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The first time that IRA was involved in an army fight was during the war of the
irish Independence , wich took place beteen 1919 and 1921 , ( 6 condades ,
decided to stay aliated to the british and to be separated from Ireland ) as one
of the phases of the irish revolution . in the same way that the sinn
fein( political partie that believes in the union of all Ireland ) suffered a split
after the anglo-irish agreement signed in London December 1921 wich
established the free state of Ireland , a small faction of the IRA accepted the
agreement and joined the army of the new state , the majority part of IRA
called the irregulars , fitght vs the government of the free state of irland in the
civil wwar of 1922 and 1923 , although the clash stopped in this last year , IRA
continue reclutting and training member , and from time to time it carried out
violent acts , it was prohibited in 1932 , and again in 1935 . and again after
irland move back from the commonwealth (members aliated to british) in
1948 , after turning into the republic of Ireland , IRA direct all his attention to
the elimination of the british domain in northern Ireland , in 1955 the militants of
the illegal republican irish army initiate a campaign of terrorist attacks directed to
achieve the unification of two Irelands ,

whit the aim to constitute an irish unified republic .at the end of the decade of
the 1960 , the northern irish catholics began a campaign of force to improve
his economic and political situation . the support to IRA increased as this one
was intensifying his assaults to protestant activists and the british army , the
differences of 1969 about the utilization of terrorist tatics drove to the of IRA
in two groups , a radical group . who support the armed fight and the
terrorism , and the main group who choose for the political way to achieve his
It was after the so called “domingo sangriento “ January 30 . 1972 when 14
persons died for the shots of the british army in the locality of Londonderry ,
the increase of the violence motivated that London was deciding to eliminate
the government of the Belfast and to install a system of direct government in
1973 , in a plebicito realized in northem Ireland . 60% of his population voted in
favour of the union whit great Britain.

But on july 28 . 2005 the republican irish army IRA , realized the most awaited
advertisement m the end of the terrorism and his bet for the democratic route
to achieve his aims , the prime minister btritish and irish announce a calendar
to restore the northern irish autonomy,
Restoring the autonomy in march 2007