All the newbies out there reading this will know that .

bat files are something on there computer, the 1337 of the computer users reading this will know the true sue for .bat files. This is what this txt file is for, to teach you newbies how to stop anyone reading or viewing your files in an emergency. If the emergency being, FBI bust through your front door, running at you waving glocks in your face. Two taps on your computer and your safe. How? Then read on. All you leet people out there, just do not bother reading this file as you probably know it already. Although you do need some computing knowledge to understand. .bat A .bat file of commands this you do computer to is a set of pre-programmed commands for DOS, its like typing in a set so fast that your buffer rate takes its time to catch up. Except with not make any mistakes, if you do, you could seriously fuck your high heaven.

Why Use it??? Lets have a scenario shall we, FBI, MI5, MI6, Special Branch, what ever your local yuppies are, come busting through your door, waving semi automatic p90 and automatic 9 milli's in your parents face, saying "your under arrest for computer crimes", would you like to go along nicely and say "that's me, you got your man", of course not, you want to destroy the data that could leave you meeting big bad Billy bob in a four by four cell, in Shaw shank. So use this file to learn how to delete your files and logs with a tap of your keyboard. Why not do a re-format??? This has been quoted to me many times over, so here is the most important point of all. 1) how long does it take you to get into DOS and the type FORMAT X: 2) How long does it take for them to beat the living shit out of you, remember they are special agents, government officials that can revoke your rights like a candy form a baby, then wait for it to finish, remembering that if they pull the plug while your computer is formatting the hard drive, the formatting process stops there, leaving the files that did not get deleted by the format, completely open for anyone to see. Remember, you do not need a OS to view them files. You can copy them files to a floppy and then install them on to another system, and they will work fine. What will Happen if I run the .bat file by accident??? You will feel like you have been fucked by an elephant. All files that you tell it to get deleted. So you can say goodbye to your lovely collection of porn if that is what you want deleted.

Now to learn how to use them. .BAT files are pre-programmed commands for use in DOS. Some Admins use these to safe guard installations, if they install something that is not working properly and they need it off quickly then they use a bat file. So how do you use it to your advantage, easy create one yourself. You need no expensive programming interpreter, all you need is Notepad, the only tool that microshit made that is actually useful. The first thing you should do is create a directory on your desktop called files, or what ever, So the path name for that folder is X:\windows\desktop(X being your drive letter). In that folder create some picture files, txt files, copy some system files and dll files to the directory, if no creative talent flows through you, all neccessary files can be located in the windows directory.

Now you have got all files in that folder i will explain why you just did that, we are going to delete them. Your probably thinking, Right click, delete. Wrong, we are not going to do this. Imagine you own a server full of warezed material,, has servers just like this. And you get raided by certain government officials, you want to delete as much as possible, better than taking a sledge hammer through your computer. Back in the olde days when people had no choice but to use command driven operating software, example would be DOS, UNIX(different variations with different shells), SunOS etc. They had to type in commands for certain procedures, such as typing in DEL C:\windows\desktop\kill.bigassname in DOS was the same as DEL /usr/folder/folder/kill.bgiassname in UNIX system V. Some of you have now gone into dummy mode so I will never go there again. These commands are different for different procedures, the following procedures are for DOS: DEL Delete REN Rename COPY Em duh i just can not think what this could be.... And if you cant, stop reading. There are hundreds more by using different utilities located in the windows directory (ping etc). But we are going to focus on one command DEL. As you already know, unless you have the memory of a goldfish.... nope lost, DEL means delete, in DOS. When you type in DEL into DOS and hit return you get nothing just missing parameters, this means you forgot to add something, this being a filename and file path. so if you typed in DEL dllrun.exe while in the system32 directory you would be buggered that file is deleted, but you can get a tool form the internet that retrieves the file. You thought it was deleted, in a sense, when you delete a file, all you do is remove the first letter form the file, so DOS, UNIX whatever has no association with it so it is not counted until you reboot. This is our major bad point and good point, BAD point being that if they manage to bashed your brains against the wall before you get a chance to turn your computer off. GOOD point is if you accidentally delete the files you can retrieve them by getting a program off the internet (no I do not know what it is called). So if you use a DOS command prompt and type DEL file.executable, it will delete that file. But if you want to dlete multiple files at the same time, we have to make a more strategic approach. You need to move between folders then you must type cd\foldername\foldername and so forth. So deleting multiple files by typing: del system.sys del system.sys where the second file is in the folder system32. Would be pointless, you NEED to move to that folder before you can delete anything in that folder. so this brings us to the second part of making our lives fucking shit. the command for moving directories is cd\folder\foldername, and to get to C:\ you just type cd\ Seeing as you are already in the windows directory, you should start of there, so what should you do. Well remember the folder you created with different files in it, well copy it all over your hard drive, write down where you copied the folder or you wont find it again. Your already in the windows folder so the command to move to the folder called files is: cd\windows\files

