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STATE OF COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY ‘Walker R. Stapleton Shite Tremirer Jonathan J. Forbes Deputy Tremurer May 8, 9016 Kristen Jetferspm Resewrch Associate Colorado Eahes Watch Dear Ms Jellerson: In response (o your records request on May 3, 2016, please find tached for your review a copy ofall schedules, ily agendas an calendars for he period from February L, 2016 dirougl April 3, 2016 related to the Treasurer's official work as Colorado Stale Treasure: you have any quesions, com 308.866.1951 is or need additional information please do not hesitate 10 (03) 866-2441 140 Sate Cepitot FAX (303) 866-2128 Denver, Colorado 80203 ‘wv colorado gov"teasury