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Weekly Newsletter

Come out for an awesome

May 7th from 6:00-8:00pm - Join Us!

Join Pastor Jason every
Wednesday morning at 8:30am
for coffee at the Mahomet Family

We are calling all Area
Christians to meet at the
Village of Mahomet
Administration building on
May 5th, from 7:00-7:20am.
Please stop by on your way
to work and let our praying
numbers speak to the
power that we believe is at
work in our nation.
503 East Main Street, Mahomet, Illinois 61853

Great conversation, great
people, and a great way to
support our community.

Every week Pastor Jake has been averaging 20-24
students on Wednesday nights. As you can imagine this is
a lot of students for one person to love and serve. We are
looking for a few folks who would be willing to make a
HUGE difference in the lives of students Wednesday nights
5:45pm-8:00pm. If you are willing please contact Pastor
Jake or Pastor Jason.

Something has
changed in the
Starting this
week you will
have a short
outline of what
the kids
learned to help
you have great
with them.

Thanks to Deb Henrikson, Bruce Henrikson, Mark
Thompson, Shellie Christman, Ronda Ekberg, Amy
Porter Krutsinger, Lori Stalter, Tasha Schifo, Lois
Matson Reed, Larry Bunting, Melba Rife, Dave
Helbling, Laura Juarez Helbling, George Carlos
Williams, Jamie Elliott and so many other wonderful
ministers of the gospel! You ALL made a HUGE
difference in the hearts and lives of kids for Jesus.

Sparkies - K Through 2nd Grade

Bruce Deb Henrikson
- A Great Team
That Makes AWANA Po

Truth in Training - 3rd Through Kid
s! The Timothy
Award Given To Ethan Krutsinger
For Finishing 9
Total Books!

Journey - High S

chool Students!

Cubbies - Pre-K Kids


in Action!

Trek - Junior Hig

h Students!

Pastor Jason Sharing on John 3:16.

Prayer walking involves taking our prayers to
very places where we desire to see Godʼs
presence manifested and our prayers answered.
It is a dynamic way to pray on site with Godʼs
Thursday nights we will meet at the church at
5:00pm (weather permitting) and walk through
the neighborhoods located around our building.
This is family friendly and a safe way to bless
and get to know our neighbors. Join us!
We have a very
limited number
of prayer walk
t-shirts ordered
($8 each)that
can be worn as
we walk on
Thursday nights.
If you would like
a shirt come out
on Thursday
night at 5:00pm.

Are you new to the Bible? Familiar with the
Scriptures? Either way there is a fabulous study
for you in the fall. Join us as we study of the
Gospel of John together at BSF!
Ladies may register at our upcoming 'Welcome'
on May 3rd at First Christian Church 9:10-11:00
am. There is a childrenʼs program for infants
through kindergarten.
Men are registering Monday, May 2nd, at Savoy
First Baptist church from 6:45- 8:30 pm.
There is a student program for grades 1-12.
There will be a BBQ welcome May 2nd for all
men interested.
Fall classes begin after Labor Day.
Find out more at:

Starting May 15th, at 9:30am, the Sunday
morning Ladiesʼ Bible study class will be
starting “A Womanʼs Heart: Godʼs Dwelling
Place”, by Beth Moore.
If you are interested in joining this class
please contact Jan Piasecki at the church
office to ensure there will be the right
numbers of materials.

"I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined
to me and heard my cry."  Psalm 40:1
The Hebrew word for "wait" means: "to bind
together, be tethered to, or look longingly with
patience. "  (Terry Tekyl)
We will have an opportunity to do this together on
May 14th from 9:30-12:00 noon at Lake in the
Woods Park. Even if you have not been a part of
the past Prayer Retreats this is a great chance to
join us and pray not just for our church, but over
Godʼs calling on our congregation.
See Jan Piasecki for more details. You can Sign
up today by calling or emailing the church. Please
consider joining us for fellowship and prayer.
A donation of $5-10 is requested but not required.

Mens BSF (Revelation) #





Wednesday 5/4

Thursday 5/5



Crazy Busy Study Group


with Bruce Henrikson
Meets at the Church (starts 4/12)

Student Ministry#



Come out for a cup of coffee with
Pastor Jason at the Mahomet Family
Restaurant 8:30am
Youth Group 6:00-8:00pm

Gideon Study #



at Lois Reedʼs Home May 25th

Crazy Busy Study Group


With Tamara Llano (Starts 4/13)
Meeting in the Llano Home.

Worship Practice 7:30pm
Gideon Study #
No Men’s Coffee Today
Men’s Open Basketball 8:30am
Christian Education 9:30am
Children’s Sunday School 9:30am
Kid’s Church 10:45am

Worship Gathering 10:45am

Pastor Jason Schifo

Ladies BSF (Revelation)# 9:10am

Ladies Bible Study Fellowship
First Christian Church Champaign


Men’s Bible Study Fellowship
6:45pm First Baptist Church Savoy
Martial Arts - Free! 6:00pm




at Lois Reedʼs Home May 26th

No Menʼs Coffee This Week
with Mike Piasecki
“Book of First Timothy”

Adult Gospel Project #


with Jim Sackett

Crazy Busy Study Group
With Jerry Unger


Standard Lesson Series # 9:30am

with Bruce Henrikson

This class will be on break for 4 weeks.
Join the Gospel Project to get a chance to
try out this great study!

Beth Moore: A Womanʼs Heart
Godʼs Dwelling Place #
with the ladies of CEFCM (May 15th)


Would you like a great
family picture like this one?
We will have a directory photo make up day on May
15th before and after church. If you didnʼt get your
photo taken stop by! You will also have an
opportunity to order an 8x10 family photo for $4.
Sunday, May 1st, 2016

June 6th we are celebrating Promotion
Sunday where our 2nd graders and 6th
graders will be receiving a new Bible
and moving up to the next grade!
2nd graders moving
up will receive a
hardcover ESV
Following Jesus
If you would like one
they are $12 per

Did you miss a message? Do you want to
share what you have heard at your
church with a friend?

6th graders moving
up will receive an
ESV Study Bible to
be used by students
entering youth group.
If you would like one
they are $14 per