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IN THE YEAR 2015-2016



JANUARY 20, 2016

Table of contents Title page Approval sheet Abstract Acknowledgement Dedication Table of content Table of figure. table of tables Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the study Chapter 2 Research Design or Methodology Chapter 3 Result and Discussion Chapter 4 Conclusion Recommendation References Appendices Table Figure Bio Data of Researcher CHAPTER I .

This order shifted from the original mother tongue approach by specifying twelve major regional languages to be used as the languages of instruction. Consequently. With more than 7107 islands and 181 distinct Languages (Lewis. because I would like to learn and speak the languages in Cordillera specially I am from Isabela province. social responsibilities. The linguistic and cultural diversity in the Philippines brings much complexity to the issue of language policy in education. 2009). 2012). the Philippines offers a challenging environment for implementing a language policy that can serve the whole country. and Fennig. language policies for Philippines schools have fluctuated greatly over the last century with a different policy for nearly every generation. In 2009. 2013).Introduction According to the English historian. moral and spiritual dimension. the hypothetical most recent common ancestor of all the world's languages. responsible and moral lives. Until recently. the 1974 and 1987 Bilingual Education Policies determined the language of instruction in schools to be Filipino and English. Thus the holistic instructional system provides for quality instructional and sufficient opportunities for social. Another order was issued in 2012 that offered more specific guidelines for MTB-MLE and embedded the reform in the newly adopted ―K to 12 Basic Education Program‖ (Philippines Department of Education. It educational approach is transformational whereby it nurtures its trainees international competitive and at the same times developed for social and national leadership and spirit to serve God and the people. Under this order. moral and spiritual experiences that all together develops students to lead successful.” and the mission is “to operate an educational institution that provides relevant and practical comprehensive course or teacher employable skills and answer to priority needs of government and industry. This is despite the fact that about 80% of the population does not speak either of these as a first language. civic. This order requires use of the learners ‘first language as the medium of instruction for all subject areas in pre-kindergarten through grade three with Filipino and English being taught as separate subjects (Philippines Department of Education. the Department of Education (DepEd) challenged the Bilingual Education Policy by issuing an order that called for institutionalization of mother tongue based multilingual education (MTBMLE). BSBT College was established on 1972 as a first private technical school in the north with a vision of “BSBT college envision itself as a transforming educational institution where young and old people train come for excellent and relevant training through who holistic life development process toward occupational and professional achievement.” I make this study to know the different languages used of the student in BSBT College. teachers are 2 provided government-issued materials in their regional languages but are expected to adapt them to reflect the students ‘first languages. Simons. Mother tongue may also refer to: Proto-Human language. Bill Bryson mother tongue is usually refers to a person's first language. Background of the study .

Automotive Mechanics. 1. In 1975. Radio Broadcasting. Galo D Weygan. Nursing Aide and other course. At present Statement of the problem This study hopes to make a research specifically to answer the following. Garment Trade. The founder. the growing school transfer to the more spacious YWCA Building along Harrison Road.The school opened its door in 1972 as Baguio Training Center at Teofilix building along Session Road. Cosmetology Electronics. Its initial offering was 1-2 months courses such as practical and proficient typing and practical book keeping and accounting-making it the first private institution to provide affordable vocational and technical training in the north. BSBT acquired its own building at Tabora Park in order to topple. A profile of the different mother tongue used by the student. Commercials Arts And Modular Course such as Motor Vehicle Driving. holds a master degree in business administrator (MBA) and practicing Certified Public Accountant and hails from Besao Mountain Province. Electrical Housewiring. In response to employment and business needs. the school was incorporated as Baguio School of Business and Technology. In 1984. the course offers gradually increased to include short term course such us Hotel and Restaurant Management. 2. Refrigerator and Air Conditioning. News Writing Computer Programing. Perception of the relevance of the mother tongue in technical vocational . In august of 1977.

Magsaysay Ave. 434Happy Homes. .BSBT COLLEGE Inc. Baguio City Dear Respondent. Thank you very much. The researcher is conducting a research entitled “THE DIFFERENT MOTHER TONGUE USED BYTHE STUDENT OF BSBT COLLEGE IN THE YEAR 2013-2016” as a requirement of the subject Special Research under the course Bachelor Technical Teacher Education. The result of the study will be shared to you later.

understand. Is mother tongue relevant in technical vocational education? __ Yes __No __Maybe . __ 1 (elementary) can identify general subject matter in some authentic texts.Truly Yours. and appreciate contemporary expository. What is the level of your reading abilities in your languages? __ +0 (no proficiency) no practical ability to read the language. uncertainty. Did you speak your language? __ Yes __no 3. __ 3 (professional working) the individual is typically able to read with facility. but not equivalent. RELEVANT 1. __ 5(native or bilingual) Accuracy of comprehension is equivalent to that of a well-educated native reader. Kenneth C. inability to discern nuance And/or intentionally disguised meaning. __ 4(full professional) Accuracy is close to that of the well-educated native reader. Is mother tongue relevant in multi-lingual education? __ Yes __No __Maybe 2. __ 2 (limited working) Weaknesses include slowness. What is your mother tongue (1st language)? __ Tiggian __ Kankanaey __ Ifugao __ Ilocano __Ibalio __ Ivatan __ Tagalog __ Ybanag __Isneg __ Yogad __Alkanon __ Chavacano __ Waray __Yakan __Higayon __ Tausog __ Kapampangan __ Other 2. Vallejo Profile Name :_______________ ( optional) Age: __ 17 below __ 18-20 __ 21-23 __ 24 above Province: __________________ Tribe: _______________________ Civil status: __ Single __ Married __ Divorce MOTHER TONGUE 1. technical or literary texts which do not heavily on slang and unusual items.