Systematic of an Company

C l a s s i f i c a t i o n S t a n d a r d E X A M P L E

Global Categorization
The global categorization based on jobs will contain four descriptive elements as follows:

• • • •

Job Hierarchy Job Scope Career Level Job Function

Each element’s values and descriptions are described below.

Job Hierarchy
• • • • • • • • • • • • •
Executive Committee (Corporate) Company Group Chairman (Corporate) International VP (Corporate) Department/Division Head (Corporate) Business Unit Leader (i.e., Company President) Vice President Director Manager Supervisor Professional (non-managerial) Administrative support Operatives Technicians

Career Level
• • •
Entry Intermediate Senior

• •

Expert Management Board

Job Scope
• • • • • •
One Country/One Business Multiple Countries/One Business One Country/Multiple Businesses Multiple Countries/Multiple Businesses Global/GOC Global - All

Job Function
Corporate Affairs • Government Relations •
Public Relations

Finance • Accounts Payable/Receivable • • • • • • • •
Financial Planning & Analysis Accounting Internal Audit Investor Relations Payroll Risk Management Tax Treasury

Legal • Patent •

• • •

Contract Privacy General

General • Business Unit Leader and Above Human Resources • Compensation/Benefits • • • • • •
Employment (Recruitment/Selection) Environmental Health & Safety Labor/Employee Relations Health and Wellness Organizational Development & Effectiveness Security

Information Management/Technology (internal) • Applications Development • • • • • • • • • •
Data Base Administration Infrastructure Network Planning Programming Software Development Support/Technical Services Systems Analysis Systems Engineering Systems Security Telecommunications

Operations • Facilities Services •
Transportation Services

• • • • • • • • • •

Engineering Pilot Plant Maintenance Manufacturing Logistics/Supply Chain Distribution Inventory Planning/Control Production Planning Purchasing Strategic Sourcing

Quality Assurance • Compliance Audit • • • • • •
Inspection Program Development/Management Validation Quality Assurance Engineering Quality Improvement Process Technical Services

Regulatory Affairs • Government Liaison • • •
Medical/Technical Writing Regulatory Compliance Submissions

Research & Development • Research • •
Product Development Chemistry Sciences

• • • • • • •

Interdiscipline & Miscellaneous Sciences Physical Sciences General Sciences Medical Sciences Clinical/Technical Data Management Technical Services Medical Affairs

Sales & Marketing • Bids & Contract Administration • • • • • • • • • • •
Customer Support Services National Accounts Professional Sales Sales Administration Sales / Marketing Services Selling Advertising/Promotions Commercial Development Market Research New Product Development Brand/Product Management

Strategic Planning/Business Development • Acquisitions and Licensing • • • •
Business Development New Technology Assessment Outcomes Research Strategic Planning


Generic Subfunctions • Communications • • • •
E-Business Generalist Process Excellence Training & Development


Family Corporate Affairs

Function Government Relations

Description Represents the company's position on legislative and regulatory affairs to elected officials and their staffs and to government officials and staffs in regulatory and other agencies. May also represent company interests in dealings with trade, industry, or professional organizations. Plans and conducts public relations and goodwill programs to improve the company's relations with the public, industry, stockholders, and employees. Plans, prepares, and disseminates information utilizing media such as magazines, speeches, and scripts; submits photographs; assigns and/or approves artwork. May participate in advertising campaigns, edit material for organization publications, and conduct public opinion polls. Performs a variety of general accounting support tasks in an accounting department. Verifies accuracy of invoices and other accounting documents or records. Updates and maintains accounting journals, ledgers and other records detailing financial business transactions (e.g., account receivables, disbursements, expense vouchers, payrolls, receipts, accounts payable). Enters data into computer system using defined computer programs; compiles data and prepares a variety of reports. Reconciles records with internal company employees and management, or external vendors or customers. May reconcile bank and financial statements/report. Recommends actions to resolve discrepancies. Investigates questionable data. Performs economic research and studies subjects such as rates of return, depreciation, working capital, investments, and financial and expense comparisons by analysis of profit and loss statements and income statements. Prepares reports of findings and recommendations to management. Develops, maintains, and establishes operational specifications for financial information systems considering such things as information flow, volume, and document format for data processing equipment. May provide analysis on business development and may monitor business performance by unit or division. Collects data, allocates costs, and prepares reports that maintain the company's cost accounting system. Ensures that costs are allocated according to established procedures. Gathers historical cost data on such activities as material purchases, labor, equipment depreciation, repairs, assembly, operating expenses, etc. Investigates cost structures for new and existing areas of the company. Prices new services or products by developing unit costs and projecting expenses. Prepares reports that compare budgets with actual expenses. May prepare existing or projected profitability analyses. May recommend, design, or develop revisions to the cost accounting system. Conducts financial and operational audits by examining and verifying accounting, statistical, or operational records and/or procedures of internal and/or external organizations to determine the reliability and effectiveness of financial

