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El man - Gods

However many holy words you read, however many you
speak, what good will they do you if you do not act upon
them The Dhammapada
who lives with anger, keep at arms length and ever
shun Ramadas
how hard it is to meditate if anger remains Dulandas
Ask and it shall be given you seek, and you shall find;
knock and it shall be opened unto you for everyone that
asketh, receiveth, and he that seeketh, findeth; and to
everyone that knocketh it shall be opened Matthew 7:7,8
The more we possess, the more we are possessed
be dispossessed of all except Faith, Love and Yearning
for release through Holy Understanding. Mirdad

Beloved this body is your living temple
you meet me in your holy temple
you are with me
in joy sorrow pain
Beloved you glorify
my soul in the earth
my soul glorifies you
in the earth
Beloved when loved ones are taken
remind me that all souls are immortal
Beloved be my pattern
loving, kind, gentle, caring
so will this soul be to others
Beloved embrace me
bring me peace
let your ways be my ways
let joy-contentment
be ever in my word-song
let hopefulness-helpfulness
ever be my guide
thy will Beloved, not mine
be done in-through me
Beloved you are Love
you heal the wounded
bind the broken hearted
make for understanding
where differences arise
only self may separate me
from your Love Beloved
for an injury done me
it is as being done unto you

thus my surrender
to your balancing of the scales
Beloved give me the ability to laugh
in sorrow and joy
it is my only free will
Beloved you say
forgiveness cuts the karmic cord
taking away the cause and effect
Beloved fear
is the first consciousness of lack of faith
remind me that my inheritance is beyond all fears
Beloveds will be done in my body
let me bear health challenges, physical-mental
to help me understanding the purposes for incarnation
you are my life
for in you Beloved
this soul lives moves has being
Beloved help me brighten some souls day
by speaking with a smile, and eyes that care r
Beloved remind me to live in the now
to live each day
as if
is the first-last
Beloved Radhasoami Love

El man

Is not the beginning Death is not the end
It is transition from the immortal to the mortal
This body is like a dream
When the body itself is unreal then all things of this
world are unreal"

Its good to leave each day behind,

like flowing water , free of sadness.
Yesterday is gone and its tale told .
Today new seeds are growing .
Is simply a transition from the mortal to the immortal El
death draws near Swami Ji
Death is a wedding with Eternity Rumi
I said "I just want to know you and then disappear"
She said "knowing me does not mean dying Rumi
Our principal duty is to seek release from this torture
house of illusion.
Baba Jaimal Singh
I do not expect anything from others, so their actions
cannot be in opposition to wishes of mine Yukteswar
A lover conceals his Beloved in his eyes.
He does not see any other person, nor does he permit the
Beloved to see anyone else.
He says: "O my Beloved come into my eyes. As soon as
you come
I shall immediately close them so that I may not see any
other person and that you also may not see anyone else.."

The faith waiting in the heart of a seed promises a miracle

of life which it cannot prove. Tagore
Inner peace can be reached only when we practice
forgiveness is the letting go of the past and is therefore
the means for correcting our misperceptions Gerald
All things positive, loving and strong can be part of my
I forgive self for allowing self to be hurt by life I allow
self to live in the unconditional Love behind forgiveness.Anon
I cant change what happened in the past but I can change
how I treat
selfbe gentle with self I dont deserve to be hurtI have
to live with self 24hrs a day Anon
dont keep scoreTrue Forgiveness=True Freedom=True
Strength Anon
I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of
saying I cannot forgive when I refuse to forgive, I am
burning a bridge that some day I will need to pass over.Anon
Forgiveness is not excusing its permanently releasing
self and others from the past and learning from the
strength it brings,
its a truly freeing and empowering thing to do and
Its not done with my mind and mouth but heart and soul,
its a choice , decision and truthonly my thoughts can
forgiveness and they too are choice - Anon

