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Contact info.

Main Office
Michael Wood

Measure B
On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, the voters in the Brentwood School District
will be asked to consider Measure B, a local school bond. Bond funds
will be used to renovate and modernize the older schools, upgrade
libraries, science and computer labs, and build a new elementary school
to avoid overcrowding. In addition, Measure B funds will be used to
improve school security at building entrances and to replace and
upgrade security systems.

Jennifer Whitney
Vice Principal
Albert Strong
Vice Principal

The Voter Information Guide from the Contra Costa County Elections
Department will arrive soon. The pamphlet includes a ballot argument in
favor of Measure B (there was no opposition) as well as other details
such as your polling place location. You can also request to Vote by Mail
for this and future elections. Please make sure to vote in this important

For more information about Measure B, please

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Our Website
See AMS website
Math help schedule
District Website

Save The Date!
Open House is Thursday, May 12, 2016. Between 4:30pm - 5:00pm
there will be a presentation in the AMS Gym for our incoming 6th
graders. Open House for our current AMS Student will be between
6:00pm - 7:00pm.

Report Water Waste

Marian Huhn Award

Non Profit Flyers
Parks and RecreationIncreditlflix
Great America Campout

The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) offers five Honor
Awards regionally each year to outstanding students. The Marian Huhn
Memorial Award, recognizes junior high school students for their
academic excellence and service to the school and community. Five
students from each region receive a $250 scholarship award. Adams
Middle School is proud to announce that our two nominees, Rylee Cagle
and Mateo Pena were honored with Marian Huhn Award at the regional
CJSF conference on Saturday, April 23rd in San Jose for their
academic excellence and service to the community. Congratulations
Rylee and Mateo!

End of Year Book Round Up!
BUSD Food Service website.
Link it to:

Who: Any student with textbooks or library
books at home

What: All home copies of textbooks and


library books

Where: Turn in all books to the library. You
See our website under
information tab for the
following information:

may see all textbooks and library
books which are checked out to you at

Attendance Education Code

click on the "log in" icon in the upper
right corner of the screen. User

Every School Day Counts

name = first initial.last name and
password is initials followed by

Attendance Poster

student number and lower case "a"

Why: Students with unpaid fines may not be
eligible to participate in year-end
activities or receive their yearbook as

Important Dates!

books are property of BUSD.

When:Textbooks: The day you take your final
May 3

exam for a subject or earlier if book is

*7/8 Girls Volleyball at

no longer needed for assignments but
By May 27th

*Boys and Girls Soccer at

Library books: BY May 16th
May 4
*Anti-Bullying Awareness
wear pink!
*7/8 Girls Volleyball at

How: Place a slip of paper with your first and
last name and student ID inside the front
cover of the book and bring to the library

6th grade AMS
*Boys and Girls Soccer at

Note: The library will not be open on May 17th

May 5
*7/8 Girls Volleyball at AMS
* Boys and Girls Soccer at

May 6
*DVMS Track Finals at
Freedom High School 3:30
*AMS sports Spirit Day
*We're Boucin' Up Outta
Here Social
3:00pm-5:00pm at the lower

May 10 -12
*Scholastic Book Fair
in the AMS Library

May 11
*Walk From School

Gr 6
Gr 7
Gr 8

Soc St



AMS Cafeteria News!
Students are not allowed to charge meals in the cafeteria starting
Monday, May 2nd, all of your cafeteria balances need to be paid off by
the end of the year. Please log on to Parent Connect to track your

Attention 6th Grade Parents!
TDAP Vaccine Required before entering 7th
Under a new California law, vaccines required for school are no longer
excused due to personal reasons. For the 2016-17 school year, 7th
grade students are NOT allowed to begin school until proof of TDAP
vaccination is provided to the office. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Wear green- Spirit Day

May 12
*Incoming 6th graders
presentation at 4:305:00pm in the AMS Gym
*Open House 6:00pm7:00pm
*7/8 Girls Volleyball at

4th Quarter Review
As Spring time approaches please refer back
to the school handbook. It reviews school and
district policies regarding many items that include: End of Year
Activities, Promotion Policy, Dress Code,
Discipline/Behavior, Articles Prohibited At School. We want to help
support our students ability to stay informed and end the
year successfully.

