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Towson University

Student Teacher Observation Feedback

Summary Comments Based on the Danielson Framework
Garrett Maternick
March 14, 2016
Holabird STEM Academy
4th Grade 20 Students 2:00 3:00 PM
Planning and Preparation
In this lesson, students explored the scientific method through a demonstration and an experiment. The
lesson included a video clip of the scientific method, review of prior knowledge, a demonstration
(runaway pepper), and a two day experiment (Gummy Bear) which students set-up. The lesson was age
appropriate, scaffolded, and engaged students at all levels. Lab safety was stressed during the lesson. Lab
materials were ready for students.
The pepper demonstration could have been done using the document camera. This would have allowed all
students to see the demo clearly. Including the data chart on the worksheet rather than having students
copy it would have saved time.
Classroom Environment
Management of this class has improved significantly. Students respect you and want to work for you.
They also come with challenges which need to be addressed. Primarily, there are several students who
continue to be off task which disrupts learning. Setting up a point sheet system may work for these
You continue to try different attention signals. The key to any signal is to practice it. If it doesnt work, be
prepared to stop instruction and practice until students respond. Be sure to give students time to respond
once you have asked for their attention. Praising the tables which respond quickly works as
Instruction (Delivery)
Students were engaged on several levels. You had students come to the board to write. You supported
them with spelling. Students came to the table on which you did the demonstration. They were excited but
performed well under your direction. You assigned roles to students (giving out papers and materials)
which engaged students. Students followed your safety directions as well as your clean up directions.
Think about how to move the pacing of the lesson along so that you do have time at the end for a
summary and exit ticket. Saving time in the lesson usually means a more rapid review of prior knowledge
as well as tighter transitions. Anything which can be set up in advance can also save time.
Garrett, this was your best lesson yet. Students were engaged and followed your lead. As you move on to
your next internship round, you will be able to build on this experience. You have the key already you
have the students respect and they want to work for you. Now, used that to try new strategies as well as
refine what is currently working.