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Assignment 2: Individual – Essay Writing (50%





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Based on Malaysia Education Blueprint – PPPM (2013-2015), teacher plays a role as
a catalyst to enhance the achievement of the students. The Malaysian system attracts a
large number of applicants for its teacher trainee programmes. This is promising as it implies
that there is strong interest in the profession. In line with international best practices,
applicants are selected based on a range of factors including attitude, aptitude for teaching,
and personality. The Ministry also sets a minimum academic requirement for entry into IPGs.
For example, the requirement for the Bachelor of Education programme or Program Ijazah
Sarjana Muda Pendidikan (PISMP) is three distinctions and three credits in the SPM. The
Ministry has also recently started prioritising applicants with a minimum of seven distinctions.
This prioritisation is producing a fundamental shift in the profile of teacher trainees.
Based on the shown graph, there have been a lot of changes in selecting the teacher
trainees. In 2010, 93% of PISMP applicants scored below the minimum academic
requirement, and only 1% of applicants had at least seven distinctions. In contrast, in 2012,
the percentage of applicants scoring below the requirement had dropped significantly to
38%, while the percentage of applicants with at least seven distinctions had risen to 9%.
More importantly, the prioritisation effort led to 65% of academic high-performers receiving
offers in 2012 as compared to 3% in. The Post-graduate Teaching Course or Kursus
Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) has also seen a slight improvement in intake standards,
from 7% of academic high-performers receiving offers in 2010 to 13% in 2012. These are
promising steps towards the practices of top-performing systems like Finland, Singapore,
and South Korea where only the top 10-30% of students are accepted into teaching. There
are two additional points worth noting. Firstly, there are sometimes insufficient qualified
applicants for specific subjects and locations. The Ministry is therefore exploring ways to
attract high performing candidates from a broader range of backgrounds into the teaching.

This is in line with the student aspirations in the Blueprint where it stated that Knowledge: At the most basic level. They also have high expectations of themselves and their own learning. a shared set of experiences and aspirations for Malaysia’s future can be built.By changing the intake policy of teacher trainees for PISMP in the year 2012. and they help their students meet those expectations. and active contributors to national development. she can provide early feedback. Teacher will work out as a role-model to the students. but break complex processes into manageable chunks and guide students through the processes and behaviors she wants to promote. Students will also be encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills in other areas such as the arts. For example. music. Teacher will give a positive impact to students’ achievement through providing the scaffolding and feedback students need to practice and succeed. people. it is important that students master core subjects such as Mathematics and Science. It is through these shared experiences and aspirations that a common national identity and unity is fostered. even when teacher’s goals include very complex. Effective teachers have high expectations of students in terms of both their standard of learning and their behaviour. Through interacting with individuals from a range of socio-economic. Good teachers can make a lot of differences in a very astonishing ways which will help to provide individuals with the opportunity to improve their lives. become successful members of the community. and are informed with a rounded general knowledge of Malaysia. and geography. Students need to be exposed to a very excellent kind of role model at school which of course these responsibility comes to the teachers. giving students a chance to succeed early in the semester. Asia. Besides that. teacher can give students those complex tasks early on. The teachers will be able to give a wider opportunities to the students to explore their abilities and their needs. For the new intake. and ethnic backgrounds. Thus. religious. I believe that this huge transformation will be able to stimulate the students’ achievement when they have been posted soon. every child will be fully literate and numerate. and the world—their histories. They believe every student is capable of achieving success at school and they do all they can to find ways of making each student successful. This is because practice and reinforcement are key. they will strive to motivate and engage all their students in learning rather than simply accepting that some students cannot be engaged and are destined to do poorly. the changed in intake policy for PISMP is seen as one of a great shift in producing a better teacher for a brighter future. Then. One of the advantages of having a capable teacher trainees for the future. the teacher trainees are among high achievers for their SPM which means that they have a first-class of quality in terms of carrying out their tasks. independent thinking. Beyond this. and sports. how does a teacher as a role model affects .

We look to them for advice and guidance.the students’ achievement? Firstly. usage of different methodologies impact on teaching and learning. a quality teacher among the best teacher trainees will involve an indepth and adequate knowledge of the teaching subjects both major and minor. In aligned with The National Education Philosophy for Malaysia. The Ministry will also introduce more stringent graduation requirements so that only the best trainees can graduate and be guaranteed placement in Malaysian schools. and physically. (Malaysia Education Blueprint) . spiritually. A role model is someone we admire and someone we aspire to be like. Students are enable to do banking. emotionally. the major domains of human thought and enquiry. nursing and even solve current economic crises their country undergo. The goal of teaching is to assist students in developing intellectual resources to enable them to participate in. enshrines the Ministry’s and Government’s vision of education as a means for the holistic development of all children: intellectually. 1986). Philosophical argument as well as “common sense” supports the conviction that teachers’ own subjects matter influences their efforts to help students learn subject matter. In the future. only the best candidates will be recruited as teachers. teaching. Understanding of subject matter also enables teachers to impact on teaching and learning. The Ministry will also work with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to ensure that the same standards are put in place in the Public Higher Education Institutes or Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTAs) teacher training programmes. This means that the Ministry will rigorously enforce entry standards to ensure that 100% of every teacher training intake meet the minimum academic requirement. through their commitment to excellence and through their ability to make us realize our own personal growth. Additionally. Impact is made on learning when students are able to use the subject matter taught in class to actively participate in their environment. a role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness. Other than that. Understanding enables them to use different teaching methodologies to help students learn subject matter. live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. Teacher will be able to show a positive attitude towards students in order for them to be moulded holistically. the Ministry will work with Teacher Education Institutes or Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPGs) and MOHE to ensure that the quality of the curriculum and lecturers are upgraded to deliver the kind of teachers desired. written in 1988 and revised in 1996. not merely to know about. Helping students learn subject matter involves more than the delivery of facts and information (Debora Ball. We learn through them.

