialise with people. it can also be very noisy. fresh air. modern. The first picture is of a castle. lack of privacy. . and it would be fitted with modern conveniences. Living in a castle would be nice. You can use your own ideas. spacious. it might be. haunted. no garden. Because it would be in the countryside. also. The disadvantages of living in a castle are that it might be lonely and isolated. because.

it costs a lot of money to recycle high-tech waste. unpleasant smells. a lot of plastics become toxic waste when they are thrown away. which puts a lot of companies off doing it. laws on use of horns. but it has brought with it a lot of problems. unleaded petrol. careless disposal of waste.@ Look at the following pictures and notes below. In addition. gas emis­ sions. In addition. fines. To make matters worse. . dumping oil/toxic waste. then. smog. discuss what the problems are and how they can be solved. unnecessary packaging. Problems:· oil slicks. noise. we should try to make sure that the products we buy are environmentally friendly and recyclable. acid rain. etc Solutions: coastguard surveillance. such as using less plastic in the construction of high-tech items. improved waste dis­ posal systems. For example. radar systems. etc eg. One of the problems caused by cars is noise. MODEL Technology is a good thing. congestion. These plastics are almost impossible to recycle as well. they produce dioxins which are toxic. filters. in pairs. better public transport. ban on careless disposal of rubbish. Manufacturers should maintain responsibility for their products and take them back to be recycled. This can be avoided if laws on the use of horns are enforced. bio­ degradable packaging. catalytic convert­ ers. and exhaust pipes are in good condition. when plastics such as those used in computer casings are burnt. There are solutions to these problems.

also. so the govern­ ment should try to encourage new businesses to set up branches in areas outside towns and cities . fri endly people.e. set up local e ducation centre s. . Unfortunately there is not much variety of jobs in the country. etc Solutions: se t up new busin esses. Life in the country is rather monotonous compared to stressful city life. City life n lev els. houses. Life in the city is more stressful in comparison to life in the country. etc. m_onotonou s. cinemas etc need to be built in rural areas. 1g ert ·nmen o .llutio . · many schools. improve transport. both. poor public transport syst�m. set up new hospitals in the area. not much e ntertainment. isolated. e tc Useful expressions: although. In contrast. whe reas it is.Hospitals and clinics need to be built so that people don't have to come to towns and cities for treatment etc. . To stop this. however. few schools/hos.and a lot of young people are leaving simply because there's nothing for them to do where they live. not e nough doctors. leisure centres. not enough education opportunitie s. Why is this happening? What should be done to encourage them to stay? Look at the notes. etc. on the contrary. Country life healthy. low cnme rate. Life in the city is very different to life in the country. Problems: not enough jobs. poor . compared to. transport system . goo d publi c lots hectic lif. pitals. hos­ pitals or equipment. low pollution levels. le ndly peop �r:! ra��. gene rally.@ Look at the notes and the useful expressions. The crime rate in the city is high compared to that of the country. in compi3rison to. Public transport in the country is rather poor compared to the city.MODEL Although people living in the city lead a hectic lifestyle. differ ent . relaxing. traffic I · ' d people .MODEL A lot of young people are leaving their villages because they cannot find jobs. larger houses. then compare and contrast the two pictures. etc eg. it is easy to find a job. There are lots of schools and hospitals in the city. h h t fac1ht1es. · b. unfortunately. You may add your own ideas. s easy to am noise . etc 9. Another reason is the fact that there aren't enough medical facilities in remote areas. no vari ety of jobs. ® More and more young people are leaving their villages for towns and cities. then discuss the problems and the solutions in pairs. stressful etc 8. too. picturesque surrounding s. entertainm�nt. hi gh po. unfrie small ital many hosp s ' . intru ding people. there are few schools and hospitals in the country. open-minde find a 10 . build new leisure cen­ tres/ cinemas etc.