the love doves have flown to freedom

the cage lies empty
their happy songs bring to me
the scent of heaven
please keep singing El man
The question of Gods will and free will is very tiresome.
In a sense there is no simple answer, both in a way are
There is nothing in creation that happens without the will
of the Lord, and it is our ideal as satsangis to understand ,
and surrender gracefully to, Gods will.
But Gods will can never be a justification for succumbing
to our weaknesses. Gods will is of a nature that is beyond
our comprehension .
It is mysterious and flows from the highest level.
Sadly, because of ignorance, we all too easily interpret at
a physical level what is subtle and cannot be
interpreted .And in egotism we do it to suit ourselves.
If we were to see clearly the razors edge on which we
walk, we would realise this approach is not in our
At the human level at which we live, it is our free will, our
ability to recognize right from wrong, that distinguishes us
from all other species.
By exercising our choice, and supporting those choices
through daily meditation, we can grow towards God and
we come to understand the meaning of living in Gods will
If we do exercise this ability to our advantage, then can
we even consider ourselves human beings ? , And if we do
not first become human how can we think of reuniting with
the Lord. Babaji
The one who cuts off your head

is your friend
the one who puts it back
is a deceiver
the one who weighs you with his troubles
is your burden
the one who truly loves you
will set you free Rumi

Keep walking, though theres no place to get to.
the kingdom of God is within you, he cannot be seenheard with physical eyes-ears
Is the Spirit of Holy Understanding.- Mirdad
Universal Consciousness - the Supreme Being - The Trinity
- Primal Consciousness - The Word - Spirit of
neither angels, animals or denizens of the astral can
realise God Maharaji Charan Singh
the gods yearn for a human incarnation for the Lord is
realised in this body alone Kabir
Seek and bye shall find, knock and it will be opened to
you Christ Jesus
"wheresoever you look is the face of God" Rumi
human perfection resides in this, that the love of God
should conquer a
man's heart and possess it wholly, and even if it does not
possess it wholly

it should predominate in the heart over the love of all

things". al-Ghazali 8 centuries ago
the heart is like a candle
longing to be lit
torn from the Beloved it yearns to be whole again
but you have to bear the pain, you cannot learn about
Love appears on the wings of grace
i want a kiss from you said my heart
"yes but the price is your life"
my heart leaped with joy and said
who cares about the price Rumi
Its late and its raining my friends lets go home.
Lets leave these ruins we've haunted like owls.
Even though these beautiful images beckon lets go home .
And all the reasons offered by the sensible dull and
cant darken our heart now nor can all this phantom love
this imaginary paradise , hold us back
Some see the grain but not the harvest
dont ask too many hows or whys. let beasts graze
Come home to the real celebration and music.
The Friend has built a house for the naked and the pure."
All worldly activity is false.
So perform your worldly duties knowing them as such
I condemn thee not, go and sin no more Christ Jesus

A sword maker and repairer when given an old sword
covered with rust, first rubs it hard with a pumice stone to
remove the ugly stains, then holds it against a grind stone
to scrap away the rust and sharpen the edge and finally
polishes it to brilliance with emery to produce once again
a potent weapon. Paltu Sahib
Kindly appreciate, that the theory of Karma is very
complicated and our earthly limited mind cannot
comprehend its details fully.
It is only when we withdraw our consciousness from the
entire body, open the third eye and then we see and
We should, by weighing all pros and cons, take logical
decisions without being calculative about karmas.
You have been armed with the most powerful weapon of
In any difficult situation, our action should be Simran,
more Simran and finally concentrated Simran.
Besides regular meditation, it will help you immensely
towards concentration, if you do Simran and visualizing of
masters Form during the day, whenever your mind is not
particularly occupied.
it is appropriate that souls
to others circumstances with compassion
we are all doing Gods work
our only choice is to laugh or cry
the conflicts of human life
are directly proportional
to the distance
at which our energy-personality
exists separately from the soul


when a personality is in full balance

one cannot see where it ends and the soul begins
this is a whole soul-man-soul-woman
a Hu man Be ing
every action, thought and feeling
is motivated by an intention
that intention is a cause
that exists as one with an effect
souls partake of the fruit of every intention
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
the law of karma is an impersonal energy dynamic
the universe does not judge
the law of karma balances energy
within morality and relationships
it serves as an impersonal teacher of responsibility
in order to become whole the soul must balance its energy
it must experience the effects it has caused
in its interaction with other souls
a soul engaged in violence is hurting deeply
a balanced soul is incapable of harming another
when we judge we create negative karma
non judgemental justice is a perception
that allows soul to see everything in life
but does not engage souls negative emotions El man


tree of life as above so

Beloved the tree
souls the leaves
shabd the flow
streams into rivers
rivers into seas
seas into clouds
clouds into streams
streams into earth
earth into tree
tree into leaf
leaf into earth
earth into streams
all life
Beloveds circle of perfect love El man
Know you are immortal spiritual beings having a
transitory human experience-Babaji Gurunda Singh
A hostage to the endless antics of Good - Evil.- Mirdad
Duality is neither Good nor Evil.- Mirdad
A body ark sailing the sea of duality in search of Gods
safe haven.
El man


