The Rifkin Team coordinated by Angelo Consoli and the Rome energy team coordinated by Professor Livio De Santoli met for three days in the the City of Rome Environment department (Assessorato all'Ambiente) The venue was the suggestive Arancera di San Sisto, a splendid 17th century orange trees greenhouse, turned into a prestigious conference room.

The Workshop was introduced on the 4th of December by an official ceremony held in the Giulio Cesare room, sit of the Rome City Council

This was a VIP event where the authroities, the academics and the whole business community of the city was invited. 500 people attended and heard Mayor Gianni Alemanno speech introduced by Angelo Consoli, then Professor Livio De Santoli Energy coordinator for the City of Rome and finally Jeremy Rifkin key not speech explaining the vision inspiring the following days workshop.

The Opening Ceremony official opening. Here Angelo Consoli introducing Mayor Gianni Alemanno, to the left of Jeremy Rifkin

Mayor Alemanno and Jeremy Rifkin at the Rome 2020 opening.

Mayor Alemanno introducing the Rome 2020 workshop, under Julius Cesar watch and in front of a 500 VIP audience (below)

Jeremy Rifkin vision speech at the Rome 2020 workshop on th 4th of December 2009 in the Rome City Council Room (Aula Giulio Cesare)

Jeremy Rifkin before his opening address

From the VIP opening, to the VIP dinner in the Caffarelli Terrace of the Campidoglio complex

And eventually... the workshop.

25 international experts from the Jeremy Rifkin team, top industry leaders, management consultants and leading experts, on the Third Infìdustrial Revolution four pillars, energy efficiency, carbon emission limitations and a new training paradigm to prepare a sustainable future through a generation of new energy young professionals, discussing for three days with the experts from the City of Rome, in preparation of a final Sustainable Energy Master Plan, that will be presented by Mayor Alemanno at the Covenant of the Mayors ceremony in May 2010-Brussels

Coordinated by Angelo Consoli and Livio De Santoli

The Rifkin's team (above), and the City of Rome (below)

Images from a workshop

And finally a presentation for the Mayor with the 50 presentations of the workshop that was offered to the press in a final media conference, in preparation for the Mayor contribution to the Copenhagen conference the following week, and the Rome 2020 Sustainable Energy Master Plan due in for May the 31st 2010.