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English 1013
2 May 2014
The 1995 and 1997 Trials of O. J. Simpson
The 1995 criminal trial of Orenthal James Simpson, more commonly known as O.J.
Simpson, for the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman has been called “a
great trash novel come to life” (Linder). The trial was made very public by the media and had a
high impact on the American public. Some speculate that the verdict would have been different if
the case had not been so highly publicized. However the fact remains that even now almost
twenty years after the crime, nineteen years after the criminal trial, and seventeen years after the
civil trial, you will find people discussing these trials and their verdicts.
On June 12, 1994 sometime after ten o'clock a single male entered Nicole BrownSimpsons home and brutally slaughtered both Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald
Goldman. Brown-Simpson’s throat was slashed and almost severed her head from her body
(Linder). Goldman was stabbed approximately thirty times. Brown-Simpson’s ex-husband O. J.
Simpson became the number one suspect and was charged with the murders (Harris, Mcguire
and Raeffer). The prosecution in the trial believed that they had solid physical evidence that
proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Simpson was guilty of premeditated murder.
Unfortunately for them, Simpson hired a “Dream Team,” as called by the media, which used
mechanisms such as racial profiling and police corruption to destroy the prosecution’s case and
discredit every piece of information that was once presumed viable (Harris, Mcguire and

DNA tests showed blood on glove found on Simpson's property appeared to contain genetic markers of Simpson and both victims. Through 911 calls to police and testimony. January 24. The Prosecution showed evidence of Simpson’s previous violent behavior. They had Simpson try on the gloves in the courtroom (Linder). Your Honor. 1995. The defense responded with acquisitions that the glove was placed by Detective Mark Fuhrman. They gloated that theevidence gloves didn't fit and later stated "if it doesn't fit. size extra-large.2 On July 22. The trial began on Tuesday. The evidence collected by the police from both the crime scene and Simpson’s house were presented by the prosecution and discredited by the defense. you must acquit" (The Associated Press). selecting a jury and a hearing deciding whether the media’s cameras would be allowed in the courtroom. 1994. they showed history of Simpson hitting. A supposed mate was found behind Simpson's guest house. . The prosecution explained that the gloves didn't fit Simpson because the gloves had shrunk from being soaked in blood and Simpson was wearing rubber gloves on underneath (The Associated Press). "Absolutely one hundred percent not guilty. was found at the murder scene (The Associated Press). His exact words were. Simpson pled not guilty at his plea and arraignment (Linder). The prosecution argued that Simpson had lost the left glove at his ex-wife's home during the struggle. One dark. They were hoping to show the jury that he was capable of violence. Reporters arrived for what writer Dominick Dunne called "the Super Bowl of murder trials" (Linder). a racist cop trying to frame Simpson." The months that followed were full of discoveries. The defense stated that those cases were irrelevant and isolated events that were poorly supported by the evidence (The Associated Press). The gloves did not fit him. degrading and stalking Nicole BrownSimpson. The played the racist card many times in the case saying that the blood may have been planted by police officers. cashmere-lined Aris Light leather glove.

proved he was not the same kind of judge that judged the criminal case (Linder). Americans watched at 10 a. "Supreme Court of California. taken over one hundred and thirty-three days to try and had cost fifteen million dollars (Linder).3 The jury spent only three hours deliberating the case that had produced one hundred and fifteen witnesses. The 1997 trial. and a verdict required only 9 of 12 votes. Simpson committed the murders. held in Santa Monica. From the audience came the moans of Kim Goldman. stating that in all probability Mr. not guilty of the crime of murder" (Jones). and the disbelieving cry of his mother Patti Goldman. Orenthal James Simpson. case number BA 097211. Hiroshi Fujisaki.m. Simpson was soon dealing with a civil trial. The civil case was tried before a predominantly white jury. We the jury. Possible reasons for this are that the criminal case was tried by a predominantly black jury. in the above-entitled action. took three months and produced the opposite result of the criminal trial. PST on October 3. Simpson was noticeable relieved and his “Dream Team” were visibly overjoyed and feeling victorious (Linder).). County of Los Angeles in the matter of the State of California versus Orenthal James Simpson. the jury concluded that O. find the defendant. J. the . Both the criminal court and the civil court had the same evidence but they turned out completely different verdicts. 1995 as the jury stated. Ron's sister. and a conviction required a finding that was beyond any reasonable doubt (Ayres Jr. After seventeen hours of deliberation. Simpson was forced to testify and did a poor job of explaining what happened on the evening of the murders. In the criminal case. He prevented the defense from introducing fanciful theories of a conspiracy. Simpson had wrongfully caused the death of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson (Linder). The judge in the civil trial. most of the defense’s case was allegations that police investigators were racist but in the civil case.

.).4 jury heard little about racism because the court ruled that such allegations were inflammatory and speculative (Ayres Jr.

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