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hemingway: projects his personality as the central to his works; he is so autobiographical;

he uses the objective technique, the narrator is only an eyewitness, does not present the
inner life, being interested only in what he can see, like a camera.; he wants the reader to
get inside the hero's world of emotions.
Historical and cultural point of view la hemingway :
American Modernism covered a wide variety of topics including race relations, gender roles,
and sexuality. It reached its peak in America in the 1920s up to the 1940s. Celebrated
Modernists include Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest
Hemingway and William Faulkner, and while largely regarded as a romantic poet, Walt
Whitman is sometimes regarded as a pioneer of the modernist era in America. The loss of
self and need for self-definition is a main characteristic of the era. Workers faded into the
background of city life, unnoticed cogs within a machine yearning for self definition.
American modernists echoed the mid-19th-century focus on the attempt to "buid a self" - a
theme well illustrated by the classic modernist work The Great Gatsby. Race relations
between blacks and whites, the gap between what was expected of each of the two and
what the actual facts were, or, better said, prejudice in the society of the time are themes
dealt with in most of the modernist American literature, whether we speak about prose
(Jean Toomer, Zora Neale Hurston, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway), or about drama
(Eugene O'Neill). In other words, such stereotypes as the lack of education, the poor use of
the English language and their portrayal in a dangerous light are not dealt away with, on the
contrary, they are still present during the modernist period, as far as literature is concerned.
Madness and its manifestations in the human being seems to be another favorite theme of
American modernist writers. The modernist period also brought changes to the portrayal of
gender roles and especially to women's role in society. It is an era under the sign of
emancipation and change in society, issues which reflect themselves in the literature of the
period, as well. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, for example, deals with such topics as
gender interaction in a mundane society.
tu tre sa stii contextul, ca e la fel aproape la toate si cateva caracteristici, sau inveti si tu 23 short stories (care inseamna nuvela) si daca iti pik dai exemple de motive si simboluri de

Am o nelamurire si va rog sa ma ajutati ca intotdeauna le incurc: care este diferenta intre cleft si
pseudo-cleft sentences? Forma este foarte asemanatoare...

a single clause can be divided into two separate clauses: John bought an old car last week=
it was John who bought an old car last week, sau it was an old car that john bought, sau it
was last week that john bought an old car....depending on what we want to emphasize
pseudo clef are introduced by an WH- word and it functions(the entire clause) as the subject
of the whole sentence: What John bought was an old car!
acest cleft it este diferit de introductory it!

feigning his own death. is thinking of selling him down the river to the harsher slavery of the deep South. Fearing for his life. a poor boy who decides to follow the voice of his conscience and help a Negro slave escape to freedom. Twain’s masterpiece. in a drunken stupor.American .”(KATHRYN VANSPANCKEREN: U. . is set in the Mississippi River village of St. and a group of other writers lived.Gustave Flaubert.Anton Chekhov England . it is discovered that Miss Watson had already freed Jim. James looked back at Europe in order to assess the nature of newly cosmopolitan Americans. and sometimes cruel irrationality of society. The two greatest novelists of the period—Mark Twain and Henry James—responded differently. The most well-known example is his story of Huck Finn. realism was not merely a literary technique: It was a way of speaking truth and exploding worn-out conventions. and closely linked to the Romantic movement.diction is natural.George Eliot United States . Miss Watson. and later reunited. threatens to kill him. Petersburg. Massachusetts. The ending gives the reader another version of the classic American “purity” myth: the open road leading to the pristine wilderness. embodied by essayists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. not poetic .THE RISE OF REALISM( America) As industrialization grew. away from the morally corrupting influences of “civilization. even though Huck thinks this means that he will be damned to hell for breaking the law. But Huck grows impatient with civilized society and plans to escape to “the territories”—Indian lands.Henry James Transcendentalism The Transcendentalist movement. the slave Jim.class is important (usually describes the middle class) . was a reaction against 18th century Rationalism. Literature in Brief) eu am invatat si cateva caracteristici ale realismului: . generosity.William Dean Howells and Mark Twain Anglo . Huck escapes. a town near Boston. whose owner.describes reality in comprehensive detail . Huck has just been adopted by a respectable family when his father. Guy de Mauppassant Russia . to the nature. It is closely associated with Concord.S. Twain looked South and West into the heart of rural and frontier America for his defining myth. but are sunk by a steamboat. The son of an alcoholic bum. so did alienation.characters are more important than the events and action . separated. Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the end.the events are plausible si cateva influente: France . Ernest Hemingway said that all of American literature comes from one great book. Thus it was profoundly liberating and potentially at odds with society. Thoreau. which appeared in 1884. They go through many comical and dangerous shore adventures that show the variety. For Twain and other American writers of the late 19th century. where Emerson. and a respectable family is taking care of the wild boy Huck. to their class or even to their own past . He is joined in his escape by another outcast.characters are related to each other. Huck and Jim float on a raft down the majestic Mississippi.