O God, pray save me from this whirlpool of life Rubai 137

The bubble of our life lasts only a breath Sarmad 51
The lover and Beloved, the rose and thorn are one.
Sarmad 54
O rebellious bubble you seek separation from the ocean of
Love, imprisoned and drifting for a moment, until you
burst and merge again in Love El man
God himself forces his creatures into destined paths of
Over which they have no control and which cannot be
Whatever is destined to take place must take place
We have to meet certain people .We have to part from
This meeting and parting is also in conformity with the law
of karma
It is on this basis that function in and of this world are
El man
The sky was lit by the splendor of the moon so powerful, I
fell to the ground, your love has made me sure I am ready
to forsake this worldly life, and surrender to the
magnificence of your being. El man
In love , nothing is eternal but drinking your wine, there is
no reason for bringing my life to you, other than losing it
Adi Granth
Do not take lifes experiences too seriously,above all, do
not let them hurt you, for in reality they are nothing but
dream experiences.
If circumstances are bad and you have to bear them, do
not make them part of yourself play your part in life, but
never forget that it is only a role. Yogananda


The human being is a guest house, every morning a new

A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary
awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep
your house
empty of its furniture.
Still, treat each guest honorably.He may be clearing you
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at
the door laughing, and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has
been sent
as a guide from beyond Rumi
From the day when I came to love the life,
From the day when my heart came to love the truth,
I no longer have trust in anything in the world.
In father, and mother I have no trust in the world.
In brothers and sisters I have no trust in the world.
In what is made and created I have no trust in the world
In the whole world and its work I have no trust in the


after my soul alone I go searching about,

which to me is worth generations and worlds.
I went and found my soul-what are all the worlds to me ?
Ginza the holy book of the Mandeans of Iraq
Lovers Oh Lovers its time to abandon the world
The drum of departure reaches my spiritual ear from
Behold the Driver has risen and made ready the file of
camels and begged us to acquit him of blame
Why O Travellers are you asleep?. These sounds before
and behind are the din of departure and of the camel
bells: with each moment a soul and a spirit is setting off
into the Void.
From these stars like inverted candles, from these blue
awnings of the sky there has come forth a wondrous
people that the mysteries may be revealed
O Soul, seek the Beloved, O Friend, seek the Friend
O Watchman be wakeful: it behoves not a watchman to
On every side is clamour and tumult , in every street are
torches and candles.
For tonight the teeming world gives birth to the world
Thou were dust and art a spirit, thou wert ignorant and art
wise Rumi
Everything we do in life, is it not a game ? Gururaj
We are not here just to survive and live long we are
here to live and know life in its multi-dimensions, to know
life in its richness, in all its variety and when we live


multi-dimensionally, we explore all possibilities available,

Life goes, rushes to it, welcomes it, rises to the occasion,
then life becomes a flame, life blooms Rajneesh
Love is a mirror
with love you dont bargain,
the choice is not yours.
Love is a mirror,
it reflects only your essence,
if you have the courage
to look in its face.
Intoxicated with the Spirit of Love
soar on the wings of the snow white Dove El man
There is no greater love than love with no object. Rumi
From all that was familiar, I broke away
now I am lost without a place, wandering
With no music, like a fool I dance and clap my hands.
how am I to live without You?
You are everywhere but I can't find You Rumi
Put your heart and soul in meditation
No practice equals true longing
Nam alone is true, hold fast to it,
When Nam is attained,
everything is attained Baba Ji Gurunda Singh
O kindred Dove
zoom beyond the stars
merge with the Ocean of Love
O kindred dew drop
evaporate into the sun