At the centre of this are the thousands of dedicated teachers. while global organisations such as UNESCO and World Bank have recognised and lauded Malaysia’s progress in education. the nation has lay a golden expectation and view towards the teacher trainees in the IPG. To close up my argument. They know that students learn best if they are provided with opportunities to learn not only from the teacher but also from other students and from sources outside the school that are now more readily accessible through various forms of technology. but scholars generally agree that teacher quality is probably the most important school-based factor affecting achievement. And through their efforts we have. . for example. principals. Our education system has been the bedrock of our development. with it. 2011).Based on the above statement. lifting achievement for all students. Students not only learn by being exposed to learning opportunities but they also need to be explicitly taught those things it is important for all students to know. we cannot stand still. our prosperity. Specific estimates are difficult to arrive at because economists have been unable to link a portion of the variation in student achievement to any particular input (Sawchuk. Our country requires a transformation of its entire education system. Factors such as family background continue to predict a majority of the variation in student achievement. achieved near-universal access at the primary and lower secondary levels. we should work to meet those ambitious yet achievable aspirations and goals. teaching experience has consistently been linked to student scores. There are many things that students can learn themselves through discovery. But in order to meet our high aspirations amidst an increasingly competitive global environment. Some students will learn these things quickly and with only minimal direct teaching. It has provided this generation and those before it with the skills and knowledge that have driven the country’s growth and. Thus. they have overseen a dramatic improvement to the quality and provision of education. Of the measurable characteristics isolated for study. Lastly. whose contribution can never be overstated. Other students will need concerted direct teaching and correction by the teacher before they master the learning required. administrators. In the 55 years since our independence. There also are many things that require the teacher to teach in a more direct way. effective teachers are capable of inspiring significantly greater learning gains in their students when compared with their weaker colleagues. Effective teachers help students learn on their own as well as with and from others. and officers and staff at the Ministry of Education. both past and present. the selected teacher trainees will enhance their teaching performances when they have been posted soon through techniques that best serve the learning needs of their students. with the teacher structuring the learning to suit.

One of my recommendation in order to minimize the above issue is the Headmaster of the school should conduct a weekly spot-check for dress etiquette among the teachers and students. When there are some teachers who disobey the rule. The second issue that I have observed during my practicum was the 23 rule in Public Officer Regulations 1993. there were teachers who folded the sleeves up to elbow and not wearing ties. Some of men teachers were no neatly dressed when they came to the school. Teachers need to be a good role model to the students both in physical appearance and attitudes. This way can give the alert to the teachers that they also need to dress properly to come to school as a civil servant. While for some women teachers. the Headmaster should give warning letter to them. without permission or without reasonable cause. Teachers should be committed to the tasks that are carried out so as to guarantee the future performance of the students. For example. As a teacher. the school can also organize talk or course about the Public Officer Regulations once in a while as a reminder to them.Assignment 3: Individual – Reflection (20%) The implementation of Public Officer Regulations 1993 can help to control the power that has been given to the civil servants so that they will not commit fraud as well as use the power for their personal interests. namely the absence of a public officer on duty is also one of the issues that arose in the school. Teachers should portray a good value in dressing so that the citizen will respect us and our jobs. there were some of teachers who do not comply with the dress code etiquette based on the Public Officer Regulation 1993. Based on my practicum. The issue of absences work occurred in the absence of the teacher on duty at school without leave. . With the availability of these properties. For teachers. at Sekolah Kebangsaan Buluh Lima. the teacher should be aware of their attendance and to ensure that teachers are always punctual and present to school to educate the students. I could see that some of them tended to wear fit clothes that are not really suitable to be wore at school. honesty and responsibility in a job is important and is the main things that help improve teachers ' profession worldwide. This rule is the rule 6 in the Public Officer Regulations 1993 where it stated that the civil servants will have to obey the dress code etiquette that has been declared by the government. This includes absences for any program on the time and place required to be on duty.

With the availability of teachers as well as complies with every ethical rule. such as give a letter of warning to teachers who did the mistake. To recap. the school was able to detect the presence of teachers easier and will indirectly helps teachers to be more in compliance with the regulations of civil officers. By using the fingerprint scanner system. a fingerprint scanner can replace the old method of punch card as a proof that teachers come to work. it will help us to mould better students and to create a useful human capital for the country in the future. I need to pay attention to the matters stated in the regulations in order to become a dedicated and successful individual in my honoured career.There are several steps that can be taken in order to overcome this problem. As a teacher trainee. When a teacher could not attend to school. he/she must provide a valid Medical Certificate from the government hospital. This is because the use of punch card is also found to be unable to curb the problem of absence. In addition to improve the teachers’ attendance. the teacher must comply with the regulations of civil Officers 1993 appointed with a view to ensure that the quality of education will continue to increase in aligned with the current development of the world. Headmaster and other teachers must be strict about the rule. the school can improve attendance to school. .

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