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VMware Service Provider Program

VSPP Overview Q2 2012

VMware is uniquely positioned to help Service Providers develop their cloud computing business due to its leading position in enterprise
virtualization and visionary cloud computing goals. Partnering with VMware helps you succeed in three major areas: growing your revenue,
differentiating your offerings and accelerating your growth opportunities.
The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) was created for partners who offer cloud computing and/or hosted IT services to enterprise
and SMB organizations. Through a product subscription model, VSPP allows partners flexibility in offering virtualization solutions,
applications and services to their customers with no up-front expenses. VSPP is the ideal solution for various types of VMware partners
who offer hosted services to 3rd parties, such as Cloud Service Providers, Application Service Providers (ASPs), Internet Service Providers
(ISPs), Platform as a Service (PaaS) Providers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers.

Follow the flow chart below to determine if VSPP is the right program for your company:

Are you providing any

form of 3rd party
access or operation
on behalf of a 3rd


Are you providing 3rd

party access to your
own internally

Software as a
Service (SaaS)

Use existing
perpetual license

Use existing
perpetual license

Currently permitted
via EULA

Currently permitted
via EULA

Multi-tenant Cloud/

You are a candidate

for VSPP. Contact
your Aggregator to





Are you providing

licenses dedicated to
one specific 3rd party
which cannot be used
for any other 3rd

Use existing
perpetual license
Permitted through
programs by
members of those
programs only

Program Overview:
Use VMware software on a subscription basis with no start-up costs
Expand revenue streams with new lines of business based on VMware product portfolios including: Virtualization and Cloud
Infrastructure, Cloud Application and End-user Computing
License VMware products through a points-based model where each product is equivalent to a set number of points per month
Commit to a minimum monthly point plan worth 360, 1,800, 3,600, 10,800, 18,000 or 30,000 points based on estimated usage
Enter into an agreement with, report usage to and pay monthly invoiced amount to a VMware Authorized VSPP Aggregator
Report usage each month and pay the agreed to minimum and any overages
Acquire the latest VMware product versions
Get production level support included for products rented under the VSPP subscription program
Enjoy larger discounts with an increased minimum commitment
With contract, obtain an automatic amendment to the VMware product EULA to allow for hosting and rental rights

Service Provider Program Requirements and Benefits by Level (Developed Countries)



Minimum 4 VCPs
Signed contract with Aggregator at 18,000 points or above

Minimum 2 VCPs

Enterprise level benefits plus:

-MDF, social marketing, co-branding and additional account
management support *


Professional level benefits plus:

-IUL licenses, vCloud Powered badge (by application with
3600 point contract or higher) and press release support


Signed contract with Aggregator at 3,600 points or above

Minimum 1 VCP

Registered level benefits plus:

- NFR licenses, Cloud Test Demonstration
Environment, partner directory listing and branding


Signed contract with Aggregator at 360 points or above

Application and Click-Through Agreement

Access to Partner Central, training discounts,

events, program communications and VMware
Virtualized badge (based on criteria)


No VCP requirement to enter into a signed contract

Note: Service Providers must complete a VMware accreditation course to qualify as having a VMware
Certified Professional (VCP). VCP requirements are lower for developing countries.

Available Products:

*All are proposal based or by invitation only

How to join:

Register at:

VMware View Premier

VMware View Enterprise
VMware ThinApp Client
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Professional Edition
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Standard Edition
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Business Email Edition
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Business Email Edition Plus

VMware vFabric Suite Advanced

VMware vFabric Suite Standard
VMware vFabric Data Director
VMware vFabric Hyperic
VMware vFabric GemFire
VMware vFabric SQLFire Enterprise Edition

(If you are already a VMware Partner, you can crossenroll on Partner Central)

Accept the terms of the VSPP Click-Through Agreement

during registration


The VMware Program Operations team will approve you

as a Service Provider within 2-4 days


Enter into an agreement with your selected VMware

Authorized VSPP Aggregator. To find an Aggregator in
your area, go to Partner Locator at:

VMware vCloud Premier Service Provider Bundle
VMware vCloud Standard Service Provider Bundle
VMware vCloud Integration Manager
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite Enterprise Edition
VMware vCenter Operations Adapter for Storage
VMware vCenter Operations Adapter for Network Devices
VMware vCenter Operations Adapter for 3rd Party Data Sources
VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
VMware vShield App
VMware vShield Edge
VMware vShield Endpoint
Cisco Nexus 1000V

Visit the VMware website:

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