merge with the ocean of Love

O kindred Spark
sparkle beyond the sun
merge with the ineffable flame El man
if you desire to maintain yourself at a higher level of
awareness you must abjure lust, for it blinds the inner eye,
screens from sight the refulgence of heaven and plugs our
ears against the inner music Maluna Rum
with friends you grow wings
alone you are a single feather in disgrace
with them you master the wind
but alone you're blown in all directions El man
Since I began contemplating on the feet of the Master,
All other knowledge and meditation have been given up
The feet of the Master are like the honey-producing lotus
The desires of the mind have been stilled,
And I have reached the original Home
Love, we have His love and we have ours.
Oh God beautiful, Oh God beautiful!
In the forest Thou art green,
In the mountain Thou art high,
In the river Thou art restless,
In the ocean Thou art grave,


To the serviceful Thou art service,

To the lover Thou art Love,
To the sorrowful Thou art sympathy,
To the yogi Thou art bliss,
O God beautiful, O God beautiful
At Thy feet, O I do bow! Song by Guru Nanak
none will realize the Lord without the help of a guide, one
who has been there Babaji Gurunda Singh
for every science one needs a Teacherthe Science of
the Soul is the most difficult so one needs the best
Teacher Bubaji
Consider the one who is alive, while you are alive, lest
you die and then seek to behold that one and you will not
be able to behold. Christ Jesus
" The sea (human body) is overflowing with jewels, rubies
and all objects of desires to have in the world; But, who
clings to the Guru's Word Yea, they alone come by
these!" Bhai Gurdas Kavit
"From the time when the lotus feet begin to dwell in the
The wandering mind does not go out any more
The lotus feet produce freedom-giving nectar
And one gains the immortal region and merges in it.
devotional play


be ing
not do ing
be ing
a no body El man
As our Soul hears the sound of the Bell and Conch it
begins to drop off impurities, and the lotus that lays
inverted turns right side up travelling rapidly flashes of
light from the thousand petals lotusthis is the last stage
for nearly all the religions but is only our first stage this
regions ruler is the Lord of the three worlds the Prison
Great Master
O cruel mind you are a perfect devil Sarmad
We are the mirror as well as the face in it .
How much longer will you go on letting your energy
sleephow much longer are you going to stay oblivious of
the immensity of yourself? dont lose time in conflict;
lose no time in doubt- time can never be recovered and if
you miss an opportunity it may take many lives before
another comes your way again Rajneesh
Its good to leave each day behind,
like flowing water , free of sadness.
Yesterday is gone and its tale told .
Today new seeds are growing .Rumi
forsake this domain of pleasure and painrise to the
skies and Sat Nam attain transient and short lived


Personality is the Consciousness ...

When the soul-subconscious controls the personality, the
personality is removed from the individual; lies above the
physical body (as in Near Death experience, or under
hypnosis )
Birth is not the beginning, Death is not the end
Birth is a transition, from the immortal to the mortal
Death is a transition, from the mortal to the immortal El
"I and you, mine and thine play Mayas role, and it is this
ego that hath enfeebled the soul St Tulsidas
we souls are tiny bubbles
of consciousness
adrift on the turbulent ocean
of the world
like fish in the sea
unaware that we exist
in an ocean of air-ether
one moment
we are on the crest of a wave
the next we are in the trough
sun shines
then it is hidden by clouds
in continual motion
we will perish
unless we still the mind
in devotion to Beloved
the rescuer from


the terrible ocean

of the world
we as soul are immortal
loving without restriction
accepting without judgement
prior to incarnation
you aspired to attain the heights
in this lifetime
your sacred commitment
awaits patiently
the optimal path of we souls
is the vertical path of Awareness
rather than serve
the fake gods of the mind
serve soul
the essence of Beloved
the real God
form is the illusion
death is the shift into life
sincerely seek death
take pleasure in life
live in regret
fear is of the personality
it is of powerlessness
love is of the soul
non judgemental


give love
accept love
do not forsake Joy
and worship sorrow
sorrow is this earthly existence
Joy is pure clear shabd
causing souls to bloom
empowerment is alignment
of the personality with soul
personality exists in time
soul exists out of time
personality-body are artificial aspects
which are released at the end of incarnation
all of our incarnations are simultaneous
when viewed out of Kaltime
personality is a product of vibrational aspects
planetary relationships at birth
and energy environment
manifests the law of Grace
No other planets
have human or animal life


