tv -- Chika Minute (Manila, PH) -- 5/15/09 Interviewer: Pia Guanio Pia [speaking Tagalog]: We're here right now at Shangri-La Hotel, and we have with us none other than David Cook and David Archuleta of American Idol season seven. For David A., as promised, I have some mangoes here for you. Archuleta: Hey, yay! [laughs] Cook: Yeahhh [laughs] Pia: And for David C., since you said you wanted to try them [gets a bowl and holds it out to David]... Cook: I did, yeah. Pia: ...this is balut. Cook: Yeah Pia: And I'm just gonna put it right here. [sets it down next to her] [Cook laughs] Pia: When you're good and ready... Cook: Right, right Pia: can try it for yourself. Cook: There you go. Pia: Anyway, good evening to you guys. Archuleta: Ah, good evening Pia: And uh, welcome to Bente-kwatro Oras. Um, aside from the, the food... Cook: Yeah Pia: are you guys liking The Philippines so far? Cook: Um... Archuleta: It's great! Cook: Yeah, yeah [Archuleta laughs]

Archuleta: I mean, it's great! Cook: I think uh...I, I think for me, it's been's been an experience, you know? To d-- come off of Idol, and then go on the Idol tour, and now we're doin' a, a college tour back home. To take a break from that and come halfway around the world, uh, to a beautiful country like The Philippines and, and be greeted the way we have,, it's been an absolute blast. Pia: Mm-hmm Cook: Yeah Pia: Were you shocked at all by the reception you got-- you got? Archuleta: Yeah. I mean, it's, it's like-- you know, wherever you go, it's like... [Pia laughs] Archuleta:'s like the same response. Cuz usually it's like, you know, wherever there's like, a group of fans who know where-- that you're going to arrive there...they, they um, get excited. But here, it's like, just you, you're in a casual setting, and people...recognize you and get excited and stuff. It's really interesting. Pia: Well, The Philippines is...really big on American Idol, so... Archuleta: Yeah [Cook nods] Pia: ...thus the reception. But uh, I was uh, I was just a bit concerned, because you guys have been giving back to back interviews and...and doing back to back guestings. Cook: Mm-hmm Pia: How do you guys take care of your voice? [To Cook] For you, David, do you have -- uh, David C. -Cook: Yeah. Uh... Pia: Do you have any rituals, or...? Cook: For me I just uh, I, I really had to...kinda take stock of the existing things that I was doing before Idol. You know, I uh...I, I, I used to drink a ton of soda. Pia: Mm-hmm Cook: And so I've had to really cut back on, like, Coke and stuff like that. And, and, and switch to, like, tea and coffee and water has helped a lot. And

then uh, past that, it's just, it's just a matter of, like, takin' the time before a show to warm up, I don't know. Past that, I mean it's, it's been go go go. I've never, I've never been so strained vocally before. But I imagine if I weren't takin' care of myself, this-- this train would have derailed a long time ago. [laughs] So... Pia: I know, I know David, that uh-- David A.-- that you had, uh, you suffered from partial vocal...loss at some point. Archuleta: Oh yeah. Yeah. Pia: How did that happen? Archuleta: Um, you was, it was pretty interesting. I really sick one time, was just sick for a few months. I'd never gotten better. [laughs] And was singing, and...uh... [pauses] like, when I'd sing...I could barely get through one song. Pia: Uh-huh Archuleta: was just like: What's...goin' on here? [laughs] And it kept getting worse and worse and worse. And I'm like: I don't know what's going on here. So we went to the doctor, and...they put the scope and...they said: "Oh, yep. Vocal cord paralysis." And I'm like: What's that? [laughs] What is that? You know? Pia: And what did he tell you to do? Archuleta: Um, well, he said "Well, you can either have surgery...which is risky. Or you could just do voice therapy and see if that works." I'm like: [takes a deep breath] Um, OK. What...w-- what? I was just really, like, shocked. And just...I was like: What does this mean for singing? I mean, this is-- I love singing. So... Pia: Uh-huh Archuleta: ...I don't get what a...paralyzed vocal cord's gonna... Pia: But you're-Archuleta: ...affect-- how that's gonna affect it. But, you af-- you know, just kinda like, things kinda slowed down for a couple years after that. And ya' know, I was just...goin'-- went back to school and was just doing normal things. And...had a summer job when American Idol auditions came up, and...then those happened. And um...just, I wasn't really expecting anything to-- really to happen. I was just like... Pia: Uh-huh

