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For Richard Dawkins

Matthew Lee Knowles January - May 2010

This piece was constructed by sequentially extracting words beginning with G, O and D from “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

God of deserved Grass on details Garden one direction Grandeur of dot Garden our described God one denote God only dramatic God of doctor Gilbert on Darwin Gamut of don’t Great of discipline Good one does God of does Gods of death God of deny Great of does God on denying God one diametrically God or doubt God of done Germany or down Got one deist God orderly deity Good or doing Govern or deists God or does God of deism God or dice God of did God occasionally deism Given one does God one does Gravity of disavowal God one deliberately God of different Gets open debate Grounds objector doctoral Given objector degenerated Government over different Go out does God only drinking

Good of depend Guarantee of didn’t Groups of discrimination Get of difference Group of Denmark Granted of Denmark Government origin Denmark Genuinely offensive depicted Get or Danes Germany or do Going one doused Goes of depict Given of demonstration God or daubs Grant only disclaimer Go out don Gently of divorce Grounds other domestic Going of dream God of desensitized God of describing God of deliberately Gradual on doomed God of discriminating Granting object discrimination Grounds of described God oral directly God of disguise God of deviations God on do God or distinct Gods of demigods Guardian of dramatically Guided one didn’t Guide others deserved Guided our did Greeks or distinct Goddesses of distinction Gestured of designating Gender of diversity Golden or document

Gullibility of decry Great of day God old distraction God or desert God out dwelling God of delinquent God of deist God omega designers Ground of doubt Greatest of doubt Gold of disagree Groups on D Group on dictate Great of declared Gaining other doubt God of doubles Guardian of dramatis Gentle or dormant Genie of day Government owned deism God or dreams God of deism Grief of deists George of discrimination Going of demonstration God’s of duty Greater of documented Get of deists Gandhi of dive Gandhi’s of deist God often did God out dealing God of dinosaurs God often distinguishing Gather of different Green or different God’s often deduction God’s of defend God or doesn’t God of Dr Good others do

God or discoverable God or disproved God of do God on don’t God of De God on do God’s one doesn’t God’s of demonstrated God of disproved Great of disproof Gospel of disprovable Good outdoor disprove Golden one disbelief Gods of do God of disprovable God of disproved God origin disprove God on dogmatic God on deny Gould’s on different Gould over does Give our doubt Go of doctoral Grave of deep Good of do Grammatically or door Good opposed does Gould one death Gathering on Deuteronomy Gould of doing Gould’s on de God of does Gunpowder or different God one difference God of definition Going on discover Gould on defending Gould or disappointment God of down God on deistic God other different

Guiding one design Gradual of Darwin’s Galton of dearest Galton on dinners Grow one done Group or doctors God of duly Group oh door Good of divided Groups of delivered Given only difference God of disapproval Grounds only dice Good of damningly Grounds of demonstrate Groups of don’t Granted op different Grounds of director Getting of director Getting our defence Genuine of down Geneticist of Dawkins Greater one dirty Got on direction God one design God oh don’t General on design Golly of declares God outer disprove Government of disavowing Gut one did Gravitational of Doppler God of definition God outer discovered Green orbiting days Generate or does Greatly ours distance Get or dark God’s of didn’t Galouye of Darwinian Gods of dizzy

God of different God of dubious Giving one design God of do Gold one decisively Gold of degree Goodness or degrees Good other dimension God of design Goal of design God’s of different God of deny Goes of does God of didn’t Great ontological didn’t Great of design Gasking of disability Greater one did God only difference Gasking on decided Gathering of discovered God of doesn’t Great of down God of Diderot Good of doesn’t Godless of dozen God of death God of Dankgesang Gramophone of document God of desert Given or doubt Giant of deprived Gained on dream Great of design Genius one deeply Girlfriend of devil Gathering of delighted God of doesn’t George of don’t Generally of don’t Going on data

Grasp on direction Going of data Ghost or data Giving oboe different Gets on discern Gusting of dreaming Gullible or dreaming Ghost or down Gods or don’t God others divine Good on divine Gospels of death Generations own David Get only decreed Go own David Go of David Good out David Go on Dakeyne Governor one decreed Gaping only desire Gentiles of do Gershwin of do Glaring of descended Give of do Graham of dangerous Gospels of decided Gospels omitted dubious Gospels or descendant Gospel of done G of did General obviously doubt Greek or deity Generation of Dan Gospels only difference Gospels of disbelieve Galileo of difference Good on deliberately God's origin died Great of Darwin Great of Dickensian Genome out documentary