6th grade at O'Hara Park
*Boys and Girls Soccer at

May 18
#icanhelp Spirit Day

May 19

Cell Phones at School
We are experiencing an increase of our students with their cell phones
out during the school day. Please remind your student that phones
should remain off and put away during school hours. Please remember
cell phones are taken away and parents may be called to retrieve the
phone and your student may be subject to further disciplinary action.
For emergencies, the office phone is always available.

*8th Grade Black and Gold
6:00pm - 8:00pm in the


May 21
*8th Grade Graduation
6:00pm- 9:00pm

If you are planning to move over the summer, or are enrolling
your student in another school, please let us know. This helps
us prepare and forward your child's records, enabling his/her
smooth transition. Thank you so much for your help. If you

May 26

have any questions, please call your child's school or the

*Black and Gold Spirit Day

Brentwood Union School District Office at 513-6316.
you there!

May 30

If you have any questions, please call your child's

*Memorial Holiday

school or the Brentwood Union School District Office at

No School


May 31

AMS Track

* 8th Graders to Great

The 2016 Track team has done an amazing job this season! All of our

*7th Graders to Brentwood
Water Park
*6th Grade Field Day

June 1
*8th Grade Promotion at

June 2
*Last Day of School

In accordance with
Vehicle Code 21212 (A) All
students under the age of
riding scooters, long boards,
bicycles, roller blades to
must wear a certified

athletes have been working hard in the hopes that they will qualify in
the Delta Valley Middle School Track & Field Invitational sponsored by
Les Schwab Tires and hosted by Freedom High School. At this
Invitational we hope to win the All Girls & All Boys trophies as we did
last year. This year as a joint team when we combine our 6th, 7th,
8th grade teams both Male and Female we are undefeated as a school.
Track is a unique sport for have over 100 kids on our team, and many of
these athletes complete in up to four different events which include
100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 4x100, 4x400 meter races and the high
jump, long jump, and shot put. We are the only school in our league that
is fortunate to have 3 full time coaches which include Jill Dalldorf,
Kara Clapp and Vannest Brown. This season we've had incredible parent
support in running 3 home track meets which requires over 20 parent
volunteers and last over 2 hours each meet. Many other schools
struggle to find coaches to support this program, nor do they have the
luxury of practicing at a high school track on a daily basis as the Adams
team does thanks to Heritage High School. Unfortunately, the
equipment is expensive for track. This year the high jump standards
have broke due to constant use in the last ten years. We don't know
the Heritage's plans for replacing them nor do we know how long the
mat and high jump bar will last. New quality standards are over
$750.00 and that does not include the bar upon which it rests. If we
can find a metal worker/welder that can repair the high jump standard
this would be ideal

. Please contact Coach Dalldorf if you have metal working
equipment and skills for this could save us a lot of money. Check
out how close this year's athletes are to breaking our school records
D=38684 .

with chin strap. Please help
our students safe by

6th Grade Elective Informational Video

your child wear a helmet and
obey traffic laws as they
to and from school.
may be cited.
Also,students are not
allowed to
ride skateboards/scooters/

Is your child currently a 6th grader? Do you have questions about how
electives will work for them next year when they are in 7th grade? If
so, please go to the AMS Website and watch a brief informational
video about our elective program for current 6th graders. The video
can be found by going to the AMS website, clicking on the "parents and
resources" tab, then selecting "electives" from the drop down menu
then click 6 grade elective mp4. If you have any questions, please
contact Mrs. Thornhill or Mrs.

on campus. Any student
riding on campus may have
equipment taken away and
released to parents.
Students may