Public Relations

Finance Accounts Payable/Receivable

Financial Planning & Analysis


Internal Audit




Investor Relations


Risk Management



Description and control systems, material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital stock, surplus, income, and expenditures. Examines records to ensure proper recording of transactions and compliance with applicable laws, agreements, and policies. Prepares reports of findings and recommendations to management. May support divisions and subsidiaries in evaluating and recommending improvements to business practices, processes and control procedures. Directs and coordinates relations between the company, its stockholders, and various financial institutions. Speaks for management and serves as authoritative central source of disclosable financial information and perspectives needed by investment professionals. Briefs and offers management counsel on matters affecting the company's relationships with the investment community and individual shareowners. Directs informational programs designed for security analysts, investor clubs, and similar groups. Analyzes, audits, reconciles and resolves complex payroll processing and employee payroll issues to ensure smooth payroll processing. Ensures payroll reporting and payments are compliant with company policy, generally accepted accounting principles, and federal, state and IRS regulations. Researches and interprets federal and state regulatory requirements and resolves tax, withholding, garnishment, and wage/hour issues for payroll processing. Responds to auditing and regulatory inquiries. Develops, implements, and administers company casualty and property-loss insurance programs. Analyzes and defines potential loss areas and determines appropriate type and level of loss protection to be insured. For selfinsured companies, develops loss forecasts to monitor/establish accruals for self-insured retention. Prepares specifications for broker or underwriter bids, evaluates bids, and recommends or concludes insurance contracts. Submits claims and monitors payments. Participates in appraisal and adjustment proceedings. Develops and coordinates risk control programs to prevent losses and reduce premiums. Prepares the company's federal, state, and local tax returns by examining accounts and records and computing tax returns according to prescribed rates, laws, and regulations. Prepares claims for tax refunds, maintains tax records, prepares routine and special tax reports, and advises management regarding business, internal programs, and activities as they relate to tax matters. Financial institutions match Trust Tax Accountants to this benchmark. Functions as the company banking and cashiering executive. Participates in decisions involving banking, cash administration, loan negotiations and payments, stock and dividend matters, investment records, reorganizations, and acquisitions.

General Human Resources Multi-function Executive Compensation / Benefits Develops and/or administers all company employee benefits and compensation programs. Responsible for




Employment (Recruitment / Selection)

Description direct or functional control over job evaluation and wage and salary administration programs, including all incentive plans. Responsible for keeping abreast of trends and developments in the area of employee benefits and recommending nature and timing of benefit plan improvements. Conducts interviews to recruit prospective employees and refers job applicants to specific job openings. Evaluates employment factors such as job experience, education and training, skills, knowledge and abilities, physical and personal qualifications, and other data pertinent to classification, selection, and referral. Prepares rating on applicants, makes recommendations on starting salaries, and provides applicants with information on the company. May administer tests and interpret results, check references, arrange transportation of selected applicants, extend formal job offers, etc. Advises on contract negotiation, grievance cases, arbitrations, conciliations and federal and state labor legislation; represents management in collective bargaining with unions representing company employees; provides counsel and assistance to employees and management. Responsible for administering health management programs such as workers' compensation, long-term disability, and wellness programs. Provides nursing services to employees or persons who become ill or suffer an accident. Maintains record of persons treated; prepares accident reports; provides health education information; dispenses standard drugs and medicines such as aspirin and cough or cold tablets; refers contagious diseases or serious injuries to company or employee's physician. Must be a registered nurse. May work with Toxicology/Hygiene to recognize environmental factors and/or stresses in or from the workplace that may cause sickness, impaired health, or discomfort among the workers.

