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Dear friend,

We are writing to invite you and/or members of your trade union branch to
Marxism 2016, a five day political festival hosted by the SWP (Socialist
Workers Party)
We are currently experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second
World War. Thousands are making treacherous journeys, fleeing war,
poverty and persecution only to encounter immigration laws and the
racism of the Tories. At Marxism Festival we will hear about the
international response to the refugee crisis, from Greece to Calais. The
Tories have now launched one of the biggest attacks on trade unions for a
generation. The Trade Unions Bill will make it even harder to go on strike.
The huge nature of the assault on the trade union movement means we
want Marxism 2016 to be a place for trade unionists to come together to
discuss how to respond to and defeat the new Tory legislation.
Thousands attended Marxism Festival in 2015 and we expect the same
this year. The event is a space where trade unionists, activists and
campaigners can come together to discuss how we can resist, how we can
get organised against the Tories and debate some of the key questions
that face all of us who not only want to understand the world, but also
change it.
Marxism 2016 will host over 150 meetings including: Not just charity:
solidarity with refugees, Islamophobia and Prevent, Fast Food Rights
campaigns: Organising the unorganised, Where next after the EU
referendum, LGBT identity and politics: a global perspective.
Speakers at Marxism include: Natalie Bennett, Shahrar Ali, Sheila
Coleman, Moazzam Begg, Matt Wrack, Dave Ward, Alan Gibbons, Judith
Orr, John Bellamy Foster, Stathis Kouvelakis, Ian Hodson, Brid Smith and
Jack Shenker and many more.
In the evenings there will be live music, film screenings, and other cultural
We would like to offer a special discounted ticket price to
members of your union for block bookings. We can offer a full five
day ticket for 20 per person rather than our normal price of 55
if two or more of your members book up together.
To take advantage of this offer, please call 020 7840 5620 or email

For more information about Marxism 2015 and to view the full timetable
please visit
We look forward to hearing from you,
Amy Leather and the Marxism Team