as we know it
we are unique El man
when God wills to dishonour a man, he tempts him to
slander the virtuous Maulana Rum
Banish your misery and leave all things of substance,
for society is naught but clamour and woe, and strife
Kahlil Gibran
Alas, we are all lonely in this world,
even in the midst of friends and
the pomp and show of the world
only we do not realise it.
When we meet with failures
and disappointments, then
we realise our loneliness ... Maharaj Charan Singh
I have seen all - the good and the bad and discovered
their worth
all are useless ... Rubai
Mixing with people brings us down to the path of the mind
Maharaj Jagat Singh
Solitude, as much as is possible, is best for concentration
the inward and upward path.
In the social whirl the mind takes an outward and
downward path.
Seclusion gives comfort to the heartIt is the hidden treasure buried in this life.
You'll find this rare pearl of greatest price
deep in the tumultuous ocean of the world . Sarmad 82


No peace can be found on this earth, but perhaps only in

Solitude. Sarmad 56
Humans falsely identify with the pseudo-soul or ego ,
when we transfer our sense of identity to our true being
Soul is a creation of God, it contains a minute particle of
him at its core ... given to every individual in the
beginning, together with free will ...
God now waits patiently-compassionately for souls to
decide how soon they will use their free will to return to
him ... having conceded that he makes a better Creator
then we do .
The soul is already here waiting ... when the human body
breathes the first breath of life it becomes a living soul,
provided the body temple has reached the development
where the
soul may rightly enter and find a lodging place
Open your lips only when most necessary; and when you
must speak , do so in the most kind and gentle manner
Maharaj Jagat Singh
The tongue is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.
Bible James 3:7,8
The key to life is the creative word
The key to the creative word is Love
The key to Love is understanding
Oh Lord


How long will it be that you keep me entangled in the

He said: Silence! You will go where I will
Except what You wish me to know, what do I know?
Except what You show me, what can I see?
I will live like this, if you wish it
If you keep me in some other state, I will live like that.
All that the Lord does with that I am pleased
This is the wisdom I have received from the Saints.
If you give me happiness I praise You
If you give me sufferings, I contemplate on You.
If you give me hunger, I am content
In pain, I feel pleasure
If you keep me close to you, I dwell upon you.
If you beat and drive me out, I call on you
If people praise me, It is your glory
If they slander me, I do not leave you.
M4 Sri Rag 40-18 to M4 Suhi 757 - 11
Thoughts are things that once created are as real- tangible
as the mind which created it ...
Thought forms can only manifest themselves to the
conscious mind as a vision or hallucination ... LSD and
other drugs can break down the protective barrier ...
one then usually meets one own thought forms ...
sometimes other evil ones are forthcoming, and can have
a effect on sanity
Turn the 5 evil passions into the 5 virtues, Lust into
Continence Anger to Forgiveness Greed to
Contentment Attachment to Discrimination and Egotism to
Humility Babaji Gurunda Singh


is this life leavest thou here after weary strife wealth

and relations, so valued here avail us not when
I say not that I desire pleasure or pain, rather do I Exult in
the will of my love
if my friend wills that troubles come to me ever I desire
to be drowned in troubles.
According to his own worth doth every man ask favours of
thee O Lord but my desire is to ask from thee thine own
self - thats all I ask-Muinuid-din-Chisti
Live in the World but be not of the world Maharaji
Charan Singh
All this is illusion, a mirage that deceives by its false
glitter; beholding its glamour, men believe it to be real
the mirage glitters deceitfully ; men take it for water, the
world dies of thirst as man and beast come to drink of it.
Dadu Dayal
know this world to be an absorbing dream; in a moment
it will vanish, believe this. Teg Bahadur
In the mill of illusion, is ground the whole world, lustanger-vanity-avarice are the ones with which its wheel is
turned Paltu Sahib
I am in another wakefulness in Thee
I am awake in another world
Once in a while I dream of this earth
And the drama of the little body of mine in it
I am awake in ceaseless blessedness
And my diurnal dream of mundane life
Is fragrant with the memory of-fragments
Of my ever-bubbling joyous wakefulness
I am moving through the panorama of dream-decked life