whose brilliant. la Transcendentalism i-am inclus doar pe Whitman si pe Dickinson Emma. or Mark Twain’s Huck Finn—typically faced risk. a link between her era and the literary sensitivities of the 20th century. Dickinson’s terse. His Leaves of Grass (1855). frequently imagistic style is even more modern and innovative than Whitman’s.importance of Nature== the reflection of the Devine Soul= the source of truth and inspiration . animals. innovative work expressed the country’s democratic spirit. American writers—then or later —often saw themselves as lonely explorers outside societyand convention. plants. cateva influente si ce s-a mai intamplat atunci dpdv politic. missing the sort of traditional education that made most American authors respectful imitators of the English.ceva de genul sa le dai posibilitatea de a veni in contact cu texte autentice din lit. clear. individual insight over dogma. Dickinson spent the latter part of her life as a recluse. engleza . which he rewrote and revised throughout his life. and changing seasons of the New England countryside.. and humane instinct over social convention. and voice.” the most stunningly original poem ever written by an American.a movement against materialism . There was tremendous pressure to discover an authentic literary form. A radical individualist. he left school at the age of 11 to go to work.every individual is capable of discovering this higher truth through INTUITION un model de text related task (activitate pe baza textului) L-am gasit si eu pe net. She loved nature and found deep inspiration in the am invatat caracteristicile perioadei. nothing was a given. and she led an unconventional life that was outwardly uneventful but was full of inner intensity. she was born and spent her life in Amherst. Transcendentalism was a liberal philosophy favoring nature over formal religious structure. due to an extremely sensitive psyche and possibly to make time for writing. contains “Song of Myself.. For the Romantic American writer. EMILY DICKINSON is. in the pursuit of metaphysical selfdiscovery.. The American hero—like Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab. a small village. are some of the most fascinating and challenging in American literature. Transcendentalist writers belived in social reform and peace= perfect Utopia . She never married. L-a facut cineva care a luat nota mare. WALT WHITMAN was a part-time carpenter and man of the people.simplicity and individuality are two keys of life . She sometimes shows a terrifying existential awareness. chiseled poems. Massachusetts. Literary and social conventions. were dangerous. Whitman was largely self-taught. far from being helpful. am observat ca tu vorbesti prea mult despre autori la perioada respectiva. content. LECTIE LITERATURA (i) la obiective . or even certain destruction.In general. in a sense. American Transcendental Romantics pushed radical individualism to the extreme. Her clean. rediscovered in the 1950s.

