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Axis of Evil

Wrong Kind of Green May 04, 2016 / 1Sky, Avaaz, Ceres, Purpose
Public Good Project
May 2, 2016
by Jay Taber

Above: 2016 Investor Summit on Climate Risk. Advancing the Clean Trillion: On 27 January
2016, Ceres, the United Nations Foundation and the United Nations Office for Partnerships cohosted the 2016 Summit on Climate Risk at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
[Source: United Nations Office for Partnerships]
The New Economy unveiled by the global financial elite at COP21 has two main components:
1. clean energy, and 2. sustainable capitalism. These, in turn, comprise two of the elements of
the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 21st Centurya
partnership project between Wall Street, the UN and international NGOs, i.e. Avaaz, Ceres,
Purpose and 350.

Above: Michelle Rodriguez has joined Liam Neeson as a voice in the first ever global cinema
ad titled #WEHAVEAPLAN TELL EVERYONE and today sees the release of the teaser trailer
ahead of the premiere in New York on 24th September and the ad Appearing on thousands of
Cinemas around the world from the 25th September. [SAWA-Press-Release]
Above: Michelle Rodriguez is the voice of the United Nations Global Goals cinema ad. The
above video is a clip from the Opportunity Green Rodriguez award (eco-maverick)
acceptance video which surmises both the new economy as well as the purpose of celebrity
endorsement: Any account of celebrities must be predicated on the recognition that the
interests served are first of all those of capital.' Celebrity Culture, 2006 citing Graeme T
The primary promoters of the New Economy, clean energy and sustainable capitalismthat
form the core of the UN SDGsare Bill Gates, Jeremy Heimans (Avaaz & Purpose) and Bill
McKibben (350). Economic development under the SDGs relies on financial investment from
the World Bank, and compliance enforcement from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)in
partnership with Wall Street and regional investment banks.

Avaaz and Purpose Inc. co-founder, Jeremy Heimans (far right) in Opportunity Green panel
discussion for the green economy, with celebrity spokesperson Don Cheadle (second from left)
The results of this sustainable capitalism can already be seen in the form of mega-dams, megaplantations, and mega-mining projects in South America, Africa and Asia. This industrial
developmentwhile profitable to the investorshas unfortunately resulted in major deforestation,
toxic pollution of fresh water, and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples who formerly called
these territories home.
Adjacent to the mega-dams, mega-plantations, and mega-mines of the New Economy are
makeshift camps for the industrial laborers, as well as rural shanty towns for displaced farmers
and fishermen. The Indigenous peoplesthose that arent murdered by corporate security
personnel working in tandem with the police and militaryare frequently relocated to urban
slums far away, where many die a slow death of poverty and substance abuse.

Above: Does no not mean no? No wind. [The Dark Side of Clean Energy in Mexico] Photo:
Santiago Navarro F.

The mega-dams provide electricity for industry, including the processing of minerals from the
mega-mines, as well as the GMO soy and palm oil produced on the mega-plantations. The clean
energy minerals include gold, copper, and lithium, which are used in consumer electronics, solar
panels, wind mills, and batteries for electric vehicles. They also include coal, oil, and uranium
that is used to fuel the electrical grids in countries such as France, Japan and the UK.
In countries like Australia, Canada and the US, the development of gold, coal, oil and uranium
mining on the lands of Indigenous peoples caused significant displacement, pollution, genocide
and disease throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, and is now the reason for uprisings,
terrorism and wars in places like Mali, the Philippines, West Papua, the Congo, Rwanda and
Burundi. In order to destroy Indigenous opposition to this displacement and dispossession by
multinational corporations, the UN Security Council led by the US has supported NATO
invasions in places such as Libya, as well as an increased presence by AFRICOMthe US
military forces in Africa.

The clean energy plan of the UN, Wall Street and NGOsthat championed the financial elite
at COP21relies on two primary projects: 1. a global nuclear power renaissance, and 2.

privatization of Indigenous and public resources worldwide. If the UN SDGs already comprising
sustainable capitalism are the New Economy, how does that differ from the old one?

[Jay Thomas Taber is an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies and a
contributing editor of Fourth World Journal. Since 1994, he has served as communications
director at Public Good Project, a volunteer network of researchers, analysts and journalists
defending democracy. As a consultant, he has assisted Indigenous peoples in the European
Court of Human Rights and at the United Nations.]