Archuleta: ..."OK, well I'll go audition I guess." And...then everything else happened. [laughs] was, it was really amazing. Just to see-Pia: And from the way your career's been going....I, I, I think it's safe to say that you're totally done with that phase of your life now. [laughs] Archuleta: Yeah, I mean-- well, yeah. Pia: Good for you. Archuleta: I mean, it's just something-- it's really amazing to see that, you know, if-despite the things that happen to you, and you know, the challenges that come up, you...if you, have a passion and desire for something, that you can manage to work things out, and really accom-- you-- accomplish those things. Pia: Mm-hmm. And with all your commitments... Cook: Mm-hmm Pia: ...and all your...gigs...and you guys still have time to go on dates at all? [Cook laughs] Pia: Nobody's even mentioned this. [Archuleta laughs] Cook [to Archuleta]: I'll let you go first. Archuleta: Me first? Cook: Yeah, yeah [laughs] Archuleta: Well I-- my life's not really exciting in But um...I mean, when...when we're home...I don't know. I... [Pia laughs] Archuleta: ...I mean, even-- the last date I even went on was...quite awhile ago. But you know, it's fun. Maybe I should go on one when I go back home. [Pia laughs] Archuleta: But I don't, I don't really go on, like, serious dates that are, like, oooooh intense or anything. [Cook laughs]

Archuleta: It's just more like a fun-- it's a fun-- fun date getting to know the person. It's not like: "Oh I hope..." you know. I-- it's not like a...I don't know. Pia: Yeah, and f-Archuleta: It's really casual, light, stuff. I like to have fun on dates. So Pia: And for you, David Cook? Cook: Uh...I am uh...I'm married to my job. So, dating's-- dating seems... Archuleta: Yeah yeah yeah [laughs] Cook: ...uh... Archuleta: Married to the music Pia: Backburner [laughs] Cook: ...uh, impossible. Yeah. I, I think um...I, I, I think, you know, maybe if things ever settled down, maybe I'd like to. But right now, uh... [pauses] uh, right now I'm enjoyin' playin' music and traveling, so... Pia: They're just gonna have to wait. [laughs] Cook: Uh, yeah Archuleta: Yeah, it's... Cook: yeah, absolutely Archuleta: ...hard to focus on that when it's, like, you know, that's a pretty big commitment. Pia: Mm-hmm Archuleta: And you have, like, so many other commitments that you're... Pia: Yeah Archuleta:'re focused on right now... Cook: Mm-hmm Archuleta: ...and it's just a lot-- it's just not the right timing. Cook: Yeah Pia: Everyone's so glued on American Idol season eight right now. Cook: Yeah

Pia: Well...since uh...the first season, actually. And um...they wanted to, how does it feel to be...before the AI judges? [Cook does something akin to scoffing, then laughs] Pia: Simon Cowell, for instance. [laughs] Cook: Um...I... [pauses] I could think of a lotta things-- a lot of terrible, bad things that I would rather do... [Pia and Archuleta laugh] Cook: ...than uh, than sing in front of the judges...uh, like that again. I--ya' know, I have to say, it was, it was one of the most uh...gratifying and rewarding experiences I've ever been a part of. But at the same time, um... Archuleta: Yeah Cook: was... [pauses] uh, I mean, all the stress, all-- like that pressure cooker situation that, that y-- like, the viewers see? That's exactly what's goin' on. Archuleta [laughing]: Yeah Cook: Cuz you walk out on the stage, and it's just like: "God, I hope I don't forget the words." "God, I hope I don't fall all over myself." And know, to, to have to do that every week. I, I just remember the finale, like --[to Archuleta] and I think I told you this-- I was like: "I don't even care who wins or loses..." Archuleta [laughing]: Yeah, yeah Cook: "...I just...I just wanna go to bed..." [Archuleta laughs] Cook: "...for like, a week, ya know?" Um... Pia: I just wanna get outta here. Archuleta: Yeah Cook: So it's, it's... Archuleta [laughing]: Yeah, and just get it done with. Cook:'s, it's, it's...stressful...would be the best word I could use to describe it. Pia [to Archuleta]: How 'bout you? Archuleta: Um...well...if it was-- like, when we went back to sing on the show, like, after, you know, we were done know, just, like, singing as an artist and

