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July 1999
Taraba state Karim Lamido

(Herdsmen invaded villages in Karim Lamido)

August 2000
Plateau state, Wase,Lamido,Mgontabo, Ganlary, Dadinkowa
sus, Hausa, Fulani)

(Tarok, Langtnag ver

October 2000
Oyo state, Oyo North
Yoruba farmers versus Fulani (Bororo)Herdsmen were ac
cused of allowing their cattle to destroy farmlands
October, 2001
Plateau state Tarok
Taroks & Fulani Herdsmen Fulani headsmen allowed their c
attle to destroy local farms
August 2002
Plateau state, Wase

Hausa Fulani versus Tarok people over

Land and water r

Hausa-Fulani and Local farmers Fulani headsmen allowed their cattle to d
estroy local farms
March 1, 2003
Adamawa state, Sony LGA
Yungar people versus Fulani Herdsman Dispute aro
se over grazing land for cattle
casualty: 40

state Udeni-gida
the communities
70 killed

Fulani herdsmen with Jukun and Ebira mercenaries

70 persons killed

March 2010
Beye and Batern villages
Hausa-Fulani & the Local farmers Fulani headsmen
allowed their cattle to destroy local farms
13 people killed
CASUALTY: 13 people killed
April 2010
Plateau state

Suspected Fulani Herdsmen attacked a Beron village

May 2010
Plateau state Attack of 3 Fulani herdsmen by people suspected to be Beron yout
hs at Tusung village in Barkin Local govt.
Casualty: 3 people killed
July 2010

Plateau state Muslim Fulani herdsmen launched an attack on a Christian village

, Mazah
8 people killed and several houses burnt
February 2011
Benue state Gowen Local Governmen
About 200-300 Fulani men sacked 3 distri
cts in Gowen Local Governmen Scores were killed
June 2011
Benue state
rnment Area

Clash between Fulani herdsmen and Tiv farmers in Guma Local Gove
2 soldiers and 18 others killed while more than 3000 people were

March 2012
Benue state
Fulani herdsmen armed with AK 47, Mark 4 and other assaults wea
pons attacked Tiv farming communities Tse Abatse anf Tse Yoo
March, 2012
Benue & Cross River states
(Clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers)
3000 fulani herdsmen displaced from their settlement in Katsina-Alla
(Benue) and fled to Utanga in Obaniku local government area (Cross-River).
October, 2012
Benue state

Fulani herdsmen attacked a village

30 people killed

August 2, 2013
Plateau state Allegation of herdsmen attacked on Tarok people of Wase local go
vernment area
October, 2013
Ogun state Ketu
(Nigeria/Benin border town) Fulani Herdsmen attacked and
killed one Yoruba farmer
1 person killed
7th Oct, 2013
Benue state Agalie Local Government, Eguma settlement Fulani herdsmen atta
cked Egum settlement. Attack connected to grazing/farming activities in the a
rea. 6 people s property with millions of Naira destroyed
10th Oct, 2013
Plateau state Barkin Ladi Local Government Area,Kukek community
suspected to be Fulani herdsmen attacked a family and some cows were stole
n in the process
21 people including 9 members of a family and 12 herds
men killed
October, 2013
Kaduna state Atakar and Zandang community Gun men suspected to be herdsm
en attacked the 100 people killed in Kaira local government.
February 4, 2014
Kirim, Zagar and Zandyan villages in Southern part of Kaduna State Gun men suspe
cted to be Fulani mercenaries attacked the various villages.

Attack on the Village Home of Tor Tiv (king)in Benue State 700 Fulani alleg
edly attacked the village Several people killed and many displaced from thei
r homes
March 07 2014
Thirteen Tiv farmers were killed yesterday by suspected Fulani herdsmen, who inv
aded two villages in Benue State.
Over 400 herdsmen, armed with sophisticated weapons, attacked Tombo Ward in Logo
Local Government and Moon District in Kwande Local Government.
April 16 2014,
Taraba State
There was an attack on Nwokyo village by Fulani herdsmen from neighbouring Plate
au State. They crossed over through River Benue and killed seven persons in Tara
ba. They also burnt 40 houses during the attack
May 10 2015
Benue State Ikyoawen s Moon Kwande Local Govt. Fulani herdsmen stormed Ikyoawen at
1pm when most of the villagers had gone to Jato Aka Market. armed with sophist
icated weapons, the invaders set 20 houses ablaze, shot and killed a resident.
April 2016
Agatu and Enugu attacks
At least 36 persons were, yesterday, feared killed as 7 villages were overrun by
suspected Fulani herdsmen in an outbreak of fighting between the invaders and n
ative farmers in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State.