Environmental Health & Safety Labor/Employee Relations

Health and Wellness

Organizational Development & Effectiveness Security Information Management / Technology (internal) Applications Development Analyzes, enhances, develops, installs, tests and modifies complex enterprise-wide (internal to company) applications such as SAP, Peoplesoft, or other Enterprise Resource Planning applications using high level languages such as C++, visual basic, etc. May also include development of Web Based applications. Using SQL or fourth generation languages, coordinates the use of data available through a computerized system. Does performance tuning of SQL, indexes and databases in general. Performs quality control audits to ensure accuracy, completeness, and proper usage of data in tables and various support tools, such as database dictionaries. Reviews database design and integration of systems, including client/servers, mainframes, etc., and makes recommendations regarding enhancements and/or

Database Administration




Description improvements. May establish and maintain security and integrity controls. May develop store procedures and/or triggers. Formulates policies, procedures, and standards relating to database management, and monitors transaction activity and utilization. Provides technical analysis in data network planning, engineering, and design. Provides analysis for implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to network problems. Maintains technical expertise in all areas of network and computer hardware and software interconnection and interfacing, such as routers, multiplexers, hubs, bridges, gateways, etc. Coordinates third-party maintenance for network equipment and troubleshoots problems with department users and department network administrators. May develop uniform operation procedures. Creates ad hoc or bolt-on programs for organizations such as Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Research & Development or Manufacturing. Provides patches and upgrades to existing systems. May design Graphical User Interface (GUI) to meet the specific needs of users. Corrects program errors, prepares operating instructions, compiles documentation of program development, and analyzes system capabilities to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, programming techniques, and controls. Works closely with functional users to enhance and maintain programs. Researches, designs, develops and/or modifies enterprisewide (internal to company) software. Involved in planning of system development and deployment as well as responsible for meeting software compliance standards Evaluates interface between hardware and software, operational requirements and characteristics of overall system. Documents testing and maintenance of system corrections. May include security, quality control, applications or systems software development. NOTE: Use Systems Software Development (T046) and Applications Software Development (T066) in lieu of this benchmark if your company identifies them separately. This benchmark is not intended for those who design commercial systems software. Match project managers and group leaders to the nonsupervisory benchmark code and use Technical Level Chart. Designs, develops, programs, installs, tests, documents, implements, conducts research for and maintains enterprise-wide computer systems and utilities. Analyzes internal or external customers needs, and determines equipment and software requirements for solutions to problems by means of automated systems. Develops customized solutions to customer/user problems. Establishes system parameters and formats, ensures hardware and software compatibility, and coordinates and/or modifies user requirements in terms of existing and projected computer capacity and capabilities. Revises existing systems and procedures to correct deficiencies

Infrastructure Network Planning


Software Development

Support/Technical Services Systems Analysis




Description and maintain more effective data handling, conversion, input/output requirements, and storage. Applies current computer science technologies to the design, development, evaluation, and integration of computer systems and networks to maintain system security. Works with commercial computer product vendors in the design and evaluation of state-of-the-art secure operating systems, networks, and database products. Provides security engineering and integration services to internal customers. Involved in a wide range of security issues including architectures, electronic data traffic, and network access. Uses encryption technology, penetration and vulnerability analysis of various security technologies, and information technology security research. May prepare security reports to regulatory agencies such as Departments of Defense or Energy.

Systems Engineering Systems Security

Telecommunications Legal Contract General Provides legal advice and service concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges of corporations. Draws up contracts involving leases, licenses, purchases, sales, real estate, employment, insurance, mergers, acquisitions and related matters. Keeps current on legislative issues, statutes, decisions, and ordinances of quasijudicial bodies. Examines legal data to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuit. May act as agent of corporation in various transactions. Classifications require undergraduate and law school (LL.B. or J.D.) degrees and may have admission to practice. Provides legal advice and service on patent/intellectual property, copyright, or trademark matters including patentability of inventions, discovery, infringement of patents or copyrights, validity of trademarks, etc. Prepares, files, and prosecutes patent applications to obtain broadest possible protection for company's inventions. Ensures all commercially important inventions are protected by valid patents and do not infringe valid third party patents. May handle appeal and interference proceedings. Renders opinions regarding infringement and validity of patents. May negotiate and draft patent licenses and other agreements. Conducts and evaluates state-of-the-art searches and infringement searches. May participate in litigation. Typically has passed the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examination for registration to practice. Has understanding of company's products and technology. Classifications require undergraduate or graduate science degree and law school (LL.B. or J.D.) degree and admission to practice in at least one state.