prof le face un scurt sumar al romanului din care provine textul prezinta personajele principale insistand asupra celor 2 din text: Septimul si Rezia Ii intreaba daca au mai citit vreun roman despre viata dupa razboi ca in cazul lui Septimus .type of lesson.a mai incercat Septimus sa se sinucida? Am scris cam 5 intrebari dar nu le mai tin minte.elevii scriu o pagina din jurnalul Reziei dupa plimbarea din acea zi prin parc (pt a exersa naratiunea la persoana I) si banuiesc ca incepem direct cu pre-reading (sau listening).urmeaza alt set de despre ce ai spus mai sus .. elevii. Pre-reading activities: . reading for detailed information . lead-in .. Daca ti se cere o activitate care se mai numeste text related task.Ceva de genul .prof le da un set de intrebari si aici am compus niste intrebari pe baza textului ca sa verific reading for detaliled information Ceva de genul .. scanning sau skimming sunt tehnici de lucru pe reading (scanning . adaugam. nu mai scriem the description of the class... exista un plan de lectie batut in cuie. . Nu cred ca strica daca sunt acolo. cum monitorizeaza prof..cum a reactionat Septimus? .cum se simte Rezia? . Si daca cere mai multe cerinta.elevii raspund la intrebari Rolul prof : organizator si prompter (ii mai ajuta cu cuvinte si expresii) c.elevii raspund la intrebari .. aici scriem in mare DESCRIPTION OF PREVIOUS ACTIVITIES ca sa isi poata da seama prof corector despre cum ai proceda la clasa. Ioana.. Rolul profesorului . fara warm up.scoti additional information despre ceva si skimming .tot vreo 5 intrebari .are prieteni carora sa le impartaseasca gandurile ei? -ce ati face in locul ei? Nu mai stiu sigur ce-am scris. . scriem la inceput toate alea cu clasa. while reading activities: .elevii citesc textul(silent reading avand in vedere ca sunt avansati um se specifica in cerinta. Sunt m multe modele. se descurca sa citeasca singuri) .controlor b.tot ce scriem la inceputul unui plan de lectie. recent work.the main idea of a text) . Apoi activitatea asta pre/while/post. Post reading activities: . gen cum a fost anul trecut.le oferi posibilitatea de a-si imbunatati receptive and productive skills ( si aici am enumerat : reading for general understanding .elevii asculta si raspund la intrebari. follow up si dai si homework assignment. possible problems. unit.. writing a narration in the 1st person) Estimated time: 20 minutes (ii) Stages: a.

Activity 4 = Follow-up Estimated time: 5 min. the develop the summarizing skills Techniques: summarizing. role-play Interactions: T-Ss. description. (true/false) Then.). the Ss. speaking. The best variant is written on the BB. Ss-T. arouse Ss' interest in talking about fairy-tales .to use Indirect Speech Techniques: summarizing.) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Activity 1 = Pre-reading Estimated time: 10 min. are asked to work in groups and write down. Activity 2 = While-reading Estimated time: 15 introduce the new vocabulary .to stimulate the Ss' imagination Techniques: brainstorming. in functie de nivelul elevilor si tipul de lectie ca sa iti permita timpul) iar la text related task NUMAI O ACTIVITATE pe care o imparti in 3 stages pre-writing. according to the information of the text. etc. Ss-T The Ss. writing Interactions: T-Ss. while-writing si post-writing (sau alt skill. names of places. Aims: . Interactions: individual work . Ss-T The T. The Ss write on the BB the words they know and the T. reading. Then. the new words are discussed and written down. in one sentence. the main idea of the excerpt given by the T.Diferenta dintre un plan de lectie si text related task e ca planul de lectie are m multe acitivitati (reading. if any. Aims: . corrects their mistakes. group-work The Ss. are asked to tick the correct sentences. Activity 3 = After-reading Estimated time: 15 min. writes on the BB the word 'fairy-tales' and asks the Ss to come to the BB in order to write any word they know related to the written word ( assess comprehension questions . are asked to role-play a given dialogue and then to change it into Indirect Speech. take turns and read the text aloud. Aims: . writing Interactions: T-Ss.

(brainstorming) LESSON AIMS: . sa fie complet activity-ul al persons. They have certain grammar problems. discussions starting from certain quotes.Assigning homework: the Ss have to choose a contemporary story (some news. They may use fantastic characters instead of reMie mi se pare foarte ok activitatea. for gist Speaking: about their hobbies and their lives. Sometimes they lack enthusiasm in the beginning so they need to be encouraged that something interesting is going to happen. but they may be stimulated if they get in the position of arguing on different subjects. detailed information Writing: argumentative essay using a certain title or quote Listening: for detailed. specific. Teacher: DATE: 23rd of October 2009. general information. RECENT WORK: Reading: for general. Si as mai adauga feedback daca se cere sau si daca nu se cere. CLASS: 12 F LEVEL: Super Advanced COURSE BOOK: Prospects UNIT: 3 LESSON: High Drama TIME: 50’ COMPOSITION 30 students aged 17-18 GENERAL DESCRIPTION they do not show an interest concerning literature. eventually) and to re-write it in the manner of Lewis Carroll. poate timingul e cam mare la fiecare stage. ASSUMPTION They are familiar with discussion upon literature texts but they discourage themselves if the vocabulary is unknown.

