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Dabin Chung
September 19, 2014


oArea: 331,210 km
oPopulation: 89.71 million
oCurrency: Vietnamese dong

o Climate: Vietnam is located in both a tropical

and a temperate zone. It is characterized by
strong monsoon influences, but has a
considerable amount of sun, a high rate of
rainfall, and high humidity. Regions located
near the tropics and in the mountainous
regions are endowed with a temperate
o Natural Resources: phosphates, coal,
manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite,
chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits,
timber, hydropower.
o Rivers: Red river and Mekong river are the
major river of Vietnam.
o Mountains: The major mountains are Ba V
mountain range, Marble Mountains and My
To Mountains.
o They are speaking Vietnamese
o The triple religion (Vietnamese: tam gio),

referring to the syncretic combination of

Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, and
Taoism remains a strong influence on the
beliefs and practices of the Vietnamese, even
if the levels of formal membership in these
religious communities may not reflect that
o In 2012 the life expectancy in Vietnam
increased to 75.61 years. That year, the life
expectancy for women was 80.37 years and
for men 71.07 years.
Vietnams position worsened with respect to
the 182 countries we publish said data,
dropping from the 57th in 2011 to 58th in
2012.If we look at the change in life
expectancy in Vietnam over the past several
years, we find that it is higher than in 2011,
when it was 75.46 years, which is the same of

what happens compared to 2002, when it was

74.10 years.
o Natural hazards: Flood 2008
The 2008 Vietnam floods affected north and
central Vietnam, as well as southern parts of
the China after three days of heavy raining.
The rainfall, which began October 30, is the
heaviest in 24 years, a state meteorological
official told the Vietnam News Agency,and
were the worst floods in Hanoi since 1984. At
least 66 in Vietnam and 34 in China have
been killed because of the flooding. Overall,
15,000 families evacuated their homes, and
almost 100 schools, 100,000 houses, 241,000
hectares of crops, and 25,400 hectares of fish
farms were submerged or damaged in the
o Evolution

Motorcycle has rapidly become the main

transportation vehicle for Vietnamese.
We barely can find a car in Vietnam and
most of the cars are an old model. MEDC
are taking cars for their vehicles because
they have enough money to buy it but
most Vietnamese dont have enough
money to buy it.
o The overall quality of health in Vietnam is
good, as reflected by 2010 estimates of
life expectancy (76.86 years) and infant
mortality (20.24 per 1,000 live births).
However, malnutrition is still common in
the provinces, and the life expectancy
and infant mortality rates are stagnating.
o The economy of Vietnam is a developing
planned economy and market economy.
Since the mid-1980s, through the i Mi
reform period, Vietnam has made a shift
from a highly centralized planned
economy to a socialist-oriented market

economy, which use both directive and

indicative planning.
I think Vietnam is RIC. Even though their
transportation is not good the health and
business are MEDC. When they changes a bit
they could have a higher score.