Privacy Trademark Operations Facilities Services Transportation Services Maintains buildings and grounds in clean, orderly condition. Plans, schedules, and routes inbound and outbound domestic and international shipments of freight, using





Description knowledge of postal regulations, tariffs, and company policy. Coordinates with carriers, audits freight bills, prepares and negotiates claims, and selects or recommends carriers to ensure efficient, timely, and least expensive movement of goods and material. Conducts research on transportation methods, rates, and routes. Develops programs to audit and monitor carrier rates and charges and evaluates past performance and cost of transport. Designs building facilities, equipment, and machinery. Coordinates with building contractors and ensures building safety and adherence to applicable building codes. Constructs, maintains, and repairs utility systems, buildings and equipment.

Pilot Plant Maintenance

Manufacturing Logistics/Supply Chain

Develops and administers integrated logistics strategies, including supply chain activities from point of manufacture through information management support, deployment freight, warehousing, customer freight, order management, customer warehousing, customer store shipment, and customer placement. Ensures that customer service and time objectives are achieved within existing financial constraints in order to maximize sales, market share and profit for company and customer. Ensures the execution and continuous improvement of standard logistics processes, such as the replenishment system, data interchange systems, demand management, electronic data systems administration and related functions. Builds relationships with strategic customers through logistics initiatives. Integrates learning from customers, competitors, operating entities, distribution, transportation, customer service, other industries, industry groups, and professional training to continuously improve competitive position. Provides leadership to assigned sales team by leveraging logistics capabilities to efficiently grow business in accordance with company’s business philosophy. Develops and implements supply chain business building programs and initiatives with assigned customers in support of business growth. Supports business execution of new programs and initiatives that include promotional activities, forecast and coordination for key events, new product launches and network redesigns. Develops strategic plans, monitors key performance indicators, analyzes cost-to-serve performance data for assigned territory, and coordinates cross functional work teams to increase effectiveness of supply chain initiatives. Plans and/or controls inventory of finished goods for sales warehouses, distribution centers, and factory mixing points to meet sales and distribution demand. Analyzes inventory levels, inventory positioning, and planned production and sales forecasts. Develops and maintains inputs to computerized inventory system. Coordinates liquidation and transfer of stock to reflect cost, age, and demand. Initiates immediate actions in out-of-stock situations.

Distribution Inventory Planning/Control




Production Planning


Strategic Sourcing

Quality Assurance

Description Coordinates with traffic, production planning, and warehouse personnel to ensure appropriate routing, scheduling, and storing of goods. Plans, prepares, issues, and controls production schedules and material requirements to ensure a controlled flow of approved materials timed to meet production requirements. Identifies raw material and component requirements for production from engineering and production specifications and schedules. Coordinates material movement between warehouse and production areas. Advises management of the status of work in progress, material availability, and potential production problems to ensure that personnel, equipment, materials, and services are provided as needed; schedules equipment and personnel; confirms material supply and demands; prepares work orders or purchase requests for the production or purchase of components or parts based on a master production schedule, shop load, and inventory requirements; coordinates interdepartmental activity with Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Engineering, Inventory Control, Traffic, and Contract Administration; schedules and expedites the movement of parts by means of move orders, stock transfers, and requests for shipping orders; analyzes inventory usage, scrap, and shrinkage, and coordinates any appropriate action. Assists management in resolving problems concerning overshipments, shortages, engineering changes, and cancellation of orders. Purchases machinery, equipment, tools, raw material, packaging materials, parts, services, and supplies necessary for operation of an organization. Compiles and analyzes statistical data to determine feasibility of buying products and to establish price objectives. Compiles information from periodicals, catalogs, and other sources to keep informed on price trends and manufacturing processes. Confers with vendors and analyzes vendors' operations to determine factors that affect prices and determines lowest cost consistent with quality, reliability, and ability to meet required schedules. Reviews proposals, negotiates prices, selects or recommends suppliers, analyzes trends, follows up orders placed, verifies delivery, approves payment, and maintains necessary records. Develops subcontract specifications, work statements, and terms and conditions for the procurement of specialized materials, equipment, and services. Prepares bid packages, conducts bidders' conferences, analyzes and evaluates proposals, negotiates subcontract provisions, selects or recommends subcontractors, writes awards, and administers resulting subcontracts. Negotiates and coordinates additions, deletions, or modifications to subcontracts. Participates with contracts administration and purchasing to develop subcontract policies and procedures. Ensures that quality control procedures adequately evaluate an organization's products. Determines if current methods and techniques result in meeting reliability