the homework TECHNIQUE discussion INTERACTION T-S. listening. writing INTERACTION: T-S. S-T TEACHER ROLE controller TIME 3’ . MATERIALS. speaking.To introduce a famous piece of literature To develop the students’ reading and speaking skills To get the students express thoughts and exchange personal opinions To introduce new vocabulary LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to use new words in sentences of their own Students will be able to use their knowledge of the English Language to read a literary text Students will be able use English in order to express their thoughts and feelings concerning a certain subject Students will be able to argue their points of view and support their positions with examples SKILLS INVOLVED: reading. Individual work. S-S.. EVALUATION: continuous – through observation and analysis of answers STAGES ACTIVITY 1: warm up AIM To get Ss attention PROCEDURE T greets Ss and asks them different questions as How are you? T checks the attendance . Group Work. Whole class work. AIDS: course book.

ACTIVITY 2: pre. participant SKILLS listening. TEACHER ROLE controller. MATERIAL course book TIME 5’ ACTIVITY 3: reading AIMS To develop loud reading To promote global reading for understanding To introduce new vocabulary in the context To encourage the Ss to infer the meaning of unknown items in the context . INTERACTION T-S.reading AIMS To activate the Ss’ personal experiences To involve them and motivate them to participate in the activity To personalize the topic and make it plausible To activate Ss’ knowledge of the language To raise expectations To create emotional involvement To prepare reading PROCEDURE T asks the Ss to comment upon the first quotation of the lesson. S-S CLASS MANAGEMENT whole class activity. speaking.T. organizer. S. They are encouraged to express their opinion TECHNIQUE discussion .

S. TEACHER ROLE controller. CLASS MANAGEMENT whole class activity. CLASS MANAGEMENT whole class activity. writing MATERIAL course book TIME 15’ . speaking INTERACTION T-S. organizer SKILLS listening.To develop summarizing skills To verify expectations To keep the Ss interested in the subject PROCEDURE T asks the Ss to read the text. SKILLS listening. Ss find out the meaning of unknown words. S. TECHNIQUE reading aloud.reading – listening AIMS To develop listening skills on the topic PROCEDURE T asks the Ss to listen the message on the tape They are asked certain questions about the listened fragment TECHNIQUE comprehension questions. speaking. They also have to solve certain vocabulary exercises. comprehension questions.T.T. reading speaking. TEACHER ROLE controller. writing INTERACTION T-S. MATERIAL course book TIME 15’ ACTIVITY 4: post.

Ss. 5 page 17 . directs text-related task poate ar trebui sa tinem cont si de acesti pasi.write an opinion essay: The essence of drama is conflict Teacher explains clearly what the Ss must do. Ca sa fie activititate trebuie sa fie de max 20 de min.ACTIVITY5: writing AIM To practice writing skills PROCEDURE T asks the Ss to solve ex. writing MATERIAL course book TIME 10’ Follow up activity. Alt model de text related task.Teacher may need to explain some aspects of this task. T. they write the sentences on their notebooks. directs comprehension task 3. la teaching receptive skills sunt niste pasi: 1.. CLASS MANAGEMENT whole class activity TEACHER ROLE controller. writing INTERACTION T-S. presented some biographical items about Shakespeare . have discussed about the features of the Renaissance literature. T. TECHNIQUE. lead-in 2. T. T.. listen / read for the task 4. S. Eu asa as face: Description of previous activities: The T and the Ss. SKILLS reading .T.. . directs feedback 5. Time: 2’ dar ati vazut ca in Harmer.