stuff, like, "welcome back David!" a few weeks ago...that was a lot more nervewracking for me. Because it's like: I wasn't prepared to, like, see the judges there on-- in that table and...have all those memories flood, flood back into my mind. I was like: "Ohhh my gosh." [Pia laughs] Archuleta: "This is where I got judged every week by, like, so many people." [Cook laughs] Archuleta: And those...judges... [laughs] they're just...they were just really--it's just weird, you know? know, doin' somethin' that' love to do, much fun, and then get judged and critiqued... Pia: Mm-hmm Archuleta: ...after...each performance you do. It's, it's really scary. So I couldn't get that out of my mind. and I was so...scared. I mean, I had been scared on stage for a long time, but I, I just...really felt it the-- in front of those judges. It see their faces. It's just like [pauses]: I don't know what they're thinking. It's...scary. Pia: Well-Archuleta: Especially Simon. Because his...expression never really changes. [Cook laughs] Archuleta: Whether it's good or bad. Pia: Well I think this is proof of what, uh, strong stuff you guys are made of. Cook: Mmm Pia: Because you not only went through the whole...experience, but you...totally wowed everyone... Cook: Oh... Archuleta: Oh, thank you. Pia: ...doing it, too. Cook: Yeah, thanks. Pia: Well it-- it's, it has, it's been great talking to you guys... Cook: Yeah Archuleta: Good talking to you too.

Pia: ...for the second time around. Archuleta: Yeah, yeah [Cook and Archuleta laugh] Pia: And wanna invite the uh, viewers out there to come watch your show tomorrow? Cook: Yeah Archuleta: Yeah, yeah, yeah Pia: OK Cook: Uh, we'll look...where are we lookin'? [points to camera] right here? Archuleta [moving his head all around: Uhhh, uhhh Pia [pointing to camera]: Over there. Cook [looking into a camera]: Everybody make sure you come out-- [moves to a different camera] right here. We're gonna go here instead. [points at camera] Pia: That one. Yeah Cook: Make sure everybody comes out and sees us tomorrow night at uh...the Mall of Asia open grounds. Mr. Archuleta and myself will be perfomrin'. [Archuleta gives a thumbs up] Cook: Makin' a ton of noise, hopefully havin' a lot of fun. Archuleta: Oh, it'll be great. Cook: Um, maybe we can talk him in to dancin' [points to Archuleta, then waves his hands as if to say "wishy washy"] but I don't know. Archuleta: Oh, I don't know if you wanna say that. But I mean-[Cook pats Archuleta on the back and laughs. Pia laughs, then Archuleta laughs] Cook: Hope to see you guys there tomorrow night. Pia: Thank you very much. David Cook... Cook: Thank you Pia: ...David Archuleta. Two Davids... Archuleta: Oh, thank you.

Pia: ...and good luck on your show tomorrow. Archuleta: Thank you Pia: Don't you wanna practice your Tagalog? Archuleta: Uh...yeah. Well, I mean... Pia: Salamat Archuleta: Yeah! Of course. [Cook and Pia laugh] Archuleta: Yeah, that's...I mean I-Cook [raising fist in triumph]: I know that. Archuleta: I need to find a greater way of saying that, because... [pauses] [Pia laughs] Archuleta: ...I mean, it's like...I feel like there's so much...more thanks to give to everybody here. Pia [laughing]: Ok, I get it. Archuleta: But... Pia: OK, and don't forget your goodies. Cook: I'm on it. Yeah. Archuleta: Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah. Pia: Good luck on your show tomorrow night. Archuleta: Thank you very much. Pia: It's been a pleasure you guys. Archuleta: Hope to see you there! Cook: Salamat. Pia: Yeahhh [Archuleta laughs]

Pia [speaking Tagalog]: And thank you very much. This is Chika Minute for today, thank you very much. Have a great weekend everyone. I am Pia Guanio, and this is Chika Minute. [addressing reporter in the studio] Mike. END OF INTERVIEW

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