Attention 8th Graders!
Leave a legacy at AMS! Purchase a Book Plate for a New AMS Library
Book where your name will be forever remembered! It's a perfect way
to thank your teachers for their gifts to you, too! It's tax deductible
for parents! Click here to see the flyer for details.

store their
in their 1st period class.
should be locked in the bike

AMS Sports on
Want to know what is going
on with AMS Sports after
school? Check the scores,
see pictures of the action
during the games. Just
follow us on

AMS Dress Code

Please remember to send
your child to school ready
for the learning environment
and dressed appropriately.
Slippers, pajamas, blankets,
loose fitting shirts exposing
mid-section, back-side or
undergarments, are not
appropriate school clothing.
The AMS administration
reserves the right to
determine the
appropriateness of the
student attire.
Students wearing
inappropriate clothing will

Student release during school day
If anyone besides the parent picks a student up during school, the
office needs prior authorization. Even if an aunt, uncle or friend is on
the emergency list, we cannot release a student to them. The
emergency form is for us to call if there is an emergency at school. It
is not setup to be used for pickup during the school day. So if you are
sending someone to pick up your child, call the office and let them know
who is picking up and that it is approved by you.

Absences and tardies can greatly influence a student's education.
Please make sure your students are arriving on time, school starts at
7:55 am. Students with chronic 1st period tardies may be assigned
Friday School Detention. Also, please remember that parents and
guardians must report all absences even if student is absent for partial
day. To report the absence, parents may call 513-6451 or send a
note to the office. Help us reach our School Year Goal of 98%

Graduation Leis!
Don't miss out on an AMS Tradition! Buy your 8th grader a flower lei or
School Color Kukui Nut Lei to wear at the promotion ceremony! 25% of
all proceeds go back to our school! Go to to order.
The last day to order is Sunday, May 29th. If you have questions,
please email Mrs. Thornhill

be required to
change. Please refer to the
student handbook or AMS
website for picture samples
of examples of dress code

Attention 7th grade Parents
AMS is sponsoring an End of Year for all eligible 7th graders at
Brentwood Water Park on May 31.
More information will follow in Advisory the week of May 2. Tickets will
go on sale before and after school at the student office window
starting the week of May 9 - May 20.

Safety First
Please help make student
drop-off and pick-up safe!
We realize traffic is a
concern, please help us by
not leaving your car
unattended, never park in a
red zone, and never allow
your student to walk thru
moving traffic. Please be
courteous. We understand
traffic jams occur, your
patience is very much
appreciated. Please drive
safely and be aware of
where students are walking
at all times.

Remember all 7th graders must meet the following criteria in order to
be eligible:
* No more than 10 tardies during 4th quarter.
* No suspensions between March 29 and the activity.
* No more than 2 F's on the 3rd quarter report card
and/or 4th quarter progress report.
* The administration reserves the right to withhold
student participation in promotion activities based on overall behavior.
*Ineligible students may participate in a planning conference to develop
a contract for success.

8th Grade Promotion Activities and Requirements

E.C. §234.1 No student or
group of students shall,
through physical, written,
verbal, or other means,
harass, sexually harass,
threaten, intimidate,
cyberbully, cause bodily
injury to, or commit hate
violence against any other
student or school personnel.
Cyberbullying includes the
transmission of harassing
communications, direct
threats, or other
harmful texts, sounds, or
images on the Internet,

If you have a child in 8th grade, your student received an 8th grade
promotion activity packet.
A list of activities and items associated with promotion.
These activities are optional and participation is dependent
upon meeting behavioral and academic requirements. Please
go to AMS website, student life tab, promotion information
to view 8th grade promotion activity flyer information.