de exemplu si s-a inteles mesajul.instruct. S-T. este foarte simplu . Cel putin eu asa am facut si am luat punctaj maxim la metodica ( cel putin dupa calculul meu ). Voi ce ziceti? . a role play or a debate or the sutuding of a grammatical issue. scanning Interaction: T-S.Longman Publishing House about Reanissance literature) in order to identify the characteristics of Renaissance literature. dupa ce s-a prezentat un text din Huck. se poate merge mai departe cu urmatoarea activitate : Previous activity : the reading of a text from Huck Activity : to speak about the value of friendship Aim : to use the new vocabulary. dupa modelul lui Harmer : Engage. Time : 10-15 min. Text related task is a follow up activity .Activity: Reading for specific meaning Objective: to practice scanning technique . Then the T listents to their answers and asks the following questions in orde to do feed-back: 1. feedback? Dupa modelul tau as face astfel si cred ca suna bine. Ss-Ss Procedure : -T ask sts to think about their best friend and to choose 5 of the main qualities a friend should have -SS work in pairs and choose at least 5 of the words. Acest task ( in relatie cu textul studiat ) se comporta ca orice activitate.. S-a tot discutat de acest task related identify other characteristics of Renaissance literature Procedure: T. S-S Class management: pair work Teacher's role: organiser. Ss have to scan the given text (a text taken from Fields of Vision .they present their choice to the class -T write on the BB 5 of the most discussed words and provide synonyms -T explaind the words in sentences Follow-up activity : homework assignment : to make a short composition about not to judge a book by its cover. instruct. Which of them do you think are the most important to remember? Time:15min Technique: discussion. assesor Time: 15minutes Skills: reading.. What other characteristics have you found? 2. initiate . Initiate. Deoarece acesta apare la finalul unei activitati. speaking (complementary skill) eu nu va inteleg . pai si unde e engage. Din punctul meu de vedere. feedback. eu asa am inteles un task related text. offers Ss handouts. The Ss read silently using scanning technique and perform the given task. Interaction : T-Ss.

Facem referire si la * Behaviorism * Cognitivism * Constructivism * Design-Based * Humanism? Tipuri de activitati la ce se refera totusi? E o formulare atat de vaga.(the themes are.. T-S. la subiectul tipuri de activitati. Homework assignment: Ss have to write an essay with the title "Unbelievable. Ss studied Romeo and Juliet and T presented the features of drama.. I met Shakespeare in my dream. The Ss read their interview Feedback: The T. Instruct: T.. ..individual activities ." Time: 15 min Class management: pairwork Interaction: S-T. writing Technique: discussion Teacher's role: organiser. The Ss practiced scanning and skimming on a given text. Text related task: An interview to Shakespeare Procedure: engage: T. Incerc eu. explains the Ss the text related task. Types of Learning Associated with the CLT Approach: Interactive Learning: Learner-centered Learning: Cooperative Learning: Content-based Learning: Task-based Learning. S-S skills: speaking.. about drama..ceva schematic.. Ss identified other features. corrects the mistakes orally and gives remarks on their work.about family... assesor. Each group has a theme and needs to formulate only 3 questions.. about theatre and about the future of his plays) Initiate: the Ss write their interview. about career. Teorii ale învăţării – aplicarea lor la învăţarea unei limbi străine eu am doar informatia de mai jos..groupwork / pairwork activities . The Ss have to devise in groups of 5 an interview taken to Shakespeare.Previous Activity: The T presented some characteristics of Renaissance literature.. asks Ss if they have ever taken an interview to anyone and what was the topic about? Ss answer. resource Dragilor.

as well as genuine language input from the "real world" for meaningful communication. An important factor in this kind of learning is that the content itself determines what language items need to be mastered. Students share information and help. The concept of interactive learning necessarily entails that there will be a lot of pair and group work in the classroom.connected to productive skills (writing and speaking) . role ply. and achieve their learning goals as a group. as well as taking into account their learning needs and objectives.communicative activities (information gap. not the other way around. Content-based Learning: This kind of learning joins language learning to content/subject matter and engages them both concurrently. problem solving. When students study math or . Interaction creates the "negotiation between interlocutors" which in turn produces meaning (semantics). Learner-centered Learning: This kind of instruction involves the giving over of some "power" in the language learning process to the learners themselves. discussion. debate) . Language is seen as a tool or medium for aquiring knowledge about other things.connected to receptive skills (listening and reading) . stressing the dual roles of "receiver" and "sender" in any communicative situation.. meaningful drills si guided dialogues) Tipuri de activitati Types of Learning Associated with the CLT Approach Interactive Learning: This concept goes right to the heart of communication itself.non-communicative activities (mechanical drills. It also strives to allow for personal creativity and input from the students. Cooperative Learning: This concept stresses the "team" like nature of the classroom and emphasizes cooperation as opposed to competition. instantly proving its usefulness.

but the task has a clear objective. This could be a problem solving activity or a project. . appropriate content. and a set range of outcomes. Task-based Learning: This concept equates the idea of a "learning task" to a language learning technique in itself. they are more intrinsically motivated to learn more of the language. a working/application using English as the medium.