Description standards or require modification. (More concerned with standards, methods and procedures than with testing devices and equipment used to check products). Reviews, analyzes and reports on quality discrepancies related to assembly, process, mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical systems. Investigates problems and develops disposition and corrective actions for recurring discrepancies. Interfaces with manufacturing, engineering, customer, vendor and subcontractor representatives to determine responsibilities. Recommends corrective actions, dispositions and modifications. Develops, establishes and maintains quality assurance programs, policies, processes, procedures and controls ensuring that performance and quality of products conform to establish standards and agency guidelines to ensure lasting customer satisfaction. Provides expertise and guidance in interpreting governmental regulations, agency guidelines and internal policies to assure compliance. May serve as liaison between the company and the various governmental agencies. Works directly with operating entities to ensure that inspections, statistical process control analyses and audits are conducted on a continuing basis as specified to enforce requirements and meet specifications. Establishes and ensures that inspections are conducted prior to the processing of raw materials, ingredients, product and package specifications, frequently at vendor/supplier locations. Establishes and ensures compliance with good housekeeping practices, employee hygiene and equipment sanitation; analyzes plant error, salvage, spoilage reports and process statistics for significant findings and conclusions; works with Research and Development during new product start-ups, and establishes key checkpoints for new products and processes. Develops, modifies, applies and maintains quality standards and protocol for processing materials into partially finished or finished materials product. Devises and implements methods and procedures for inspecting, testing and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and production equipment. Designs or specifies inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; conducts quality assurance tests; and performs statistical analysis to assess the cost of and determine the responsibility for, products or materials that do not meet required standards and specifications. May specialize in the areas of design, incoming material, production control, product evaluation and reliability, inventory control and/or research and development as they apply to quality and/or BLA's (biological licensing agreements). Performs operations necessary to develop and/or evaluate process quality and system standards to ensure compliance with company standards and governmental regulatory requirements. Investigates/troubleshoots validation problems for equipment and/or performance

Compliance Inspection

Program Development / Management

Validation Quality Assurance Engineering

Technical Services Quality Improvement Process




Regulatory Affairs

Government Liaison

Medical / Technical Writing

Regulatory Compliance

Description processes; conducts statistical analyses of testing results and process anomalies; writes documentation for new and current validation procedures and technical reports. May assist with establishing corporate validation policies. Responsible for regulatory compliance of pesticides and/or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Consumer Products Safety Commission and other applicable federal agencies. Facilitates proposed federal regulations and advises on impact of such regulations on the company. Responsible for the submission of adverse reaction reports. Provides advice and counsel with respect to product labeling and literature relative to compliance with applicable regulations. Collaborates with outside counsel in representing the company's interests. Represents company in dealing with federal agencies and trade associations. Oversees the submission of investigational new drugs (IND's), new drug applications (NDA's), biologic licensing agreements (BLA) progress reports, supplements, amendments, and periodic NDA experience reports. Ensures that clinical trial protocols are properly designed. Ensures rapid and timely approval on new drugs, biologics or medical devices and continued approved status of marketed drugs or medical devices. Ensures compliance with FDA regulations and interpretations. Reviews, evaluates, and compiles files and reports for submission. Coordinates and maintains reporting schedules for new drug applications (NDA's), investigational new drug (IND's) and biologic licensing agreement (BLA) notices. Interacts with regulatory agency personnel in order to expedite approval of pending applications. Edits, rewrites, or otherwise prepares for publication manuscripts on clinical studies and scientific reports including special summaries from raw data for submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or for incompany use, monographs, comprehensive reviews, scientific exhibits, and other projects requiring skill in medical communication. Compiles, analyzes, and summarizes additional data from other sources as needed. Prepares sales education materials and manuals for sales, product brochures and literature for new products, and revises existing literature. Writes and maintains files on informative journal abstracts according to current or estimated future needs. Composes medical papers from outlines provided by doctors for presentations. May prepare responses regarding company products, drugs, or diseases and refers in-depth technical inquiries to medical personnel. Requires knowledge of product areas, current developments, and keeping abreast of current literature. Interprets federal and state and/or international regulations as they apply to credit or products, processes, practices and procedures. Implements policies and procedures to ensure that these are in compliance with the appropriate statutes and regulations and that regulatory reporting requirements are met. Investigates and resolves compliance problems, questions, or complaints received