Students are required to meet the following
expectations in order to participate in the 8th
grade promotion dance, the Great American
Field Trip and the promotion ceremony.
* No more than 10 tardies during the 3rd and 4th quarters

social media, or
other technologies using a
telephone, computer, or any
wireless communication
device. Cyberbullying also
includes breaking
into another person's
electronic account and
assuming that
person's identity in order to
damage that person's

* No suspensions during the 3rd and 4th quarters
* No more than 2 F's on the 3rd quarter report card
and/or 4th quarter progress report.
* The administration reserves the right to withhold
student participation in promotion activities based on overall
behavior and or poor academic performance. We are actively
looking to support positive involvement, responsible behavior,
and academic success!
*Ineligible students may be invited to participate in a
personal planning conference to develop a contract for success

Reminder Text

Sign up to receive text or
email reminders about
school events and deadlines!
Even if you signed up last
year, you need to sign up
again to be a part of the
2015-2016 group. To sign
up go to this link on your
phone or computer:
Enter this class code to
join: @amsupdate

Dates of 8th grade Activities:

May 21st - AMS 8th grade dance

May 31st - 8th grade trip to Great America

Please read this message carefully, as you may want to take action
regarding your student's education records.

Traffic Relief
In an effort to increase
student safety and relieve
some of the traffic before
and after school which
occurs at the stop sign by
the Heritage High School
upper parking lot, we are
proposing a new walking
route for our students who
use the walking path
between the Deer Ridge
development and American

A recent lawsuit against the California Department of Education (CDE)
is impacting all school districts across the state, including ours. The
case has received significant attention from the media, so we want to
provide you with more information on how it might affect families in
our district.
In April 2012, two organizations, the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents
Association and the Concerned Parent Association, filed a lawsuit
against the CDE alleging widespread, systemic non-compliance by local
education agencies with special education laws. The suit also alleges the
CDE fails to monitor, investigate and correct such non-compliance in
accordance with the law. The CDE denies these allegations and is
actively defending the litigation.
Our district was not involved in the lawsuit and is not the subject of
any of the suit's allegations. Nonetheless, as a part of this lawsuit, CDE

Avenue. Please remind your
student to use the
crosswalk at the very end of
American Avenue to cross
over to the campus. Using
this crosswalk will not
impede traffic flow and,
therefore, will both
increase student safety and
provide some much needed
traffic relief at the top of
the hill before and after

Parent Connect
Did you know that you can
check your child's
attendance and grades
online? It's a great way to
monitor progress and keep
your child on the right
track. If you don't know the
pin or password, call the
office. "At the end of the
day, the most overwhelming
key to a child's success is
the positive involvement of
parents." Jane D. Hull

Marquee for Birthday
AMS has an electronic
marquee located by the bus
loop. You now have the
opportunity to purchase a
birthday message to be
displayed on the school's
marquee on the day of your
child's birthday! For more
details, please see the full
document under Parents and
Resources tab on our AMS

has been ordered by the court to release all data it has collected on
general and special education students statewide since Jan. 1, 2008.
NOTE: The CDE will produce documents in the context of the litigation
and subject to a protective order (according to CDE, documents won't
become part of the Court's public records and they will likely be
returned or destroyed at the end of litigation).

For more information regarding the release of this data, visit this CDE
website. You may also contact the California Department of Education
at 916-319-0800.
Parents/Guardians may complete and mail in an Opt-Out Form to
prevent the release of student
his must be done by April 1, 2016.
F3 has published a NewsFlash with more information on this
Superintendent Torlakson's messages regarding this matter:

Student Lunch DropOff Reminder!
It is critical that we
minimize the disruptions to
the learning environment
when class is in session.
Therefore, no longer deliver
lunches to classrooms, as it
poses a regular disruption to
the learning environment.
Parents may still drop
lunches off at the Student
Center and students may
come to retrieve that
delivery on their way to the
lunch area, but we will not
interrupt classes to make
those deliveries. Please
make sure your child knows
ahead of time to check the
Student Center on a day you
have arranged to bring them
a lunch delivery.

Snack Hut
The snack hut is open this
every Thursday! We
have new items! Everything
is $2.00 except lollipops,
which are .50 cents. Come
by after school to room 3
and check it out!