Adorned with many scenic experiences

And I carry the aromatic memory of my earth-dreams
Into the awareness of the eternal spheres
I weeded out the nightmares
From the garden of my dreams
And planted the roses of my inspirations
There Thou must come
Lured by my devotion's fragrances
And take me back
To Thy temple of everlasting, ever new
Boundless blessedness
Parmahansa Yogananda
The drum of departure reaches my spiritual ear from
Behold the Driver has risen and made ready the file of
camels and begged us to acquit him of blame
Why O Travellers are you asleep?
These sounds before and behind are the din of departure
and of the camel bells, with each moment a soul and a
spirit is setting off into the Void.
From these stars like inverted candles, from these blue
awnings of the sky there has come forth a wondrous
people that the mysteries may be revealed
O Soul, seek the Beloved, O Friend, seek the Friend
O Watchman be wakeful: it behoves not a watchman to
sleep On every side is clamour and tumult , in every street are
torches and candles. For tonight the teeming world gives
birth to the world everlasting.
Thou were dust and art a spirit, thou wert ignorant and art
Shamsi Tabriz by Jalal'ud - Din- Rumi 1207-73
The way of the lover is that of the peaceful warrior,
whose journey home is transformed by the glance of the
From the gentlest and most cautious of beginnings we will
one day be ready to drop everything and run towards the


despite the lure of the world our confused egos, our

failure and the blackest of separations
Kabir says:
Try hard to conceal love But it cannot be concealed once it
has taken hold of a person
Even if one does not talk about it The eyes disclose it"
Dont try to see through the distances.
Thats not for human beings.
Move within, but dont move the way fear makes you
move .
Beloved our deepest knowing is that we are a spark of the
ineffable and
that we will return to our original source of Love with
Masters Grace and Guidance ...El man
Rumi speaks of this preparation that the mystics
themselves have gone through and that we too must go
through the preparation that will enable us to face his
Says Rumi,
The bodies of holy men and women have the ability to
endure the unconditional light that can tear mountain
ranges to pieces.
Joseph is taking a walk
In the beginning his light is gentle we are drawn to
the light of his eyes and our life is never the same .
Then we begin to see our Master in our daily life
As Rumi says so sweetly:
The light of Josephs face, when he passed by a house
would filter through the lattice and make a radiance on the


People would notice and say " Joseph must be taking a

All that is positive in us is a reflection of our Master.
Each remembrance in simran, every moment we devote to
hearing the Sound even the smallest memory of him even
the tiniest desire to turn to him to see him tells us that our
Master is taking a walk.
He is passing by our window, his light has filtered through
the lattice
of our mind, and we are seeing its reflection.
But Rumi, like all mystics doesn't stop with satisfaction in
He continues:Its fortunate to have a window that faces
that way!
Open it up and stay at the opening so you can have more
delight in Joseph! The window that faces the beloved
Of all of the millions of life forms in this creation in this
particular life - no more than a six hour play we have been
given the human form and initiation- the window of the
eye centre that faces our Beloved
Every being has this window but without the Master it is
closed curtained and shuttered.To open it we must receive
initiation and give our attention to it ; the hard incessant
work of attention the love play of attention.
Rumi tells us
The work of love is to open that window and look
incessantly on the beloved. You can do it . You already
have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it.
The saints keep no secrets. They tell us exactly how to
make rapid spiritual progress, how to become a lover.
Their desire is to take us out of this creation as quickly as


If they seem to work slowly we only need to look to

ourselves and our
own non-action.
Let the four birds
go On the path of love we move in one direction alone
towards him. Right now we are like the four birds of earth
water fire air , tied together and each one attempting to
fly in its own direction, towards its own desired end.
Meanwhile the soul with its nostalgia for the Lord is left
Says Rumi:
Consider how the soul must be In the midst of these
tensions Feeling its own exalted pole My longing is more
These birds want the sweet green herbs and the water
running by I want the infinite I want wisdom
These birds want orchards and meadows I want a vast
They want profit and the security of having enough food
We understand that the bird of our earth element is
interested in money and security.
The bird of our water element focuses on lust and all its
The bird of our fire element goes to anger, rivalry and
thoughts of violence
The bird of our air element is possessive jealous and
attached . These four birds are tied by the strong twine of
Rumi says
God breaks the wings of our intention and then give you
cuts the rope of contriving so you'll remember your