Description from other units of the company, customers, government regulatory agencies, etc. May develop and implement programs designed to increase employee awareness and knowledge of compliance policies. May audit and evaluate current policies, procedures, and documentation for compliance with government laws and regulations. Prepares, submits, tracks, indexes and archives paper and electronic IND and NDA maintenance submissions including information, amendments, annual reports, general correspondence, adverse event reporting, and promotional materials. Submissions are produced with electronic publishing tools in compliance with document management standards. Manages production, Quality Control, and delivery of paper and electronic components of all submissions including large global marketing authorization applications, original INDs, and electronic submission case report forms per Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and ISO regulations. Ensures resources are identified, trained, and available to keep

Research & Development Research Product Development Chemistry Sciences

Interdiscipline & Miscellaneous Sciences

Conducts exploratory research to produce new knowledge and potential products; conceives, organizes, promotes, and executes ideas and plans to increase chemistry's role in and contribution to the discovery and chemical approaches to meet exploratory objectives in product discovery. Develops research proposals to provide a technically and economically sound basis for developing and evaluating new or improved products, processes, and analytical and physical testing techniques. Reports progress of research work and significance of the results. Recommends utilization of the results or changes in the scope of work. Includes biostatistical analyzing of data in fields of basic research relating to the life processes of plants, animals and human; research and development activities concerned with the chemical, biological and physical nature of food.

Physical Sciences General Sciences Medical Sciences Clinical / Technical Data Management Technical Services Medical Affairs Sales & Marketing Bids and Contract Administration Customer Support Services

Handles front-line customer service and correspondence, answers product-related questions, traces lost shipments, interprets and clarifies customer orders for the shipping department, takes orders over the phone when necessary, confers with management regarding customer credits, returns goods for credit, identifies quality assurance




National Accounts

Description complaints, and writes price differentials on mail orders. May approve allocation of stock in short supply, special price quotations and bids, pricing allowances, deductions and adjustments. May manage inventories at customer facilities using EDI (electronic data interchange), forecasting, replenishment and inventory systems, focusing on stock and allocation issues to maximize service levels. May manage the development process for targeted new VMI (vendor managed inventory) Participates in the development and servicing of national accounts. Studies marketing information on buying centers and chain store locations to determine additional sales needs. Contacts and makes preplanned sales presentations to national and local accounts. Assists in developing presentation package, pricing structure, and new products. Promotes the sale of products to new and established national accounts to achieve sales objectives and greater market penetration. Communicates marketing information to the field sales force for follow-on sales.

Sales Administration Sales / Marketing Services Selling

Advertising / Promotions

Responsible for the sale of company products and/or services to assigned accounts or within a given territory. Makes and develops contacts with existing and potential customers. Analyzes existing and anticipated customer requirements and promotes consideration of company products and services to fill such requirements. Participates in the preparation of sales plans and campaigns, business plans, and product development plans. Conducts sales presentations. Maintains up-to-date and accurate sales records. Maintains technical proficiency and consults with prospective customers regarding use of company products and services. Quotes prices and delivery dates and demonstrates and provides instruction on the use of products. Keeps informed of new products and other information of interest to customers. Investigates new applications or improvements to products. Provides marketing intelligence to sales management and may participate in the development of sales forecasts and strategies. Plans, creates, and produces marketing, advertising, and sales promotion materials to implement marketing strategies and sales objectives. Produces informational material for the sales force and for communications media to reach maximum number of customers and prospects. May evaluate and modify promotion or advertising programs. Prepares and/or approves all technical and artistic phases of the finished promotional material. May perform, coordinate, or oversee activities such as layout, sales kit preparation, display arrangement, and sales outline writing. May consult with company management, product managers, sales department, and advertising agencies to develop and implement promotional plans and recommend sales philosophy, approach, and media. May purchase promotional materials including, but not limited to, displays/signage/prepacks, promotional printing, coupons, premiums, art, and photography.



