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Overpopulation: Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

Aldi Budiman
Bandung Institute of Technology

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

Overpopulation: Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

Overpopulation, Indonesia Strength or Weakness? Many opinion concern about this

issue nowadays. I think this topic is very interesting, overpopulation is one of the most
popular issue in the world. In this essay, i want to share my opinion about overpopulation in
my country, Indonesia. My opinion about overpopulation is focusing on how this issue affect
Indonesia, will it be the strength of the nation or the weakness of the nation.


We all must have been known the overpopulation issue in the world. Overpopulation
consists of two words, over and population. Over means beyond the limit, and population
means group of living things that live in one area. So we can describe overpopulation as the
condition when the living things that live in one area is too many until that area cant sustain
their life anymore. In the end, all the living things will be dead because many factors like no
more food or water, diseases, too many pollutants, etc. In this topic, i will bring you about
human overpopulation. Gruyter (2015) state that overpopulation and climate disruption are
well recognized as a major threat to the ecology and biodiversity of the Earth. Overpopulation
caused many environmental damage on earth and we can feel that damage. Earth cant
sustain human life forever and if the human population continues to grow rapidly, Earth will
be ruined faster and human will be vanish from Earth civilization.
There are four main cause of overpopulation in the world; increasing of birthrate,
decreasing of mortality rate (death rate), increasing of immigration, and depletion of
resources. Increasing of birthrate and decreasing of mortality rate make the old and young
human stability disturbed so the population will be increased significantly but not all the

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

nation has an increasing of birthrate issue like Japan for the example. BBC News state that in
2014, baby that born in Japan is decreasing (about 9000 babies) than the year before (2013).
Birthrate issue usually occur in developing country like Africa for the example. Mortality rate
decreased because of medical and health technology are both advanced nowadays, many
people (especially in developed country) have an increasing lifespan. Increasing of
immigration cause one area to be overpopulated, people from the lack of resources area to the
rich of resources area to sustain their life that cause that rich area will be overpopulated. But
when the resources on that area deplete, people will move to other area to find new resources
to be consumed. Thats how depletion of resources can cause overpopulation.
When we talk about overpopulation, there must have an advantage and disadvantage
because of that situation. The advantage is many workers available, because of many workers
economic will grow fast in that overpopulated area, development of health and medical
technology to sustain human life because many people mean many disease and the medical
and health expert must have a solution to increasing people lifespan due to disease, and the
last is overpopulation can build a strong nation because many people can be the soldier to
protect and defend their nation. Beside of many advantage, overpopulation is the root of
many environmental and social issue such as depletion of resources, climate change that lead
global warming on earth, many pollution (air, water, land), starvation on many poor
country, conflict and war to fight for the resources, elevated crime rates because of social gap
between many people, and many more.
US Census Bureau state that about 7,3 billion people live on this planet now and we
have net gain of 1 person every 13 seconds! I think thats crazy and if we dong concern about
it, overpopulation will happen and this isnt just a fairytail anymore. People always want and
do all the things that can lead to overcomsuming Earths resources until it cant sustain their
life. All the world must control their population growth and having this issue seriously.

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

Overpopulation lead to the destruction of our Earth. Instead of taking this problem seriously,
many people still see this as a myth. They think that our Earth can always has a room for us
to live and Earths resources can always sustain our live. But do you think global warming is
a myth? Thats the point, overpopulation can cause several chain reaction on Earth, not only
depletion of resource but direct to the nature itself. Global warming is a serious issue too, and
we all can feel the climate change (global warming) effect now. Weather become hot and
hotter year after year, uncertain seasons in many country, the melting of gletser ice in many
areas, and many more.
Dr. Allan P. Drew, a forest ecologist, state that Overpopulation means that we are
putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than we should, just because more people
are doing it and this is related to overconsumption by people in general, especially in the
developed world. Carbon dioxide can harm our atmosphere and make greenhouse effect
more and more worse, and the final output is the climate change. Thats why overpopulation
issue is closely related to climate change. Bigger population make a climate change occurs
Every problem must have a solution. I think the solution of this problem is
education. Sex education, women encouragement, family planning, all of that is a part of
education that can control our population. Women must making their own reproductive
choices and discouraged to have many children because many children means that family will
have harder life to sustain their childrens food, education, and utilities. All the family must
have a family planning to avoid unwanted pregnancy, raising peoples awareness about this is
a one of many method to prevent overpopulation. In my opinion education is the most
promised method to prevent overpopulation, with education our awareness to environment
will be raising and green technology will be developed.

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

Overpopulation In Indonesia

Overpopulation is not a new issue in Indonesia but many people still think about it
as if this issue bring a little effect in their life. As we know that Indonesia is the fourth of the
most populated country in the world under China, India, and United States. Population in
Indonesia itself continue to grow year after year. There is many effect of overpopulation in
Indonesia such as many unemploynment people in Indonesia, this social problem can cause
many more social problem like increasing of criminal rates (people steal from other people to
sustain their life), and instability economy. Traffic jam, rivers and water sources polution is
the effect of overpopulation in urban areas in Indonesia, we all can feel it.
Many people from the rural areas in Indonesia want to move to the city to increasing
their life quality. Many people think that live in the city can make them more rich than they
live in the village. That cause there is overpopulation in the city. I will take Jakarta for the
example, traffic jam is the ordinary thing in there and many people deal with it everyday. Do
you still think that is not the cause of overpopulation in Jakarta? In my opinion that problem
caused by overpopulation in Jakarta and people in Jakarta use many of their private vehicle to
go to the work or just to enjoying holiday in Jakarta.
Indonesia government is taking this problem seriously too. Our government has a
program to prevent this overpopulation problem. Do you know Keluarga Berencana or
many people call it KB? That is what i intent to tell about. KB is the program to encourage
Indonesia women to have a maximum 2 child for a better family. Women is tell about sex and
contraseption education to prevent unwanted pregnancy in many women. This program is
first held in 1970s when Mr. Soeharto became our country leader. And now we can feel the
effect of this program. Now many family in Indonesia concern about their kids future. They
dont want their kid have a bad nutrition or bad education so they limit the kids they will have

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?

in the future. Compared with our grandmas era, birthrate in every family is now decreasing
significantly. Women is more aware nowadays to have a better family planning and thats the
good point for our country. I think Indonesia doesnt need many people to be a developed
country but Indonesia need educated and quality people to grow stronger. At this point, in my
opinion is overpopulation makes government difficult to control our people so it will be the
weakness to our country, not the strength. Our founding father, Mr. Soekarno, said a good
quote about number and quality, he once said, give me a thousand of oldsters then i will pull
out the mountain from its root, give me ten young man then i will shake the world.


Overpopulation is Indonesia weakness, many national social and environmental

problems caused by overpopulation. Overpopulation is a serious problem not just in
indonesia, but worldwide. Overpopulation in worldwide cause climate change occur faster,
depletion of resources, conflict & war, and many more. Education like women
encouragement, family planning, and sex education to all the people is the best method to
prevent this situation.

Overpopulation : Indonesia Strength or Weakness?


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