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An ASME Membership Certificate will acknowledge

your professional status and display your pride!

Beveled Glass Frame

John Smith

Walnut-Finish Plaque

By joining ASME, you have

demonstrated your commitment to
high professional standards. Let
others know you are a member of
the most respected professional
mechanical engineering
organization in the world by
displaying a handsome ASME
membership certificate in your
office or home. Great gift idea
consider having one custom made
for a family member or colleague
who is an ASME Member.
Every certificate is superbly printed
on 8 x 11 quality grade paper with
an embossed gold ASME seal. Your
certificate will bear your name,
current membership year, and the
signatures of the ASME President
and Executive Director.

John Smith

Three Options created exclusively for ASME members:


Beveled Glass Frame

Certificate enclosed in a
beautiful 11x14 beveled
edge glass frame with black
border providing an elegant,
contemporary style.

Walnut-Finish Plaque
Certificate matted under
clear lucite and mounted on
an attractive 10 x 13
walnut colored hardwood
plaque, providing a classic
look and style.

The Basic Ready to

frame personalized
certificate placed in an
attractive 9 x 12 blue
certificate holder with an
embossed ASME seal.

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22 Law Drive,
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Fairfield, NJ
07007-2900 USA
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or email credit card orders
to: 1-973-882-1717 or


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