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Marxism 2016: Model motion

This branch notes:

1. The election of a majority Tory government in May last year.
2. Junior doctors are leading the fightback against privatisation
of the NHS
3. Teachers look set to take industrial action over forced
acadamisation of all schools.
4. That the Tory Trade Union Bill will create massive hurdles for
public sector workers before they can call a strike.
5. We are currently experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since
the Second World War.
6. The Tories Prevent agenda
7. The need for workers, campaigners and activists to come
together to debate and discuss how we organise resistance to
the Tories and an anti racist response to scapegoating and
8. The Marxism 2016 festival, held in central London from 30
June 4th July which will bring together 3,000 trade unionists,
activists and workers from across the world to take part in
over 150 meetings and workshops, to discuss and debate the
political situation we face, and how best to organise and
9. Speakers for Marxism Festival 2016 include Natalie Bennett,
Shahrar Ali, Sheila Coleman, Mann Wrack, Dave Ward, Stathis
Kouvelakis, Brid Smith, Ian Hodson and Moazzam Begg.
This branch resolves:
1. To order 25 free Marxism brochures to distribute amongst our
2. To send ___ delegates to attend the Marxism 2016 conference
and take advantage of the block booking price of 25 per
person offered to trade unionists.
3. To publicise the event in our bulletins, emails and other
4. To make a donation to the running and organisation of the
Cheques should be made payable to Marxism 2016
Email: Phone: 020 7840 5620
Post: Marxism 2016, PO Box 71327, London, SE11 9BW