Gregor of decision Gee of distinguished Generating of degree God of distinguished Generally of discussed Genesis of disagreement God on disagreed God on different God’s on don’t God out damnation God odd decide Go on deception Gently one designer God odds dishonesty God old doesn’t Gods on dismissal God of dying God of does Give opportunity detective Green our detective’s Good out do Green of does God of decides Given of defensiveness Goes of don’t God’s only different God’s our deity Goodness our divine Good of definition God on distinguishing God one don’t God or do God of don’t God organised designing God of different Guise of design God of direction God of down Greater others doesn’t Generally observed Darwinian God of deliberate

Graded of Darwin Gimmicky of day Go one daft Gendered of during Greek opposed deliberate Guessed or Douglas God of Darwin’s Gene on day Geology of do Geological of domain God of does God’s of do Godless of do God of Darwin Gentle obviously distributed Glassy one do Greater of design God one does Giant of design Genuinely or don’t Green oxygen did Gate of doesn’t Gentle on device Goes of Darwin Get of designed Gave out dials Gleefully of Darwin’s Gradually or different Gradient of different Gradients of dominated Gradual over design Genuinely of demonstrated Grail of Darwin’s God of decreed God of dubbed Guns of Dawkins Good or drives Genuine of don’t Get of doesn’t Group of design Good outside design

God of different Goods of dispensed Genes other doing Given of done God on dear Glorious of drives Good of discover Generations of design Guardian of Darwinism God on duplicated Geological of distinct Generating of discovered Goldilocks once decades Get once design God our different Great of design Grasp offered Darwinian Get of DNA Genetic of dwell Goldilocks orbits design God or design Galaxy of DNA Grant of don’t Give our demonstrated Good of definitely Gap of divine Grounds of does Good one displays Get of design Goes of Darwinism Generalized optimising Darwin Granted over demon Gratuitously of difficult Gap of developed Gap of dealing Gaps one design God over different Given of dust Goes of deeply God of discussion Genuinely objects deal

Generalized of discussing Goldilocks of depend God other did Gives of Darwin Go on did Goes on duty Gell of Darwinian Going of decision Goldilocks of designing God of dare Given of demanding God of difficulty Give one doings Galaxies other divinity God of defined Gives of difficulty Grasping of designing God’s one doubts Given on described Gospels oh do God our doing Gruesome of Dyson God others Dennett Giving of discussion God of designing God own did Gain of dishonesty Grounds of deceiving Great of defining God of dealt God other domain God of divest God of design Gradualistic of designing Good own dangerous Geologist of doubt Goes old direct Gambit of despite Greatest over design Gradually otherwise Darwinian Gradual of design

Give of Darwinism God of doesn’t Going or does Gives our Darwinian Gains of Darwinian Grudging offers devote Grass or doesn’t Great of damaged Geneticist one do Glade of distinguishable Gods of Darwinian Genes of Dan Genes of deal Gatherer our distant Goes on dint Generalizations only departed Genuflect or direct George one doctor Give out doctor Gauntlet of don’t God of discussion God of Darwinian Gods of Darwinian Groups of D Group of daughter Go off daughter God of daughter Group objections dominated Genes occur Darwin Group of danger Groups of Darwin Grey of Darwinian Generally of does Go out diverge Good one don’t Glow only demonstrable Generate one drilling Good of drilled Given own do Good or designed Gullibility of distinguishing

Good of delivered Goes of down Good other drift Given of down Generations of Dobson Gullibility of dispositions Guests of dead Good or death Grows out developing Group of dualistic Glee obliged decisions G of dentist’s Gas of deeply Get of dualism Guess object directly Get opinion designed Great one design Goes one design Guide of design Guess of developed Guessed orders design Guess of do Gourmet of detection Genetic of describe Good of differences God of driven Genes of derives Gerin oil dangerous Goes on during Gaze on days Generalization of disadvantageous General of details Gullible of does Generation of diverge General of dispositions Gene one drift Genetics of difference Generations original drift Genetics over diverged Guided of doesn’t Great of different