So lets start typing our bat file. the first thing you should do is sign the file, so at the bottom, type your name and what you have just done, if any federal law looks at your screen he will see the words "all illegal and incriminating material deleted". So now you have loaded up notepad, type: "cd\windows\files" excluding the "". You now want to delete the files so you want to type in the del command, so type this: del *.sys del *.bmp del *.gif del *.dll del and anymore you have in there. this deletes the contents of teh folder. This section should look something like this: cd\windows\files del *.sys del *.bmp del *.gif del *.dll But what if you have multiple folders located all over your hard drive. Then you need to write down every folder name and path name, after all that work you should take a rest. Have a cup of coffee or something. See you in five. Welcome back, now you have an exhausted list of files, folder and path names you can now implement them in your destruction file. So if you have five different folders in these places: folder name path name poon c:\windows\desktop\porn\freak\lotsofit\ penis c:\penis hardcore c:\drivers\hidden\ teens c:\files\teensex\ fetish c:\ The you need to change folders five times, this will make the bat file slow and well, shit. So all good hackers/crackers/phreakers store all there tools/apps/files in one main directory like a tree, an example of this would be c:\windows\desktop\hacking\, with all sub directories branching off. You should list all sub directories aswell. But for the time being until you get the whole picture we will stick with the example of the porn freak above. Seeing as you have nothing to delete in the windows directory we can go right ahead and move to the nearest folder, that being poon. So you want to type in: cd\windows\desktop\porn\freak\lotsofit\ You should now be in the poon folder. If you are not go back and try again. To make sure you are in that folder type this: "dir" excluding the "". you should know the files. now you actually type in the commands for the files. So type the lines below exactly as they appear. del del del del *.sys *.dll *.bmp *.gif

del del del del del del del del

*.ini *.html *.txt *.log *.jpg *.dat *.bat any other files for programs

* is a wildcard, it means anything. HINT do not use *.* because it asks if want to delete the entire folder HINT so the txt file should now look like this: cd\windows\desktop\porn\freak\lotsofit\ del *.sys del *.exe del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat del any other files for programs All these files have been deleted because i got busted. SIr_HAckAlOt<this is your remark Once you have successfully completed all the folders it should look somewhat like this: cd\windows\desktop\porn\freak\lotsofit\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.exe del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat cd\penis\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.exe del *.jpg

del *.dat del *.bat cd\drivers\hidden\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.exe del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat cd\files\teensex\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.exe del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat cd\ del *.sys del *.exe del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat These files have been deleted because I got busted Do not forget to include any other type of files in them folders. Any files at all. Now you have to save the files as whatever.bat, please remember that this really do work. I tried this out on my self using the following commands and ended up losing everything on the hard drive, I had to reformat and reinstall. Here is the following code to destroy your system. del del del del del del del *.sys *.sys *.dll *.bmp *.gif *.com *.ini

del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat del *.exe cd\windows\system32\ del *.com del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat del *.exe cd\windows\system\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.com del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat del *.exe c:\windows\command\ del *.sys del *.dll del *.bmp del *.gif del *.ini del *.html del *.txt del *.log del *.jpg del *.dat del *.bat del *.com del *.exe The following points are being added to the file simply because of annoying people who know a great deal about computing yet read this newbie guide. Sad i know. but here it goes anyway. 1. Although you beleive you have deleted soemthing you have not, when deleting a file you remove the first letter of the file, therefor it is still there. Only when you overwrite the file or reboot is the file completely deleted. 2. You can also do a quick format, this may be a fast method, but as i have

already said, you have not got time when someone is running at you with a semi automatic. some people disagree with this, well test it then, because i have. And .bat files are much faster.

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