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Towson University

Department of Secondary Education

Lesson Plan Template
Name: Garrett Maternick

Date: 3/14/2016
Brief Class Description (contextual information including number of
students, subject, level, IEP/ELL/GT or other special considerations):
I am teaching a 4th grade science class of around 25 students. The class is divided
into 6 groups of around 3-4 students per group. There are a few IEPs for students
with behavioral issues and attention deficit disorders. In addition, many of the
students are very low achieving. Math and reading scores measure below grade
level for some students.

Unit: Stem Fair/The Scientific Method

Lesson Topic: Review the scientific method, The Gummy Bear
Experiment/Setting up a data chart, and the runaway pepper.
(Helping students understand and practice the multiple steps of
the scientific method).
Lesson Length: 60 Minutes
Prior Knowledge (How do you know the students are ready for this
Students will be prepared for this lesson because they will have learned the
basics of the scientific method. The class has been working with this process for the
past few weeks. Prior to this investigation, they completed a paper airplane STEM
project as a class. We went over creating a question, forming a hypothesis,
conducting research, listing a procedure/materials list, recording data, graphing
results, and writing a formal conclusion. In addition, everyone should be working on
their STEM fair projects at home.

NGSS 2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
NGSS.4: Reason Qualitatively
MP.7: Use data to support reasoning
MP.8: Look for and express regularity in reasoning.


SWBAT: Utilize their background knowledge and observations in order to formulate

a question and carry out a scientific investigation.

Materials Needed:
Projection screen
Scientific Method handout sheet X2
Test 1: Water, Ground pepper, 3 types of soap, and a large Bowl.
Test 2: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Water, Salt, Cups, Gummy Bears Ruler.
Technology Integration/Needs:
The class will start off with a music video/rap for the engagement. This will
be shown to the class as a whole.
Lesson Procedure:
Opening Activity (describe your warm-up/engagement/hook/motivation):
We will begin science with a short music video that will go over the scientific
Once the music video is over, we will list the steps of the scientific method on
the board for the class to refer back to as we conduct experiments. (Bolded items
are added information the video does not include the bold items)
(4,5,and 6 are all experiment)


Make a procedure
Create a materials list
Collect Data
a. Graphic Results
b. Written Results
8.) Conclusion
Time Allotted: 10 min.
Adaptations (for IEP, ELL, culture, and other special needs):
No Adaptations needed. Students will raise their hand to contribute. They can
each come up and write something on the board.

Transition (explicitly linking concepts/activities/objectives):

Okay everyone, now that we are finished with the review, lets conduct our first
experiment. You will not record any results, but we will talk about the observations.

Activity 1 (describe activity):

The first activity will be a controlled experiment with the class. We will show the
effect that soap has on a bowl full of water and floating pepper particles. (The soapy
finger, as soon as it hits the water, will cause the pepper to quickly disperse to the
edge of the bowl. It doesnt matter what kind of soap.
Time Allotted: 10 minutes as a class.

Adaptations: I will conduct the experiment at orange table. Everyone

should huddle around to watch.
Transition: I will ask a student from the front and back of the room to pass out the
Activity 2:
Once every student in the class has the scientific method experiment sheet, we will
go over directions. Students are not to touch the liquids on their desk once they are
passed out. No one is to eat any of the materials, even if they are candy. If you eat
the materials you will be unable to participate in this multi day experiment and you
will receive a 0. When every group receives a tray, they will know what each liquid
contains. They will also see 4 gummy bears of the same color on each tray. I will ask
the class to make an observation about the materials and ask them what they think
we are doing. We will form a question as a class. This will be, How will the type of
liquid affect the growth of the gummy bear? Students will then create their own
hypothesis. (If. Then. Because.) We will then list a procedure and create a
materials list. Finally, we will draw a data table and measure the size of the gummy
bears. Students are to record this measurement in day 1 of the data chart. After the
data is collected, we will drop the gummy bears into each of the liquids and set
them aside to measure for the next 2 days.
Additional Activity(ies) -- add as necessary with adaptations and
Students can work on a scientific method packet if they cannot follow
directions or if they finish early.
Closing Activity (summarize learning and/or revisit objective):
Students will be revisiting the objectives by completing an exit ticket quiz on the
scientific method.