Function Professional Sales Commercial Development

Description Identifies and implements commercial development projects relating to new and/or existing technologies, or services including commerce and business transactions. Identifies markets, opportunities, and determines the feasibility of product development. Performs economic analyses on new or improved product opportunities, business models and coordinates with internal departments in identifying/implementing business development projects. Advises or obtains information for sales regarding the viability of new technologies/services. May work with sales, marketing and potential customers to determine their needs. Develops and disseminates information on a continuous basis to all pertinent parties concerning the fulfillment of project goals and objectives. Researches market conditions in local, regional, or national area to determine potential sales of a product or service. Performs analyses in the areas of product preferences, potentials, sales coverage, market size, penetration, marketing practices and trends, and prepares forecasts and recommendations. Keeps informed about developments in the government, military, and economic, scientific, political, industrial, and international fields as they apply to the organization's future marketing plans. Gathers data on competitors and analyzes their prices, sales, and method of operation. Collects and maintains information on the requirements, organization, budget, and preferences of prospective customers. Organizes information to assist in analyzing future products and makes recommendations for the development of new products or services. May compile and analyze statistical data on past sales and trends to forecast future trends and state-of-the-art changes.

Market Research

New Product Development Brand / Product Management Strategic Planning / Business Development Acquisitions and Licensing Recommends corporate objectives and long-range plans to achieve growth and financial profitability through acquisitions, disposals, mergers, and licensing agreements. Identifies, investigates, and analyzes possible acquisition, merger, and licensing opportunities. Acts as corporate representative and negotiator in initial contact with candidates for merger, acquisition, or licensing. Monitors markets, industries, companies, etc., or potential acquisition interests to maintain an updated information base. Evaluates, reviews, and provides input regarding major marketing, distribution, and manufacturing proposals and their impact on the sales function. Evaluates and initiates changes on the ongoing promotional grid, including spending levels, timing frequency, etc. Coordinates with the appropriate personnel to determine the loss/net requirements and regional marketing allocation of appropriate tactical funds. Participates in the central development and implementation of new products, relaunches, and new-business-building-programs,

Business Development




Description including promotional grid trade funding issues that affect brand profit and loss; proposed sales materials, fact books, samples, trade incentives, sales rationale, etc. Coordinates presales meetings to review proposed plan and participates in final sales meetings. Functions as liaison between regional sales and marketing function. Coordinates inventory reduction affecting yearly profit/volume goals. Provides and/or initiates sales analysis affecting distribution, spending as it relates to volume, brand promotional strategy, and selling tools.

New Technology Assessment Outcomes Research Strategic Planning

Develops long-range objectives and strategic plans for corporation or major division by identifying internal and external strategic issues that could affect growth and profitability. Scans environment for business opportunities, maintains surveillance over market, and may perform financial analysis of acquisition candidates. Develops and monitors profitability, productivity, and growth targets. May prepare acquisition proposals, recommend financial and nonfinancial strategic objectives and alternatives, and implement and maintain strategic and operational plans. Plans and coordinates business reviews, resource allocations, organization structures, and financial analysis.

General Functions Communications E-Business Develops and administers company's participation and content of the Internet and is responsible for Web exposure and position. Coordinates existing content updates with the various departments maintaining a presence on the Web. Develops and implements all new content for the company site(s) from internal departments. Implements marketing projects developed to exploit database marketing opportunities and provide new marketing and sales tools to cognizant departments. Executes test updates for the Web site in applicable formats and coordinates graphical updates. Implements new technology to maintain a competitive product and image on the Internet. Communicates and educates sales personnel on solutions and tools available through the Internet and On-line networks. Performs as a generalist a combination of administrative tasks in such functional areas as Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, and/or Traffic. May prepare budgeting, project scheduling, and statistical reports as required. Represents organizational unit on administrative matters. Recommends, interprets, and/or implements company and internal administrative policies and procedures. Lead process improvement projects and improvement teams (utilizing the DMAIIC tool) to achieve desired business results. On-going, daily monitoring of process improvements to ensure sustainability


Process Excellence

Training and Development


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