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28 day renew revitalize

The Orion SPA Resort on Koh Phangan Thailand has a
selection of detox programs available:
3, 7, 10, 14 day Fasting & Colonic Cleansing
Vitality Juice Detox
11 Day Detox Package
11 Day Vitality Juice Detox Package
11 Day Alchemy Retreat
16 Day Inclusive Weight Loss Program
28 Day Renew & Revitalize Program
Healthy Living Program

About Programs
The Orion Healing programs include everything that
we have found to be beneficial to your cleanse.
We have found that by including detox massages, a
morning yoga class designed especially for your
detox and a holistic treatment, cleansers
experience easier cleanses with higher levels of
vitality and better cleansing results.
Our detox programs have been designed to ensure
personal care and attention.
We want to ensure that you have the best results
possible in the most relaxed way.

Program Overview
Lots of Yoga, yogic diet, nutrition, the chakra
system, manta, healing, yogic life coaching,
adjustment and teaching experience, yin yoga and
so much more..
O io s yoga t ai i g is u i ue i that we will focus
of the energy of the body, intuitive flow and
Students will learn Yoga history, anatomy, key
muscles of yoga, the fascial system, chakras,
nutrition, raw food cooking class, teaching
techniques and get a strong basis for self-practice.

The 28-Day Renew and

Revitalize program includes:
28 nights at Orion Garden, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Beautiful, serene surroundings situated on the Bay of Srithanu
Daily Yoga class

1 x coconut per day

daily use of our Herbal Stream Room (one of the best in Koh Phangan)
8 x traditional Thai massages

2 x Spa treatments: Mineral Dead Sea face and body wrap & Ear coning
4 x Reiki sessions
1 x Holistic treatments (Theta Healing, Abdominal Chi massage,

Transformation Healing, Cranio Sac al)

2 days pre-cleanse:
2 Liver Flush Drinks per day (made with fresh
orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, and olive oil)

Raw food diet: fruit salad, 1 garden salad

1 x fresh coconut per day

Our fasting & Colonic Cleanse

program (7, 10, 14 days)
Introductory lecture on colemas
All supplements: Green plus, mega vitamin and mineral
complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria
5 Daily detox drinks with bentonite clay and psyllium
1 x herbal tea per day
1 x healthy broth per day
2 x colemas per day (self-administrated colonic)
Private colema equipment in the bungalow
Option of coffee, apple cider vinegar, or garlic colemas
Filtered water for the colemas

2 days post-cleanse
Papaya and bee pollen to break your fast
Post-detox information and guidelines for re-

introducing foods after your detox

Raw food diet: 1 fruits salad & 1 garden salad or

steamed vegetables
1 x fresh coconut per day

Post-Detox menu:
Orion Caf restaurant offers a large variety of vegan meals
(with the exception of raw yogurt and honey, also
available for the non-vegans).
We specialise in Traditional Thai dishes, Indian sets,
Gourmet raw food, Salads, vegan comfort food, Burgers,
Sa dwiches, aw dese ts, etc
During the rest of your stay at Orion, you will get each

Daily fresh juice

Orions Recommendation:
For cleansing the entire digestive tract, organs and
blood stream, we recommended a minimum of a
7.5 day detox program.
The cleanse restores the body to balance and
harmony. For those who need deeper
detoxification and weight loss, or for those who
have already completed the 11 day detox, we have
longer programs 16 Day Inclusive Weight Loss
Program, 28 Day Renew & Revitalize Program.
In the case of time restrictions and those who want
to get the feel of a detox program, we also offer a
3.5 day detox program.

How to Make a Reservation

1) Read through all the programs (detox, yoga,
holistic therapies, etc.) and decide which program
fits best with you.
2) Look at the accommodation options and choose
which room suits your preferences and budget.
3) Know the exact date of arrival and when you
would like to begin your detox program.
4) Fill out the form under the Make Reservation tab.
O io s staff will p o ptly espo d to you e ail
and answer any of your questions.

Contact us!
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