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Before I post the current PerMa Conjuration tree, I shall provide you with some

general notes on how magic in general differs between vanilla Skyrim/SkyRe and P
=======================------------------ Spells as tools
I didn't like how vanilla spell Z often turned out to be nothing but a stronger
version of vanilla spell Y, and PerMa is quite a bit better at keeping all spell
s useful by providing distinct functionality for each one.
This concept also transfers to perks a lot more. The simple passive boosts still
have their place, but many perks add new functionality, sometimes aiming to eli
minate a spell group's weaknesses. As an example, there are no "Frost spells are
x% stronger" perks in PerMa. However, there are perks that add a physical damag
e component, and that make the physical damage component grow specifically again
st targets that resist frost damage.
=======================------------------ Spell cost scaling
In PerMa, spell casting cost will, in general, not scale. There are some excepti
ons that allow you to lower casting cost, but these are rare. Most notably...
... the "Novice, Apprentice...." line of perks in every spell school tree will n
ot reduce cost. Instead, these perks grant a random spell when chosen and serve
as prerequisites for other perks. To make sure you notice a difference, I altere
d their name slightly.
... enchantments will not lower cost, but boost magnitude/duration instead.
... skill level will not lower cost, but boost magnitude/duration instead.
Spell casting cost is reworked with that in mind.
Reasoning? Cost reduction encourages spell spam, and I just think that's not coo
l. It might be cool every now and then, but it's not a good design principle for
_every_ spell in _every_ school of magic.
=======================------------------ "Focus" perks
If you've watched the youtube videos, you've seen some fancy spells that look wa
aaay to strong. These spells are tied to so-called "Focus" perks. Here's a rundo
wn on how they work:
- Each spell school contains two "Focus" perks
- Focus perks require skill level 95 and the tree's "Studies: Master XXX" perk t
o be selectable
- Focus perks are mutually exclusive across trees; each character may only choos
e one.
- Exception: Alteration has a special perk called "Architect of Magic". Selectin
g this perk raises the maximum number of selectable "Focus" perks by 1.
- Focus perks may grant passive boosts, spells, abilities, and any combination.
None of them grant only passive boosts.
- Spells granted by "Focus" perks are _strong_, but are a lot more expensive to
cast than regular master level spells, and they may carry downsides.
So, why did I include such a mechanic?

game design-wise. and fully in tune with the things your character has learned on his road. the exact oppo site. Each of those perks represents full mastery of a certain branch. others are not. Yeah. "Focus" perks help in both departments. and I will not repeat the rules for "Focus" perks. =======================-----------------Keep this in mind when I post trees. "Demon Summoner"). And once you're done. or multiple rel ated branches. Some are based on popular archetypes ("Nec romancer". and that climax was a passive boost! The necromancer c ould grab Twin Souls. within a spell school.I really love specialization and individuality across characters. a Dremora Lord spell.remember how the only vital Conjuration perk in vanilla Skyrim ( Twin Souls) was accessible for both Daedra-summoners and necromancers? Both bran ches shared their climax. As an example . Using the tools they give you is m eant to make you. feel like you truly could kill Whiterun alone. feel awesome. . And "Focus" perks are. and suddenly be an awesome summonerjust as if he'd been summoning all his life. and I want som e epicness for my mages. I don't like that. as the player. I will not explain what perks like "Studies : Novice Destruction" do. Want to overpower all other summoners on Nirn? Then better invest in summo ning.

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