Generate of diversity Good or design Greatest of divine God out destroyed Genetic of designer Genes of details Genes on Darwinian Genes of doesn’t Genes only Darwinian Good of DNA Genes of decrease Gene of DNA Genes of Darwinian Generation out Darwinian Generations of do Goal of details Generations of developed Gastrula of different Generation of demonstration Generation own done Generation order deterioration Generation on drawing Generation of drawings Generation or deteriorate Generations origami digital Generation on downstream Get of don’t Go others depends Game of down Generations of decay Generations own doesn’t Gene of development Genetics original Darwinian Gene otherwise Distin’s Genes ones direct Gain origin didactic Genes of doctors Genes often distinct Genetics of different Gene one developmental Genes one different

Gene organs digesting Genes other different Genes other desert Genes of doubted Guessed or dialects Great of do Great once death Go of discussion God of defy Gain of different God of defy Gain of different Gene one different Genes of discipline Genes one designed Genetic of detailed Growing one disquietingly Guinea of details Guess of david Grew of do Glow occupation do Geographically outbreaks day General one described Great old doesn’t Geoffrey of does Ground of details Geza of died Go of don’t Good our daily Good or discuss Go other deal Gross of design God out don’t God opinion dairy God on defence Gentle of does Gay or Darwinian Good of derived Goodness or decency Genes orphaned despair Gives of distressing

Gene organism Darwinism Gene of derived Guardian of does Gene organism do Gene out Darwinian Genes own different Genes own doing General of danger Genes other Darwinian Game of different Gold of different Great over debt Group of don’t Give of doing Give others doubt Good or dominated Gossip one deals Generosity of don’t Grapevine or Darwinian Good origins Darwinian Good on different Giving of dominance Generous of donate Grutter or dominant Give or dangerous Generosity of demonstrations Generosity or Darwinian Generosity of discrete Generosity of day Going or drop Gapes of Darwinian Generosity opportunity desire Generosity of desire Great or debtor Gentle of deterministic Geographical of dilemma Grammar of driving Grammar of dilemmas Great out dilemma God order do Good or disapproval

Great or debate God on divine God of deserve Goodness of did God or Darwin God or dearly Government our downtown Garage of doctor Glass of decisive Good of did Get observed destroy Goes or doesn’t Gregory of devastating Generally of demonstration Go on defined God of no Good only do God of desirable God our definition Good only derived Good only deciding Good of duty God’s on definition Generally or debate Greek on distinction Greatest or derived Grounds other distinguished God oppression don’t Get or date Go over discussion God other due Good on despite Good of do Gallup of doubt God or didn’t God of Deneres Gay Orlando destruction Good of Dover God out don’t Gomorrah out demand God onto daughters

Good only do Genesis of daughter’s Genesis of door Guest old do Good over day Going on divided Great only desirable God of demanded Genesis of dramatically God only disgraceful Great of day Great of derive God of doors Great of dances God obviously daughter God on do Gods other doddle God only doctrinal Golden out down Gathered out down Golden omniscient dispatching Gold one direction Genocide own different Grim on draconian Gods our daughter Gang of disconnect God’s old drive God other daughters Go of does Get of do Good old didn’t General of disclosed God or Deuteronomy God offences do God of did Great of destruction Gods of do Good of do Get our demonstrate Get our did Great of delighted

Generalized of do Go of dodgy Good of descendants Garden of deprived Gift of down Green occasionally dominating Genesis of do God order doctrine Graves of down Gospel of discovery Greek of doctrine Gospel of described God our did Geza old defend Guilty one defined Group on disappear Genre or don’t George of devoted Gold of do Group opinion danger Goyim opinion did God of different Genocidal one disapproved Group offer direction Group of different Group of disapproved Genocide of difference Genocide of devotee Group out dare Group of draws Goes out did Group of domination Glorification of do Guide of do God of deep Gentile one disagreements Group out do Generations of different Groups out displaced God’s of divide Glasgow of described

Group other disappear Generation out did Glenarm of dire Guttering of denomination Glenn of discouraged Groups our do Good one do General overlook discard Good of devise Going or damages Granted of denied God’s or drives German of democracies Granted of dates Gauge of diverse Groups of debonair Gang other Drummond Great of dodos Game of do Graven of decade Girls only Donald Genghis of derogatory Giveaways of date Go of deal Go of dominate Gasp of direction Government over direction Good other derived Gandhi of deeply Germany of direction Gravity one describing God or decide Good ones dictators Give on did Good or doesn’t Great out divine Good of described Good of declarations General our did Good of despite Good of done

