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QUESTIONNAIRE ABSTRACT The topic of this report is Effect of social media of students. They allow people to communicate with people but there also have badly effects on students. In the research of the report mostly people agree that social media cause of the wastage of time. posting status etc that thing is effect on low . Social media are playing an increasingly important role in the society or student life.PURPOSE BACKGROUD 2. In this report it is search that how much social media affected the students life. health and divert the attention from the studies. They waste their time in chatting. My space. video calling. money. RECOMMENDATION 6. Skype. tweeter etc. writing has been affected by social media and it become lazier the students communication skills. One cannot disagree that social media is going to affect lives for student. Social media is causing writing to worsen student . CONCLUSION 5. METHODOLOGY 3. Like face-book. REFERENCES 7. DATA ANYLASIS 4.

so whatever.” . you don't do social media. I like direct contact. In 2000’s the website MY SPACE was popular. discus the topics.they loss their privacy by posting the status now a days it becomes a trend for student to upload the status. “Regarding social media. not me. making friends.” It's funny because everyone says. humans have dreamed up plenty of creative solution.S ELIOT) When face-to-face discussions are impossible or inconvenient. messaging and SMS insipid the media and then introduce the tweeter and its user are 500 millions. It is important to aware the people of the side effect of social media that play an important role in student life specially new generation. but hey it's them. February 6. I really don't understand what appears to be the general population's lack of concern over privacy issues in publicizing their entire lives on the Internet for others to see to such an extent. In 2006. and I like contact that's purposeful. instagram etc. By discus that topic we can aware the people actually what the problems they can face in social media most of people are like unknown about it but use . 1962). In 1977 first social sites is lunched that named by Six Degrees. Introduction: This topic is chosen because now a day social media progress fast as well as it becomes faster its also effect on the student badly. My space in an original social media profile website loading and inspiring the like face-book. 'Ohyou're reclusive. In 2010 there were dozens of web sites are introduced by social media like' but it's not about being reclusive. 100 million people had access to the social media and it quite common for people and more and more people utilize the chat rooms.. Most of the students are waste their time and money by the use of social media students loose their skills which is bad for them and also our country.” (Axl Rose .”distracted from distraction by distraction” (T. In 2000. Allow the users create profile and make other friends.grades.

widgets. sites like Face book are the natural outcome of many centuries of social media development. Social media is the cooperative. disagree. wikis. Today social network sites are running the future and carrier of students. A formal report is a type on analytic report it is complex and long form of report. instant messaging. social media is an internet-based form of communication. Amy Jo Martin Time. that more and more information is enough. you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. participation in activities and time spent preparing for class. Social media platforms allow users to have conversations. May 19.”There's a danger in the internet and social media.66 Valid percent 13. July 5.but the good side is when people hate my guts. networking sites. Moreover. Data Analysis: Q. that you don't have to think. micro-blogs. the impact of social network site on academic performance also raised another major concern which is health. social “Every time you post a photo.1: It reduces real human contact. in order to know if Face book affects the performance of students. It is also a quantitative type of data that is collected by students there is a questions asked by students is called questionnaire.Media. there is an interest in how Face book is related to performance of students. Now a days thousand of web sites are available but all have different purpose and also have different function that in tract the people. virtual worlds. strongly agree. the scale which is use is agree. (Hilarie Burton).33 60 20 6.gets very dangerous. strongly disagree.Brand” (Amy Jo Martin . or update your status. I'm kind of oblivious to it. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 2 9 3 1 percenta ge 13. For this purpose. Everyone is connected to one another in this vast network generated by the Internet. 1933) Methodology: The method which is used in it is formal.The roots of social media stretch far deeper than you might imagine. including blogs. The purpose of this study is to identify the negative effects of social media such as Face book. 1979). and more.66 .” (Edward de Bono . The notion that information is enough.33 60 20 6. podcast. There are many forms of social media. share information and create web content.” It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time” ( Alix ohanian ) Today’s world is a global village. Although it seems like a new trend. you-tube among University students Because of social media platform’s widespread adoption by university students. video-sharing sites. photo-sharing sites. online system of interaction allowing users to communicate and develop relationships within the confines of the global village. This paper measure frequency of use. I guess . you just have to get more information .”I don't engage in social media. which has its good and bad sides.

33 Valid percent 26.66 20 13.66 20. Q.66 00 .66 00 Valid percent 20 53.66 46.Contact Humans Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree The result of this statement we find that 60% of people agree with it and prefer the report by social media human contact is reduced.33 26.33 Command Language & writing Skill Strongly Agree Agree Disagrr Strongly Disagree In this question the result as shown on the table that most of the students strongly agree to the statement.66 46.2: Reduce command language and creative writing skills.3: The student motivation level reduces. Q.00 13. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 4 7 3 2 percenta ge 26.33 26. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 3 8 4 0 percenta ge 20 53. Because of social media students loss there language and writing skills.

4: Get lower grades due to lack of desires information.00 20.5: it reduces learning and searching capability.66 .00 Valid percent 40.66 46.00 20.00 20.00 Grades due to Lack of desires Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree It is true that most of the students are intelligent but use of social media they waste their study time on it and at the end they get low grades.00 26. Q. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequenc y 3 4 7 1 percentag Valid e percent 20. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 6 3 3 3 percenta ge 40.66 6.66 26.00 20.66 6.00 20. 40% of people strongly agree to the statement as the above result is shown.00 20. Q.Motivation Level Reduce Strongly Agree Agree DisAgree Strongly Disagree By the research of the report it is find out that people are agree that students motivation reduces by the effect of social media and student becomes lazy for study.00 20.66 46.