But sometimes your plans works out you feel fulfilled and
in control
That is because if you were always failing you might give
But remember it is by failures that loves stay aware of how
they are loved.
He says:
A lover doest figure the odds
A lover gambles everything, the self, the circle around the
A lover cuts and throws it all away
Lovers run and they run
Ours is the way of the peaceful warrior who action is
to remember him with every breath, to our last breath
"In these Sufi teachings - the human heart is not a fanciful
metaphor but an objective organ of intuition and
It is able to perceive all that is beautiful and meaningful in
life - to reflect these spiritual qualities in the world for the
benefit of others.
Every human heart has the capacity and the destiny to
bring that world of divine reality into this world of
appearances" - " to learn to listen to our deepest knowing.
In cultivating a knowing heart we learn to experience a
new sense of self, transform our relationships and
enhance our creative capacities.
Most important we learn how to meet the spiritual
challenge of our
time:to realise our sacred humanness" Rumi
All year round the Lover is mad
unkempt, lovesick, and in disgrace
without Love there is nothing but grief
In Love ... what else matters ?
it is good to leave each day behind


like flowing water

free of sadness
yesterday is gone and its tale told
today new seeds are growing
the early breeze at dawn
is the keeper of secrets
dont go back to sleep
it is time for prayer
time to find what is your real need
dont go back to sleep
the door of the one
is open always
the birds have flown to freedom
the cage lies empty
your happy songs bring to me
the scent of heaven
please keep singing
the heart is like a candle
longing to be lit
torn from the Beloved it yearns to be whole again
but you have to bear the pain
you cannot learn about Love
Love appears on the wings of grace
I want a kiss from you said my heart
"yes but the price is your life"
my heart leaped with joy and said
who cares about the price
with a friend you grow wings
alone you are a single feather in disgrace
with them you master the wind
but alone you're blown in all directions
"The Soul is brought into mystic contact with the
Creative Word and becomes a bride to Him forevermore.


" The Lord is upon my head like a crown of flowers

and I shall never be without him.
A crown of truth has been plaited for me,
and it has caused thy shoots to grow within me.
For it is not like a withered crown, which blossoms not;
but thou art alive upon my head ,
and thou has blossomed upon me.
Thy fruits are full and perfect;
they are full of they salvation.
Ode of Solomon 1:1-5 OSD p .12
However much someone honours you or maligns you
you should not be elated when praised and honoured,
nor depressed when maligned
Remain in the Will of the Lord
and be happy wherever
He places you. "
"If you attend to the sound current regularly with love and
the mind will shed its evil tendencies
Worldly desires which are the cause of birth and rebirth
will disappear
The mind will then be in love with the Master"
Welcome the hour of pain as a blessing
because both pain and pleasure
come to us from Him
When it comes from HIm why resent it?
The Lord is always with us
and ever watches us.
If pain is to our benefit
He sends us pain
if pleasure is to our benefit
He sens us pleasure
both come to us through His will"


"The Perfect Master separates the loving disciple

from him physically to enable
him to settle his worldly accounts,
but never from the sound current
Pain and pleasure are the result
of our own karmas
Our destiny karmas are bound to ear fruit
in this life
do not lose your balance in suffering
Keep yourself attached to shabd with love
and devotion all the time
"When the fruit is ripe
it drops automatically from the tree
While being in the human body
if you meet a perfect Master you accomplish everything
this is the fruit
to live within the command of the master is the ripening of
the fruit
to attend to meditation every day to the best of ones
is watering the tree
to merge in the sound current is the falling of the fruit
after ripening."
"Affairs of the world will take their own course
They just go on and never come to a stop".
From Words Divine Baba Ji
We are prodigal Souls
immortal essences of Supreme Soul
having a transitory human experience
in a fleshy garment-body
in an illusory world of matter
created by the negative force
universal mind-Satan-Jehovah-Yahweh
counterfeit g-d


creator of the world religions

our purpose is to express our free will
choose God or matter
awaken to reality
choose to escape this karmic prison
this vale of tears
this hell
return to our true soul source
Positive Power-Christ- true GOD
Beloved Supreme Soul
from whom we emanated