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Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

April 2016

In attendance
Laura Cahn, Chairperson
Esther Armmand, member
Florestine Taylor, alternate member
Kathy Fay, Secretary
Giovanni Zinn, City Engineer
Dawn Henning, City staf
Kevin McCarthy, Vice-Chairperson
Sarah Ganong, public
Ceyda Durmaz Dogan, public
Sherill Baldwin, public
Aaron Goode, public
Sal DeCola, aldermanic representative (absent)
I. Call to Order & Approval of Minutes: Corrections to minutes- add people that are
absent to the Attendee section of the minutes. Add title to peoples names such as
member, pending approval, public, etc. LC moved, EA seconded. All said I.
II New Business
a. Election of Officers (chairperson, vice-chair, and secretary): KF moved to
suspend until entire list of members are appointed or until at least have 6 resident
appointees (full board is meant to have nine members but ordinance has an error
and says “6 resident members and 3 alternates”). EA commented before vote that
we are asking for perfection. We have quorum and therefore can do business. We
don’t need to wait as we have the legal qualifications necessary and strongly
support and suggest to move forward on the agenda. Vote on motion: KF in favor,
all other members present opposed. Motion not passed.
Nominations for Chairperson. EA nominates LC. KF asks whether you can nominate
more than one person and answer is no. KF nominates Sal DeCola. Not present to
accept or reject but that doesn’t bar vote. Nominations closed. Anonymous paper

ballots used and results in 3 votes for LC and 2 votes for SD. Laura Cahn is
Nominations for Vice Chair. FT nominates EA. LC seconds. EA accepts but if
someone else is willing, she will defer. LC nominates KM. EA seconds. EA closes
nomination. Vote LC, EA, FT, and KF in favor, none opposed, KM abstains. Kevin
McCarthy is Vice Chair.
Nominations for Secretary. Tasks of secretary needs to be clarified (at least make
sure meeting minutes and meeting notices go out). KF nominates self. KM seconds.
EA closes nomination. Vote LC, EA, FT, KM in favor and KF abstains. Kathy Fay is
B. Energy Task Force: At last meeting suggested someone from the ETF talk to the
EAC. Four people present at meeting that are part of ETF (Kevin McCarthy, Kathy
Fay, Sarah Ganong, and Ceyda Durmaz Dogan). KF passes out outline about ETF and
suggest that the ETF and EAC host a formal joint meeting in the future to discuss
the outline in detail. GZ reiterates the City’s position to have the ETF formally
adopted by EAC. KF gives brief overview of ETF including discussion on individual
residential solar, Solar for all, community solar, Solarize campaign, and more. EA
feels she needs more information and language on the nature of the subcommittee
and the goals and tasks that it will work on. KF suggests that KM and EA work
together on language and a vote will take place next meeting on whether to make
the ETF an official subcommittee of the EAC.
c/d. Climate Action Plan/Sustainability Plan
GZ reported that the City has been approached to update its Climate Action
Plan/Sustainability Plan and we’ve informally met with interested residents. The
preferred conduit is to have the plan presented to the EAC and the aldermanic
representative presents to the Board of Alders for adoption. Sarah reported that the
state is going through the same process and on May 5 th there will be a meeting and
New Haven is schedule to present at the end of this meeting as the first official
stakeholder meeting. KF said the ETF discussed at the last meeting and had two
requests- that there is a clear format and that the plan identify obstacles. Aaron
Goode raised a discussion about the need for performance benchmarking and was
asked to find statistics.
e. Recycling
Discussion of materials management and unit based price programs (i.e. pay-asyou-throw). These programs require means of enforcement in order to receive state
f. LIS Water Quality

There was an event at the Sound School that discussed this. Giovanni reported that
the City is working on green infrastructure and has increased its investment in its
stormwater system. The Engineering Department looks to green infrastructure
solutions first in any of its drainage issues. KM stated that down the road, the EAC
may want a subcommittee on water quality.
g. Pesticides
LC reported on observations of neighbors applying lawn pesticides and exhibited
concern. She brought example ordinances from other towns and would like NH to
adopted a voluntary ban. It was decided to add this to the next agenda and discuss
in more detail and define actions. KM suggested reaching out to City Plan. A staf
member from City Plan to be invited to a future meeting.
f. Other business
FT mentioned that clergy in Winchester area noticed that there was a cluster of
people that lived nearby the old plants have experienced high rates of cancer. No
research has been completed but there is speculation that proximity to the plants
may be part of the problem. They would like to discuss with the EAC. It was decided
to add this to the agenda during a future meeting and invite someone from the
Health Department to attend.
Next meeting is scheduled for May 4th at 5pm in Meeting Room #2
KF motion to adjorn. FT seconded. All in favor.