Q. That the reason report give as various result of the report.66 Valid percent 40.66 Students Waste there Time & divert there Attention Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Students are waste a lot of time in using face-book. Skype etc the time which have to spend on study the waste on social media 40% of people are strongly agree and 33% are agree only 6% are disagree.00 6. Q.Reduces Learning & Searching Capability Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree It is analyst that because the use of social media students lose the capability of learning and searching. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 6 5 3 1 percenta ge 40.00 33.00 33.7: Student become physically unfit and psychological disturb.00 6.33 20.6: student waste there time up to 70% and divert there attention from studies.33 20. By the search mostly people disagree to the statement of questionnaire. .

00 33.Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 7 percenta ge 46.33 20.33 20. Most of students waste their money in social media like win-gel. WI-tribe . In this research people strongly agree to this point. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequenc y 5 3 5 2 percenta ge 33. Students are mentally disturb if he is not fit physically.33 13.00 33.66 6. Q. internet packages.33 Valid percent 33.00 26.66 Valid percent 46.66 Physically Unfit & Psychological Disturb Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree The use of social media it is badly effect to the student physically use at late night it effect on eye-side.66 20.66 6.00 26.66 3 4 1 20.8: It causes of wastage up to 57% of money.33 13.33 Wastage of Money Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree In our society of the student are belongs to the lower class and upper class.

33 13. Q.33 13. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 7 4 2 2 percenta ge 46.00 33.33 13. People are strongly agree to the report.9: It also badly effect on privacy.33 13.10: Student copyright illegally. Q. Some of people strongly agree but also some of disagree to the statement.00 33.66 26.connection etc.33 .66 26.33 13.66 13.33 Badly Effects on Privacy Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Social media is the biggest reason in effected of privacy most of the students habitual to upload their status on face-book which is cause of to lose their privacy.66 13.33 13.33 Valid percent 40. Strongly agree Agree disagree Strongly disagree frequen cy 6 5 2 2 percenta ge 40.33 Valid percent 46.

methodology. For every question people had different opinion. . how much it effect physically on health of the student by the awareness of people they attract their children to study and look after them when they use social media. purpose. Alex Rose www. In the report the scale is used agree. By the specific use of it is also control it. strongly disagree.CopyRight Illegally Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree In this question most of the people are strongly agree and agree. give time to family member that is the way in which the student can avoid the social world and spend their time in these things except social media. At the end of result find that as social media progress fast but it is also true that it consist of bad effect on student and student are effected by it the people agree to this report that social media effect the student life badly. T. In the report used questionnaire method to find out the result of the report in our society. in different activities like sports and other thinks. disagree.bringquote. REFERENCES: questionnaire etc. It is a modern world now the devices are introduced which can be arrange what you want to watch the children you can arrange the device as your choice it is the simple way to controls the effect of social media. Should have to divert their mind in study. There are different steps that use in this report introduction.S ELIOT. For that scale find different results and opinion of the people. By the research the solution to control on this effect is to aware they how much time they waste on it. CONCLUSION: In this report on it is research that how can social media effect on student life. WWW. data analysis. strongly agree. By social media student used that term to copyright illegally which is not good thing as a student.Amazon:Axl Rose on Amazon Cite this Page:Citation 2. In questionnaire made the 10 questions and 15 form for survey to other people for result the effect of social media on student. RECOMMENDATION: Now a days social media is progress efficiently in whole world but it is also have a effect on student as the research on report.

com/l.facebook.brainyquote.brainyquote.3. Edward de Bono %2FchangeSite%2Fquotes%2Fquotes%2Fh%2Fhilariebur625093.html&h=TAQG0sF 5.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. TO FULFILL THE REQUIREMENT WE COLLECT COMPREHENSIVE DATA AND WORK AS A GROUP NAME: GENDER: AGE: SUBJECT: DATE: .com %2FchangeSite%2Fquotes%2Fquotes%2Fb%2Fbanks699977.html&h=TAQG0sFn4 4. Hilarie Burton.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.brainyquote.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.html&h=TAQG0sFn4 EFFECTS STUDENTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON A GROUP OF STUDENTS TO MAKE A REPORT ON EFFECT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON STUDENT OF BSCS THE TOPIC UNDER DISCUSSION IS TOO MUCH IMPORTANT FOR STUDENT WHO BELONGS TO THIS DEPARTEMENT.facebook. http://l.

a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 4. STUDENTS WASTE THERE TIME UP TO 70 % AND DIVERT THERE ATTENTION FROM STUDIES. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 10. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 7. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 2. STUDENT BECOME PHYSICALLY UNFIT AND PSYCOLOGICAL DISTURBED a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 8. IT REDUCES REAL HUMAN CONTECT. THE STUDENTS MOTIVATIONAL LEVEL REDUCES. REDUCE COMMAND LANGUAGE AND CREATIVE WRITING SKILL. IT REDUCES LEARNING AND SEARCHING CAPABILITIIES.1. STUDENTS COPYRIGHT ILLEGALLY a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree . STUDENTS GET LOWR GRADES DUE TO LACK OF DESIRES INFORMATION. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 6. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 3. IT ALSO BADLLY EFFECT ON PRIVACY. IT CAUSES OF WASTAGE UP TO 57% OF MONEY a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 9. a: Agree b: Strongly agree c: Disagree d: Strongly disagree 5.