Germany on described God’s of deepest Grows own directly God’s of defending Great only drawing German or display German of divine Germany of Deum Goebbels own directs God of do Goes out drop Glover’s of debating Greed or deep Grievance or destiny God often danger Generation of day George on don’t Get once debate God observe days Grievous on debate Gladiatorial of does Go on doesn’t Grounds offered distinguished Great on dispose Go of dealt Get only different Goat overnight disprove Gladly of department Golgi of department Golgi of dear Geology oxymoronic degrees Geology on dream Geological old day God of do Give on door Geologist others doing Great of dangerously George Orwell’s death Government on dozen Gems of doing Grow of defeating

Generals over detailed German of destroyed God’s of down Garnered of disquieting Given of disrupt Give of distribution God of demonstrations God of days George of defenders Ground on death Governor one death Governor of desperation Greatest of doctors Good our don’t Goal on different Given oppose don’t Going of defining Granny of discipline General of deal God of desire Gave of defends Get on democratically Governor of deterrent Great others difference Go or described Good of Dr Grown of deep General of developmental Great or deprived Great of dialogue Great of dilemma Give of doubting Genius of dismissal Gave of day Gift of dopey Great of doesn’t Granting of don’t Granting of destroy Give of distinction Generous of devastating Governed of disturbingly

Geopolitically of dogma Go one disaster Give obvious did Go of duo George only doing Good of doctors Good of drove Giving of downward Garden other documented Grainy other dialogue Glory of don’t Got Osama do Group own death Glorious of day Great of disownings Good of director Goes on developed Groups of denies Gross on deserves Good other decent Gentle of demented Grievous of dragged Giving of doesn’t Good on distressingly Given on deliberately Genuinely of defended Government of down Gives of dispersed Great obtaining downright Give of dozen Good of doubt Grotesque only day Get of disgusting Guilt of demonstrating Get of distant Gold of dead Going one disgust Great of driving Good of delightful Gloating of damned Go onion dominion

Gays of damned Giant of dieth Gloating of damned Gone of sleep Go obviously deter Given on devoted Gnashing of during God on dwelt Given or declaration God other distaste Godless other discovered Good of doubts Go of decibel God on don’t God okay dizzy Gravity of deeply Going of disappointed God of devout Go of dare Grief on described General of determine God of dogma Generation on discovered Girl on dare Group of dare Good ourselves decent Girl own disc Gas of decide Girl’s our decent Girls of discussion Gypsies our diversity Grounds of dialect German other diversity Gone of Douglas Give of deciding Grounds of drew Government of diverse Gateshead one desire Guardian of disputes Gauged of development Google on disingenuous

Great of down Government opening diversity Gone of drawn Grow of documented Good of documents Geological of director Good official didn’t Give of domestication Give of data Guidelines of denied Government one didn’t Give of distance Glowingly opinions decision Genuinely of deliberately Gay of decide Grate on decent Good of doubts Gods of didn’t Good of David Girded of dwell Gilead of Daniel Gomorrah of doth Gnashing of dust Ground own den Good of doubting Glass of de Good on Dolittle Greatest of derivation German other distant Grand or deep Gap opposite deliciously Gap often dealt Gets on daddy Greedy oh daddy Goes often different Games of do Good of decreasing Grew older day Getting other did Go of devote Gods of dogs

Gorillas ones do Gradual over down Gods origin dialogue Gilbert or dawned Goes of describes Gods of dismisses Gods of dead Gods opposite didn’t Gods only doesn’t Gods or does God often dying God only doesn’t God’s of desirability God often don’t God of discover Good of Dennett’s General other doubt Good on dictionary Get of died Growing of dies Great of Darwin Grandeur of deep God of dog God’s of disillusionment Gone of dying Good our does Good out deem General of dying General of difference Going on doesn’t Goodbye old doctrine Go of days Gains of days Grant old does Gates of diocese Great one dwindled Go of doing Guarantees of disorder Good of died God our deployment God of dead

God of done Given of DNA Gigantic of darkness God of debugged Gamma of dealing Gamma of does Garment our designed Gigantic of distances Garden of DVD Great own dreamt Gravity on Douglas Guide of drive Great of deliver Great of don’t Growing of dead Green on dead Going on does Glass of drinking Glad only demon Great once do Going of densest Goats of desk Go out desk General on damn General our dedicated Government of do Galileo of do General our depend Gravity oblivious delicate Grand our desert Grain of down Grand out doesn’t Grand’s of dealing Governed of dominated Guessed of dog Guess or discords Grants of direction Great out despair Geological out dragons Given of don’t