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Who wants the world, seek the knowledge who wants the world hereafter, seek the knowledge

who wants both
again, seek the knowledge.
Ladies and gentlemen..
We bid you good morning, welcome.
“Knowledge suceeds”
No life without knowledge,
Not meaningful to live without knowledge.
We human always need knowledge just for the sake of happiness in this world and hereafter.
Hi, friends who are boys
friends who are girls.
There are some defination among other.
Knowledge is on the title of curtain.
How does knowledge becomes light but knowledge drives one nearer to Almighty God. (Allah)
How to be thankful to his mercy
Yes, Isn’t it like this my friends (x2)
Do you all know from learning we knew human beings when born [(don’t know anything) x2]
knowledge makes human
Research first, then only can think and then understand it.
Knowledge teaches human being to know about the world’s lives.
With knowledge, humans can differenciate between right and wrong
no knowledge, mankinds’s life would be destroyed.
With light of knowledge,
mankind would not be in darkness.
Without knowledge mankind would be at less
Earn knowledge wherever it is.

look over there. girls and boys. Knowledge without practice is similar to a tree with no fruits. But do not forget friends. Hardwork. The learning methodology of the 21st century starts with the internet in every field. Why !! But I like to surf the net.. We will not gain knowledge except with these six matters.. Why (x3) Knowledge is visianary.. There. There are rules and regulations on knowledge seeking of course you all know that we know. To obtain new information speedily. Knowledge would die if we ignore. My friends. Who likes to read books like Huda? I also. knowledge could decrease. A man with no knowledge is considered dead eventhough he is alive.. Expenditure... you are right reading is the key to knowledge. Huda is reading a book...Hence... Knowledge is light and without it is darkness. people with knowledge should utilise knowledge earned. Dear friends. Yes.. . A man of knowledge certainly lives eventhough he is sure to die. where. what’s that.. Commitment.. Therefore. Intelligence Teachers who guide and friends. Me too.

.... Right.. Who is the most experienced in the third knowledge Medical and philosophy… Dr.. We want to ask... How wonderful would life be If we are like them. Here and there. There is a last question. do not among us to say you are better than others.. Usamah Ibnu Land. No lah. He had travelled to the outerspace in a rocket.. Chef Wan.. Who is our national astronout? Who is he? I know. Strong man who are great in the histrory of bravery. Superman.. He is Doctor Syeikh Muzaffar. Batman. What a brave man..A knowledgeable person has to manifest his good behaviour. Right. What are the tips to archieve all these? Do you all know or not?? That is the tips _ knowledge (x3) Of course.. Who was the army commander in World War II? Tunku Abdul Rahman... Fuyoo. Therefore...... Corruption.. Mahathir… Ibnu Shina. murder… Help… robbery . Humility is one of them.

my dear audience.. Hello. Life without knowledge is as no value.... Seeking knowledge is compulsory for boys and girls. It acts as guidance in our lives towards peace and safety. Thank you.. For knowledge is the light of revelation.Why does this happen? The result of ignorance is opposite to knowledge.. .