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Plane Crash The man who predicts PLANE CRASHES

02/11/2015, 23:38


Plane Crash

Plane Crash
The Man Who Predicts PLANE CRASHES
By Dr. Sol Adoni
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Plane Crash Man who predicts plane crash

Over 80% of Plane Crashes Happen Here

95% of Great Quakes Happen Here
This is the amazing true story of the man who predicts plane crashes. His name is Dr. Sol Adoni aka Sollog.
In 1995 he warned of a future plane crash involving Air Force One if the US President went to Jackson Hole Wyoming. The

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to Jackson Hole Wyoming on vacation.

Plane Crash The man who predicts PLANE CRASHES

02/11/2015, 23:38

Since 1995 many famous plane crashes have been predicted publicly by the man who predicts plane crashes.

Before you step on a plane you need to check a few things to make sure the patterns that often appear in PLANE CRASHES
the flight you are on.

The genius that theorized EOE (Elliptical Orbit Effect) which is being used in QUAKE PREDICTIONS says the same forces th
trol plate tectonics and the largest earth quakes on our planets are also connected to many major plane crashes.
The fact is certain flight locations are appearing over and over in plane crashes as well as date and flight number patterns.

For almost 20 years Dr. Adoni aka Sollog has been putting information about future plane crashes into public posts on the in

and over and over his plane crash warnings are having amazing hits. Dr. Adoni is known to actually PREDICT PLANE CRASH

On December 22, 2014 Dr. Adoni released a YOUTUBE VIDEO warning of 3 future plane crashes. He then gave the exact lo

where both Flight 8501 and Flight GE235 then crashed days later. These plane crashes struck the same SOLSTICE LINE of e
that Dr. Adoni uses in his earth quake predictions.

The third plane crash he warned of was Flight 9525 and the three plane crashes form a 90 Degree Triangle as Dr. Adoni war
would connect the events.

Flights 8501 and GE235 occurred on what is now known as a Solstice Line that controls major earth quakes. The energy on
is often why planes experience major losses of electronics on certain routes that fly on solstice lines over and over.

Before you step on a plane YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK to make sure your flights route, flight number, and the date yo
traveling are not connected to the Dr. Adoni PLANE CRASH PATTERN.

Dr. Adoni is a pure genius who has authored over 100 books and academic papers and his theories in math and computer sc
have earned him a wall full of honorary doctorates.
Dr. Adonis 30 Mod Prime Algorithm Theory is the fasted prime algorithm. He proved PRIMES ARE NOT RANDOM.
Dr. Adonis Elliptical Orbit Effect theory accurately predicts earth quakes.
Dr. Adonis PDF (Planetary Distance Formula) allowed NASA to find new dwarf planets where his formula theorized.

Genius is the ability to see patterns in what appears to be randomness to most. Dr. Adonis prime number theory proved PR

NOT RANDOM and his PDF proved planets are located where his formula suggests.Dr. Adonis EOE theory actually predict
the largest quakes occur on earth 95% of the time!

Now you can see the Dr. Adoni PLANE CRASH PATTERN and protect yourself if you have to fly from using flight numbers a
dates that are destined for tragic endings.

The Dr. Adoni TRIANGLES OF DEATH are very real and they may have a scientific connection to EMPS since the PLANE CR
LINES and PLANE CRASH TRIANGLES are connected to the same energy that creates EARTH QUAKES.

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Plane Crash The man who predicts PLANE CRASHES

02/11/2015, 23:38

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